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Future Students

A world-class education in the world's best student city

In McGill's Faculty of Arts, you will have the opportunity to chart your own course, discover exactly what makes you tick, and join thousands of other talented students who are preparing for a bright future. With a wide array of departments and interdisciplinary programs, exchange, study abroad and internship opportunities, your academic and cultural experience at McGill will be second to none.


Undergraduate students

Our programs allow you to craft a specialized course of study and gain experience in the theory, research and practice of your chosen discipline. You'll gain communication, analytical and critical thinking skills that will help you to think creatively, and debate and form ideas, both in the workplace and academia. McGill also offers a plethora of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, with hundreds of student associations, clubs, athletic and recreational activities, and volunteer pursuits across campus.

Graduate students

Dig deeper into your chosen field with the support of leading scholars. With 17 units to choose from, the Faculty of Arts offers graduate programs in diverse fields, including communication studies, linguistics, political science, religious studies, social work, and economics -- among many others. McGill's Arts graduate programs will give you the opportunity to lead the conversation about how people in our society can thrive in a changing global context. Our graduate students produce innovative research and seek to create original approaches and ask new questions, broadening the horizons of scholarly inquiry.


Students gathered outside of the McLennan Library



Summer Programs

Discover the wide range of summer programs offered by the Faculty of Arts. While most will be held at McGill, others are run in collaboration with universities abroad. 

McGill Arts Ambassadors

Arts Ambassador Program

The Arts Ambassador Program provides students with the opportunity to develop hands-on training in journalism, communications, and public relations. 

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