Sky Shi, Class of 2019

I really enjoyed taking part of the Arts Ambassador Program this year. Neely and Marilyn are both extremely competent and kind. They treat you with so much respect and genuinely want to help you become a better writer. They establish very reasonable tasks with you and are flexible with the assigned deadlines. In other words, they make you enjoy writing, while learning and appreciating the student life. More importantly, as they get to know you better, they even offer you advice on career options based on your skills and interests. Trust me, you can ask them about anything and everything; they become your friends and mentors. Marilyn, for instance, has helped me tremendously with my personal statement for grad school applications. (FYI: If your first draft is full of Marilyn’s corrections, that’s a GOOD sign. You won’t see any red by the end of the year!)

On top of that, I was privileged to be surrounded by a fantastic group of ambassadors. We all came from different backgrounds and had different ideas to share. I got to learn a lot from my peers, who quickly turned into friends. Additionally, the friendly environment within the group made collaborating with one another extremely easy and I found it valuable to hear what others had to offer.


Pency Tang, Class of 2019

If you are thinking of applying to become an Arts Ambassador, just do it.

I learned so much from this program - from brainstorming ideas to pitching stories, from formulating questions to conducting interviews, from submitting several drafts to seeing my articles get published - there's nothing more fulfilling than watching the work of my creation receiving feedback from others and engaging with the broader McGill community.

While it's not easy managing submission deadlines along with busy coursework and sometimes I got really stressed, it's worth it. As an Arts Ambassador, I was exposed to so many opportunities that otherwise I wouldn't have encountered. The people, their stories and my memories of working with them will impact me in years down the road.

Would I do it again? 100%.

Hana Shiraishi, Class of 2019

I am deeply grateful that I was able to be a part of the Arts Ambassador program because it allowed me the opportunity to utilize my love of writing and cover various on-campus events that I truly care about. This program also served as a platform for me to share my most vulnerable experiences, and the lessons I have learned about myself through this process has been priceless.



Alexandrine Royer, Class of 2019

Last year, the McGill Faculty of Arts launched the Arts Ambassador program to give students first-hand communications experience. Having taken part of the program, I was pleased to discover that it went much beyond journalistic training. It offers arts students an important avenue to express their insights on different aspects of student life and illuminate issues that matter to them. During the course of the program, I was given the opportunity to establish links with professors, guest speakers and fellow members of the McGill community. I felt I had earned a more active role within the Arts department and the university as a whole. With the steady guidance of the arts communication directors, my writing improved tremendously all the while maintaining a distinctive style. Most importantly, it gave me the necessary confidence to pursue other writing opportunities, having since then been published in The Hill Times and the CBC. I would highly recommend taking full advantage of the Arts Ambassador program to any student who has ideas they wish to share. You never know where it may lead you...

Cameron Lee, Class of 2019

Being an Arts Ambassador offered me so much more than what I expected when I first applied. Working under the supervision and guidance of our Communications Associate, Marilyn, I found myself experiencing growth in so many areas of both my academic and personal life. Being an ambassador pushed me to discover the various treasures that the Arts Faculty here at McGill has to offer, and I found myself making important connections with amazing people through my involvement with the Ambassador program. Writing about my specific experiences as a student at McGill, such as my exchange trip to France, taught me to be introspective and self-reflective in ways I had never been before. It pushed me to be a better writer, a more organized student, and to become more involved in all the great programs that McGill has to offer

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