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Postdoctoral research offers recent Doctoral degree recipients the chance to further their professional development, build on their research, and effectively transition from life as a student to that of an independent scholar. At McGill, postdoctoral researchers have the opportunity to collaborate with some of the world’s foremost professors and researchers, and work in an environment that supports and celebrates excellence. The various opportunities for prospective researchers are outlined in the following table:

Postdoctoral fellows

In Quebec, postdoctoral fellow is a regulated category of trainee requiring full time registration at the University in compliance with provincial regulations set out by the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l'Enseignement supérieur (MEES) for the purpose of governing postdoctoral education. Quickly defined, postdoctoral fellows must be within five years of graduating with a Ph.D. or equivalent (including a recognized health professional degree plus a medical specialty) who are engaged in research at the invitation of and under the supervision of a member of McGill’s academic staff. More detailed information about this category can be found here.

Research trainees

If your situation does not conform to the MEES definition of postdoctoral fellow, you may be eligible to attend McGill as a postdoctoral research trainee. Criteria for this category and more detailed information can be found here. Also see the conditions and services for research trainees and application and registration information.

Academic personnel

This category includes research associates and visiting scholars.

  • An individual is eligible to be a research associate if they have a Doctoral degree, are more than five years post-graduation, and are a Canadian citizen/permanent resident. This is an employment category and cannot be filled by a foreign applicant without prior posting of the position and preference to Canadian applicants.
  • An individual is eligible to be a visiting scholar if (1) they have been practicing a profession and are taking leave to obtain practical training/experience in research under the supervision of a McGill professor(s), not leading to a degree or fulfilling a medical specialization requirement; or (2) they are employed at another institution, have prior research training and experience, and are coming to McGill to collaborate with a McGill professor on a research project.

These conditions do not meet the requirements for registration as a postdoctoral fellow as the individuals lack medical specialty or are more than five years post-degree/specialty certification.

These categories of employment are administered by the Academic Personnel Office. Prospective research associates and visiting scholars should apply through the McGill Department of their proposed supervisor and through the Academic Personnel Office.

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