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Tracing Maoism Around the Globe, Julia Lovell Wins 2019 Cundill History Prize

14 Nov 2019

At a time when tensions between China and the west are on the rise, Lovell’s sweeping work of history provides a re-evaluation of Maoism as a force that played out around the world – and continues...

ExL Study Away Program

12 Nov 2019

The ExL Study Away program was developed by Brandy Jugandi (Career Advisor) at Arts OASIS in collaboration with Career Planning Services (CaPS), as a way to unpack the rich learning experience that...

Principal’s Prize for Excellence in Teaching

4 Nov 2019

The Principal’s Prize for Excellence in Teaching is awarded to five educators, one from each of the following categories: course lecturer, faculty lecturer, assistant professor, associate professor...

Moments in history

4 Nov 2019

History is full of finely cut pieces that make up the present, and each piece is so delicate that a small change can completely alter our perspective. The Faculty of Arts asked professors at McGill...

The power and purpose of literature

30 Oct 2019

I have read many books in my lifetime. Some had little impact, while others left me feeling inspired. One book, however, changed the way I view life and how I choose to experience the rest of my...

In Celebration of Dr. Sydney Duder

30 Oct 2019

Friends, family, colleagues, and past students gathered in Wilson Hall’s Wendy Patrick on September 18th, 2019 to celebrate Dr. Sydney Duder’s long and illustrious career as a professor and...

Daniel Béland: what a minority government means for Canada

30 Oct 2019

As you have hopefully heard by now, the Liberal Party won the 2019 Federal election, meaning that Justin Trudeau will be our Prime Minister for another term. However, due to scandal and broken...

A fond farewell to Connie Di Giuseppe

30 Oct 2019

In the Summer of 1988, Connie entered a two-week temporary position at McGill, kick-starting her 31 year career with the institution. When faced with two job offers after graduating from CEGEP, she...


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