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McGill Arts Bicentennial celebrations

Between September 2020 and December 2021, McGill will be celebrating its 200th birthday. To mark this historic milestone, a wide range of events at the University and Faculty levels will take place.

A consistent leader in education and research, McGill has been a beacon of knowledge and transformation in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and the World. We invite all members of the Arts Community to join us as we celebrate this important moment in the life of the University and create a vision for the future.

Goals of the Bicentennial celebrations

The overall goals of the Bicentennial celebrations are to commemorate McGill's achievements and milestones, engage the worldwide network of McGill stakeholders (students, faculty, staff, alumni, governments, and Montreal and Quebec populations), and to launch McGill into our third century.

The Arts Bicentennial Committee will identify a range of events that will reflect and showcase the Faculty’s reach, goals and vision for the future. We invite all units to nominate one or more major events that could be a part of the McGill 200 celebrations. These can be existing or new events. The selected events will be featured on a dedicated Bicentennial website, will receive extensive advertising and coverage (brochure, social media, pop up signage, etc.), and will be eligible to have volunteers helping with tasks. In addition, Dean Antonia Maioni has promised $50,000 of additional funding for Arts Faculty events.

Learn more about the Bicentennnial celebrations, the submission guidelines, and the Committee’s evaluation criteria in the following documents:

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