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ISID congratulates Nhu Truong, former winner of its graduate field research award.

ISID congratulates Nhu Truong who has just been awarded a Shorenstein postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford University.  As a Shorenstein Postdoctoral Fellow on Contemporary Asia, Dr Truong will pursue research on why some authoritarian regimes are more responsive than others.

Nhu won a graduate field research award from the Institute in 2017 in order to pursue her research in Vietnam and China.

Published: 20 Feb 2020

Nine McGill researchers selected in newest round of Canada CIFAR AI Chairs

CIFAR today announced its newest cohort of Canada CIFAR AI Chairs, which includes nine researchers from McGill, bringing the total number of McGill researchers named to the program to 17. These top academic researchers are part of the $125 million Pan-Canadian AI Strategy, the world’s first national strategy of its kind. The Canada CIFAR AI Chair Program represents an investment of $30 million at nine universities, and mobilizes over 150 researchers across the country.

Published: 9 Dec 2019

Professor Ragep Awarded Turkish Academy of Sciences Prize in Social Sciences and Humanities

Professor Jamil Ragep (Institute of Islamic Studies) is the recipient of the 2019 Turkish Academy of Sciences Prize in Social Sciences and Humanities. The award will be presented by the Turkish President Erdogan at a ceremony in Ankara on December 30.

Ragep is the Canada Research Chair in the History of Science in Islamic Societies. 

Published: 20 Nov 2019

Three outstanding women named finalists for the 2019 Cundill History Prize

Three finalists for the 2019 Cundill History Prize were announced last night at an event at Massey College, Toronto. The finalists, all female, are UCL Professor of German History, Mary Fulbrook, Harvard Professor and New Yorker staff writer, Jill Lepore, and Julia Lovell, Professor of Modern China at Birkbeck College at the University of London.

Published: 17 Oct 2019

Administrative Staff Updates

The Human Resources Office in the Faculty of Arts is pleased to announce the latest updates to Administrative and Support Staff positions within the Faculty. Join us in wishing your colleagues well as they continue their important work in the Faculty.

Published: 15 Oct 2019

Twelve McGill scholars inducted into Royal Society of Canada

The Royal Society of Canada announced twelve McGill inductees in 2019 including three new members to the College of New Scholars, Artists, and Scientists, and nine new Fellows including:

Juliet Johnson, Professor, Department of Political Science Jessica Coon – Associate Professor, Department of Linguistics



Published: 11 Sep 2019

Canadian social sciences and humanities researchers honoured for their extraordinary contributions

Canadian social sciences and humanities research is producing innovative knowledge that is helping communities, businesses and governments to have an impact on people’s lives. The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council(SSHRC)’s annual Impact Awards honour outstanding scholars who embody the very best ideas and research about people, human thought and behaviour, and culture—helping us understand and improve the world around us, today and into the future.

Published: 5 Sep 2019

Andrew Potter joins McGill University’s Max Bell School of Public Policy

The Max Bell School of Public Policy is excited to announce that Andrew Potter has joined the School to support its teaching, outreach, research, and policy engagement activities.

Published: 14 Aug 2019

Americans Are Complicit in Border Camp Abuses

The conditions at border detention facilities provide irrefutable evidence of the child maltreatment that President Trump commits in our names—and state officials need to take action to end the cruelty.

Co-authored by Professor Michael J. MacKenzie (Social Work, McGill) and Assistant Professor Tova Walsh (Social Work, Wisconsin-Madison)

Published: 17 Jul 2019

When will Ottawa end its willful neglect of First Nations children?

“The federal government must end its discriminatory and inequitable funding of all public services on reserves, including education, health care, child welfare and basics such as water and sanitation.Though these inequalities have been known to the federal government for at least 112 years, it continues to take small and insufficient steps, dealing with the problem one service at a time instead of co-developing a comprehensive plan with First Nations to address all the inequalities.”

Published: 17 Jul 2019

Gay and Once Divorced, a Canadian Rabbi Broadens Judaism’s Tent

When Rabbi Lisa Grushcow, the first openly gay rabbi of a large synagogue in Canada, was preparing to begin rabbinical school, she faced a daunting choice: love or serving God.

Published: 15 Jul 2019

Government of Canada establishes Canadian Statistics Advisory Council

We live in a world that is increasingly data-driven. Now more than ever, Canadians require the high-quality, timely and relevant statistics produced by Statistics Canada to support evidence-based decision-making.

Published: 10 Jul 2019

The Impact of Childcare on Poor Urban Women’s Economic Empowerment in Africa

Despite evidence from other regions, researchers and policy-makers remain skeptical that women’s disproportionate childcare responsibilities act as a significant barrier to women’s economic empowerment in Africa. This randomized control trial study in an informal settlement in Nairobi, Kenya, demonstrates that limited access to affordable early childcare inhibits poor urban women’s participation in paid work.

Published: 9 Jul 2019

Cities from scratch: watch new cities rise from the desert, jungle and sea

“We’re in the midst of new cities fever,” says Professor Sarah Moser (Department of Geography). The head of the new cities lab at McGill University has documented more than 100 cities that have sprung up across Asia and Africa since the early 2000s for her forthcoming Atlas of New Cities.

Published: 9 Jul 2019

The American Revolution shows us how sad and thin Trump's vision of the country is

On July 4, 1970, President Nixon tried to claim America’s birthday for his “silent majority” by hosting Honor America Day in Washington, D.C. It didn’t go well. Crowds of Nixon supporters clashed with antiwar demonstrators, hippies swam naked in the reflecting pool, and the bitter divisions of that era ruined what has traditionally been a star-spangled but lighthearted day for hotdogs and baseball.

[Op-ed] - J.M. Opal, Chair of the Department of History and Classical Studies

Published: 4 Jul 2019


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