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McGill Political Science Students Marking Adam Smith's 300th Anniversary Celebrations

18 May 2023

This year, the University of Glasgow is marking the 300th anniversary of the 18th century Scottish philosopher and economist, Adam Smith, and select members from McGill’s Department of Political...

Theatre and Sustainability at McGill: A Look at Moyse Hall Theatre

17 May 2023

At the heart of McGill’s downtown campus, sits Moyse Hall Theatre, a 306 seat proscenium arch theatre, where students across McGill’s disciplines and faculties take part in two theatre productions...

Talking Action Anthropology with Professor Colin Scott: An Interview

17 May 2023

This past March, Professor Colin Scott from the Department of Anthropology, was awarded the Weaver-Tremblay Award from the Canadian Anthropology Society/La Société Canadienne d’anthropologie (CASCA...

Faculty of Arts Welcomes 6 New McCall MacBain Scholars

15 May 2023

This year the McCall MacBain foundation announced its latest cohort of McCall MacBain Scholars. In Fall 2023, the Faculty of Arts will welcome six new graduate students who are honouring the...

An Interview with Dr. Alex Ketchum on Intersectionality within Course Content

14 Apr 2023

Why is teaching intersectional perspectives within Arts important? McGill’s Faculty of Arts does its best to expand the breadth of content it spotlights, incorporating a variety of perspectives...

How Poetry Matters is Making Space for a Conversation on Poetry

13 Apr 2023

Founded in 2014 by Professor Miranda Hickman and Michael Nicholson, Poetry Matters grew out of a shared love of poetry and a shared commitment to enhancing a culture of poetry on McGill’s campus....

An Interview with Professor James Crippen on the Importance of Indigenous Language Revitalization

13 Apr 2023

We spoke to James Crippen, Assistant Professor in the Department of Linguistics, who is the primary organizer of this year’s Workshop on Structure and Constituency in Languages of the Americas ...

Academics as citizens: On the value of public engagement for young career researchers

13 Apr 2023

As a graduate student, I have often had to explain how ironic the words “labour shortage” – the new normal in Canada – might sound to a young researcher who would like to have a career in academia....

Faculty Publication Spotlight: "A Common Name for Everything" by Sarah Wolfson

13 Apr 2023

A Common Name for Everything was published in 2019 by Green Writers Press and was awarded the 2020 A.M. Klein Prize for Poetry by the Quebec Writers' Federation. ...


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