Cities from scratch: watch new cities rise from the desert, jungle and sea

Published: 9Jul2019

“We’re in the midst of new cities fever,” says Professor Sarah Moser (Department of Geography). The head of the new cities lab at McGill University has documented more than 100 cities that have...

The American Revolution shows us how sad and thin Trump's vision of the country is

Published: 4Jul2019

On July 4, 1970, President Nixon tried to claim America’s birthday for his “silent majority” by hosting Honor America Day in Washington, D.C. It didn’t go well. Crowds of Nixon supporters clashed...

The Founding Father you’ve never heard of

Published: 4Jul2019

In the age of “America First,” it’s easy to remember July 4 as the day we Americans resolved to go it alone. As Thomas Jefferson proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence, the people of the 13...

Professor Graham Fraser appointed Officer of the Order of Canada

Published: 2Jul2019

Professor Graham Fraser is one of 83 Canadians appointed to the Order of Canada. Considered one of the country’s highest honours, it goes to those who have shaped society, innovated in interesting...

Build science in Africa

Published: 2Jul2019

Africa’s population is projected to nearly quadruple over the next century1. And that is following a staggering increase over just seven decades — from 200 million people in 1950 to 1.25 billion in...

National Geographic grant awarded to Howe Sound researcher

Published: 2Jul2019

Every summer growing up, Fiona Beaty's family would make the trip from Vancouver to Bowen Island, where she would spend her time playing in the woods and turning over rocks at the shore in her...

An Obligation to Produce Results

Published: 2Jul2019

An article by Thomas Mulcair based on the Mallory Lecture he gave at the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada earlier this spring.

The 2019 John G. Diefenbaker Award

Published: 12Jun2019

The John G. Diefenbaker Award allows a distinguished German scholar in the social sciences or humanities to conduct research in Canada, and spend brief periods gaining further experience at...

Professor Yves Winter wins APSA book prize

Published: 27May2019

Congratulations to Professor Yves Winter, from the Department of Political Science, who's book Machiavelli and the Orders of Violence has been awarded the 2019 Best First Book Prize from the...


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