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The Office of Research Services promotes and supports research in the Faculty of Arts. We create strategic initiatives to connect scholars of all levels and across fields, and help our talented faculty gain recognition through prizes and awards.

Iris Godbout

iris.godbout [at]

  • Supports faculty members in the grant application process
  • Provides planning and support for Grants and Contracts
  • Connects faculty members with funding opportunities through events and networks.

Kathleen Holden

kathleen.holden [at]

  • Supports faculty in writing grant proposals and award competitions, including Internal and External Research Chairs.

Tabitha Sparks

Associate Dean of Research

tabitha.sparks [at]

  • Manages research funding in the Faculty of Arts
  • Approves projects and contracts requiring Faculty commitments

Grant application procedures

All grant applications must be submitted with a completed, signed OSR checklist.

The OSR Checklist must be completed for all externally funded grants and project agreements. For CFI applications, a checklist will be provided to the applicants by R&I’s Strategic Initiatives team.

Instructions to download the checklist

Click on "OSR checklist" on this page. Then, it is important to open the file from your desktop or a folder (not from your browser – this will not work no matter how up-to-date your PDF reader is). To do so, save the unopened OSR Checklist (right-click on the link and click “save link as”) to the desktop or desired folder, and then you can double-click it if Adobe is your default PDF reader.

If the checklist includes faculty commitments (list of commitments e.g. cash/in-kind/space), it must be submitted with a table of commitment and they both must be signed first by the researcher, then by the chair/director, and finally by the Associate Dean (Research).

The OSR Table of Commitments is a tool to ensure the appropriate validation and approval of faculty cash and in-kind contributions to research projects and agreements. For more information on the table and faculty signature requirements, please consult the PDF iconSigning Authority Guidelines for Faculty Contributions to Research Projects and Agreements.

Postdoctoral payments

If you need to have more information regarding the amount a postdoc needs to be paid, please refer to the research proposal budget information by clicking this link. Please email a complete electronic copy of your grant application with the OSR checklist filled up and already signed by your Chair to grantssupport.arts [at] at least 48 hours before the OSR deadline. This does not need to be the final version, but it should be very close to completion; in particular, the budget should be finalized.

The ADR cannot sign your OSR checklist without having seen the grant proposal.

At least 48 hours before the internal OSR deadline, please provide us with a completed OSR checklist signed by both the researcher and his/her chair. You can provide this checklist to us in any of three ways. In order of preference, these are:

  • Via email, to the email addresses above, signed with electronic signatures
  • Via email, to the email addresses above, signed and scanned
  • In hard copy and signed, to Dawson Hall 217D during regular business hours or in the mail box of Iris Godbout outside these hours.

We will submit your signed checklist directly to OSR after the ADR signs it. You no longer need to come pick it up from us.

Typical cases and their requirements

1. Grants that require Faculty commitment (cash and in-kind or course release):

  • OSR checklist (must be signed by your chair and the ADR Tabitha Sparks)
  • Table of commitments (Must be signed by your chair and the ADR T.S.)
  • Proposal (including budget)

2. Grants that require space commitments from the Faculty of Arts:

  • OSR checklist (must be signed by your chair and the ADR Tabitha Sparks)
  • Table of commitments (Must be signed by your chair and the AD Michael Fronda)
  • Proposal (including budget)

3. Grants that do not require Faculty commitment:

  • OSR checklist must be signed by your chair
  • Proposal (including budget)

*If the person applying is a Chair or Director, the checklist must be signed by the ADR even if there is no Faculty commitments on the checklist.

  • OSR checklist (must be signed by the ADR Tabitha Sparks)
  • Proposal (including budget)

4. Profs who are applying on behalf of a student:

These grants need to come through OSR: these are research grants and OSR would need to approve any funding, if awarded, and agree to the sponsor’s terms and conditions. If it falls clearly under their purview, as well as under that of other research-related units that we work with (e.g., Ethics, and Research Management Financial Services will administer the funds or for e.g. “AMS Project Grants offered by the Nova Scotia Health Foundation”).

The Institution Agreement Form is meant to be signed by the VP Research, who has delegated her signing authority to OSR for research agreements or documents that create an obligation or the University commitment, as per McGill’s institutional signing policy.

The application should go through OSR (with OSR checklist) for approval and signatures before submission. If not, it will be considered a bypass and must be noted as such in OSR’s reports to the secretariat. Note that this is a result of McGill’s current institutional signing policy (effective May 1, 2018) that OSR must uphold.

5. Making an appointment with a Grants officer:

  • If you need an appointment to help with research funding opportunities for your project, contact grantsupport.arts [at]

If you want to improve this page, please send us comments at grantsupport.arts [at]

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