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University Awaits

Everything you need to know as the parent of a prospective McGill student is right here in one place.

My child was accepted to McGill... What now?

Your role in your child's transition to university life is significant. Whether you're from a small town or a big city, going to McGill is likely to be your child's first time living away from home. We at the Faculty of Arts hope that this page relieves your worries and prepares both you and your child for what to expect at McGill.

Next Steps

Now that your child has been accepted to McGill, there are a few administrative things they need to do before classes start in the fall. 

There are a number of other things to do with your child to prepare for coming to McGill. We encourage you to work with your child on the following: 

  • Apply for financial aidStudents accepted to McGill are welcome to apply for need-based financial aid programs. These include an In-Course Loan and Bursary program, and a Work Study program. 

  • Apply for housingTalk to your child about living in student residence on campus or an off-campus apartment. More information can be found in the Housing tab on this webpage. 

  • Register for courses: Course registration for incoming students opens in the summer. We encourage you to help your child to pick courses. You can also contact an Arts advisor for assistance. Important academic dates can be accessed here. 

  • Transfer credits: Students who have completed AP or IB courses may be eligible to transfer credits from these courses to their degree at McGill. 

  • Phone and banking information: Find out how to set your child up with a Canadian mobile phone and bank account

  • Fees at the university 

  • For a more complete Next Steps guide, visit the I've Been Accepted page 

Being there for your child and supporting them in their transition to university life is the biggest next step for you as the parent of an incoming McGill student. Make sure to have open discussions with your child, and remember that the transition to university can be a difficult journey but is an important one that will form your child's future. Supporting your child in their first year and years to come is critical to their continued success at McGill and beyond.


RVC West Lounge

McGill offers all first year undergraduate students a spot in a student residence (Rez) building. Rez options include undergraduate downtown residences, graduate downtown residences, residences for returning students, Macdonald residences, and exchange student residences. Most first year students live in the undergraduate downtown residences. 

  • Student privacy guidelines: McGill cannot legally contact a student or disclose their housing or personal information to any person, even a parent. Make sure you talk with your child about how you plan to communicate during the school year. 

  • Floor fellows: Upper year students live in Rez with first year students to support their transition to university life by facilitating a safe Rez communityreferring students to resources, and being there for students throughout the year to help them succeed in all aspects of their lives. 

  • Meal plans FAQ for parents: First year students in Rez are automatically enrolled in a meal plan, with various options. 

  • Sending care packages 

  • Rez comparison guide 2017

Resources for Parents

Campus tour

There are a variety of opportunities for you as parents to organize a visit to Montreal, explore McGill with your child, ask questions, and learn more about what McGill has to offer.

Safety Concerns

The safety of your child is a significant concern for all parents of incoming university students. This section aims to inform you of the safety services and resources at McGill and help you talk with your child about staying safe on campus. 

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