Chinese Language Internship


To further enrich scholarly ties between our two institutions, each year, up to five (5) students from Shantou Technical University’s Teaching Chinese as a Second Language Program will spend one (1) month at McGill University as Special Interns in McGill’s Chinese Language Program in the Department of East Asian Studies (EAS) of the Faculty of Arts.


Structure of the visit

The students will work as assistants and tutors, assisting the Chinese Language instructors in the Department of East Asian Studies. Their exact duties and responsibilities will be determined by the Department and will respect and adhere to McGill’s rules and regulations regarding permissible duties for non-appointed faculty, lecturers, teaching fellows and assistants. These may include:

  • Offering free drop-in Chinese Conversation Club, 1.5 hours/per session, 2 sessions per week (Tuesday, Thursday)
  • Offering Chinese Reading and Writing Workshops, 1.5 hours/per session, 2 sessions per week (Monday, Wednesday)
  • Helping the Chinese instructors develop CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning) materials for Chinese language courses
  • Helping to organize language related cultural activities (e.g., visiting Chinatown, the Chinese cultural center, learning to sing Chinese songs, Chinese movie nights, etc.)
  • Helping with Chinese Speech Contest Preparations
  • Helping McGill instructors with weekly lab sessions. Specifically, they may assist in the following activities:
    1. Help check students’ oral inputs to identify errors and mistakes, and correct students’ tones and pronunciations as recorded in Can8 (multimedia language authoring/learning program)
    2. Help create (recording) oral-listening drills/exercises in the Can8 context
    3. Help create/design Chinese writing topics, tasks and projects using multiple e-learning tools and multimedia programs and software, such as Can8, CJK (a multimedia tool for learning Chinese), Chinese Pen, and relevant online Chinese resources.

Their interaction with McGill students will enable them to gain exposure to the real-world challenges of teaching Chinese as a Second Language in a North American environment.

Value per award

Up to $5000.00 CAD per Shantou intern

Reporting requirements

Students must submit a detailed report of their visit, indicating how they have benefited from the experience. They must also furnish a detailed accounting of expenses and provide supporting receipts and documentation.

Application process

TBD by Shantou Technical University



Winter semester

Lisi (Alice) Chen is in her junior year at Shantou University and is majoring in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language. It is her long and abiding interest in foreign languages and world history that has made her determined to teach Chinese abroad one day. She started to learn both English and Mandarin at a very young age. More recently, in 2013 she learned some French and Japanese. She believes that only by working hard and expanding her knowledge will she be able to make her dream come true. During her time at McGill, in addition to increasing and honing her teaching skills, she will develop and her expand her knowledge of available teaching technologies. This internship will definitely play a very important rode in realizing her dream to teach Chinese abroad.

Xinyi (Cindy) Li is a senior Arts student from Shantou University. Her keen interests in teaching, linguistics and foreign languages motivated her to pursue a major in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language. In addition to her native Cantonese, she is currently fluent in Mandarin and English and is working on learning Japanese. Her exchange year in Ireland in 2013-2014 had a major impact on her program of study.  Most particularly, it motivated her to apply for the Li Ka Shing Language Special Internship program so that she could, once again, gain exposure to the real-world challenges of teaching Chinese abroad. After graduation, she plans to pursue a Master’s degree.

Fall semester

From left to right: Lishan (Vita) Du, Jingjing (Lorna) Xie, Jiamin (Carmen) Yang, Wanwei (May) Pang, Shanqi (Cynthia) Cai, Kunyao (Katherine) Kuang, and Yingqin (Debby) Lu.