Arts Summer Programs

The Faculty of Arts is offering a number of summer programs for students and working professionals. While most will be held at McGill, some will be run in collaboration with universities abroad and partner organizations off-campus. The wide array of programs aim to provide participants with new skills, training, and experiences that will open them to new ideas and opportunities.

Open to students and public

Intensive Sanskrit and Tibetan

Learn Sanskrit and Tibetan over the summer! Through the McGill Summer Language Institute, the School of Religious Studies offers intensive first-year Sanskrit and intensive first-year Colloquial Tibetan. Students may register in one or both courses. Each course prepares students to enter intermediate level courses in the fall term. (Related articleLearn Sanskrit and Tibetan this summer at McGill)

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Arabic Summer Program

Come and learn one of the most important languages of the world in the heart of one of North America’s most culturally diverse cities, Montreal. Hosted by McGill University, the Arabic Summer Program is an intensive and immersive language experience that combines formal language training in Modern Standard and Colloquial Arabic with cultural and social activities. (Related Article: Discover the Arabic Side of Montreal)

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Intensive Ancient Greek and Latin

Learn ancient Greek and Latin over the summer at one of Canada’s premier universities, located in the heart of Montreal, a multilingual, culturally diverse and dynamic city. Through the McGill Summer Language Institute, the Classics program offers intensive first-year Ancient Greek and intensive first-year Latin. Students may register in one or both courses. Those who complete both will have the equivalent of two years of ancient languages in just twelve weeks and will be ready to enter intermediate level courses in the fall term.

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Open to McGill students

McGill Summer Studies in Italy

The McGill Summer Studies in Italy aims to offer an intensive summer school in the humanities and political sciences during the months of June and July in Rome. The program, themed European Migration: The Italian and Global Context, is organized by the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures, and the Department of Political Science, in collaboration with La Sapienza University. Participating students will have the unique opportunity to take one of two courses pertaining to European migration within a country that has had a pivotal impact on the development of European immigration policy. (Related ArticleSummer Studies in Italy: Exploring European Migration from Rome)

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Intensive Chinese

This program provides students with an immersion setting at both micro and macro levels to study Chinese with a special focus on oral skills and cultural literacy. Students accepted in this program will spend four weeks at Shantou University and are expected to take full advantage of the Chinese language and cultural environment by engaging in the classroom and extra-curricular activities as well as in the off-campus excursions.

Registration is now closed for the 2019 program. Students are invited to learn more about the program and consider applying for next year. (Related Article: The Impact of Giving: Arts Students Return from Shantou

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McGill Summer Studies in Greece

This June, McGill University, in collaboration with the Aristotle University, is organizing the Summer Studies in Greece program for the fourth time. Students from McGill University, as well as those from accredited institutions around the world, will have the unique opportunity to take a 3-credit course in one of Greece’s most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities, Thessaloniki! (Related Article: Students Confront Cultural Stereotypes in Thessaloniki, Greece)

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Policy and Data Science (PODS) Program

The PODS Summer Program, presented in partnership between McGill’s Centre for Social and Cultural Data Science and the Max Bell School of Public Policy, is a cutting-edge program that gives students the technical skills to tackle Canada’s biggest policy problem, training a new generation of data-driven policy analysts. In the month of June, PODS Fellows are provided with technical skills in data analysis methods: including R and Python. This knowledge is integrated with policy theory and analysis training. The PODS Fellows are then matched up with Montreal-based organizations for an internship throughout July and August where they use their data mining and analysis skills to answer important, real-world policy questions. (Related ArticleCelebrating a new generation of data-powered policy analysts)

Applications are now closed for 2019. Students are invited to learn about the program and to consider applying for next year.

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