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ISID Policy Paper. Preparing for a Looming Water Crisis: Lessons Learned from COVID-19 in the Middle East and North Africa Countries

The challenge of water security is growing globally. Achieving and sustaining water security, in both developed and developing countries, is likely to increase in complexity and priority as climate change intensifies, but also as the demands of economic growth increase. For most MENA countries that were already facing water security and major social, health and economic challenges before COVID-19, this additional pressure is particularly excruciating.

Published: 6 May 2020

Professor Andrea Tone dispels Trump myth on Lysol

Media outlets cite Professor Andrea Tone’s research on the history and medicinal use of Lysol to dispel US President Trump’s recent suggestion that injecting or ingesting disinfectants can fight the coronavirus. In response to the president’s remarks, the manufacturer of Lysol issued a press statement, warning consumers to restrict their use of the popular disinfectant to inanimate and exterior surfaces.

Published: 30 Apr 2020

End of winter semester message from Dean Maioni

Dear members of the Faculty of Arts,

As we end the Winter 2020 semester, a semester like no other at McGill University, I’d like to wish you all the best for the exam period and the summer beyond. You have all demonstrated such goodwill and adaptability, and each one of you has been essential to keeping our big ship afloat and realizing the Faculty’s academic mission in this uncertain situation.

Published: 21 Apr 2020

ISID's Megan Bradley recipient of the 2020 Principal's Prize for Outstanding Emerging Researchers

ISID congratulates its faculty member and Associate Director, Professor Megan Bradley, for receiving the 2020 Principal's Prize for Outstanding Emerging Researchers!  Professor Bradley was also recently named a William Dawson Scholar.  McGill’s William Dawson Scholar Award recognizes scholars poised to become leaders in their fields and are awarded for a five-year term, similar to that of a CRC Tier 2 Chair.

Published: 14 Apr 2020

ISID Professor of Practice Jamal Saghir on the post COVID-19 world and climate change

ISID's Jamal Saghir has produced, in coordiation with the Payne Institute for Public Policy, a commentary paper entitled "Post COVID-19 New World Configuration and Climate Change Actions:  Two Urgent Priorities".  The full paper is available online at the Payne Institute for Public Policy.  

Published: 14 Apr 2020

MISC mourns Professor Jarrett Rudy (1970-2020)

Jarrett Rudy (1970-2020)


Born November 14, 1970, in Stratford, and raised in Tavistock, Ontario. He died at home on April 4, 2020, from complications following heart surgery, at 49 years of age. His early passing is deeply mourned by his wife, Cynthia Kelly, father and mother, Bob & Joan (Korgaard) Rudy, brother and sister-in-law, Jensen & Heidi (Janzen) Rudy, their two children, Daniel & Kate Rudy, and Heidi’s father, Peter Janzen.

Published: 14 Apr 2020

Prof. Jarrett Rudy (1970-2020)

Professor Jarrett Rudy passed away on April 4, 2020, two weeks after undergoing quintuple bypass surgery.

Published: 5 Apr 2020

Professor Opal writes op-ed with physician-father on history of epidemics in the United States

Professor and Departmental Chair Jason M. Opal and his father, Prof. Steven M. Opal (Alpert Medical School at Brown) have co-written op-ed for the LA Times on how American Presidents have dealt with epidemics or even triggered them in the past. The op-ed locates the current office holder in a larger historical context of leadership in times of crisis.

Published: 3 Apr 2020

2020.03.30 - Update from Dean Maioni

Dear members of the Faculty of Arts,

I’d like to take the opportunity to thank the entire Arts community for their patience and positive morale as we respond to the collective call to address the global pandemic of the Covid-19 virus. It has been a challenging two weeks of adaptation, Faculty of Arts is in a very good place as we respond to the impact of the novel coronavirus on our students, faculty, and staff.

Published: 31 Mar 2020

Two Members of the Department nominated for Prestigious Book Prize

Congratulations to Professor Elsbeth Heaman and Professor Brian Young (emeritus)!

Published: 31 Mar 2020

Launch of Uhuru, the McGill Journal of African Studies

More than ever now, Africa is being studied, watched, admired, criticized and exported. In this continual movement of creating new understandings, dismantling biased thought systems and valuing native culture, the creators of this journal, UHURU 2020, give life to the conceptualization of new issues facing Africa in this edition. We hope that you will enjoy reading it as much as we have enjoyed putting it together with the contributions of students tackling issues across the whole continent!

Published: 30 Mar 2020

Covid-19 - March 20 - Update from Dean Maioni

Dear Members of the Faculty of Arts community,

We have all experienced a stressful week of adjustment and adaptation as we take action to face the COVID-19 global pandemic. While there is still much uncertainty and more change to come, I want to thank you all for your resilience and patience in these trying times.

Published: 20 Mar 2020

COVID-19 - March 19 - Update from Dean Maioni

Dear Members of the Faculty of the Arts,

We are in an unprecedented situation as the Faculty of Arts community at McGill University responds to the Quebec Government’s call to action to contain the propagation of COVID-19. All of us in the Faculty – students, staff, instructors, – are doing our part to comply in a responsible manner that ensures the reliable flow of information, so as to maximize the health and well-being of our communities.

Published: 19 Mar 2020

COVID-19 - March 16 - Update from Dean Maioni

Sent March 16, 2020

Dear Members of the Faculty of the Arts,

Published: 19 Mar 2020

N-Peace Award Winner, May Sabe Phyu, in discussion with ISID Director Erik Kuhonta

The Institite for the Study of International Development and the McGill Southeast Asia Research Program (SEARP) are glad to announce that Myanmar based gender expert, May Sabe Phyu, has recently won an N-Peace Award from the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). We were lucky to interview May when she visited the International Development Research Center (IDRC) headquarters in Ottawa in May 2019 to give a talk on female political participation in Myanmar.

Published: 11 Mar 2020


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