Celebrating the recipients of the 2019 Faculty of Arts Internship Awards

On April 18, the Arts Internship Office celebrated 189 students who were the recipients of Arts Internship Awards.

The Arts Internship Office announced that 43 students received $86,000 as recipients of the 2019 Faculty of Arts Undergraduate Research Internship Awards (ARIA). ARIA supports undergraduate students conducting research during the summer under the supervision of a faculty member, contributing to the professor’s research agenda while gaining useful academic research skills. Students benefit from the opportunity to engage in a high level of scholarship, acquiring new skills, and from receiving academic mentorship.

Another 146 students received $408,000 as recipients of the 2019 Faculty of Arts Internship Awards. The Faculty of Arts Internship Program enables students to expand their horizons and engage in meaningful collaborations with corporate and community organizations around the world.

A number of donors were present, including Lev Bukhman, AIO Campaign Co-Chair, who presented to attendees. Also in attendance were Christopher Manfredi, Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic), and Antonia Maioni, Dean of Arts.

Third year Arts student, Kevin Cremoux, was on hand to share his experience with those in attendance. Last year, Kevin attended the award reception as the recipient of the Allan A. Hodgson Arts Internship Award. This award allowed him to fulfill a three-month internship in Chennai, India with the educational nonprofit organization, AID India. During his internship, Kevin interacted with hundreds of local students, visited multiple elementary and middle schools, conducted research, and created content that was distributed to the many schools who depend on the NGO for textbooks, worksheets, and other types of materials that endlessly impact the experience of students in rural Chennai.

This year, Kevin will complete a three-month internship with the political and public affairs department of the European Union Delegation to Canada, where he will assist the official press officer, prepare speaking points for representatives, and draft documents regarding the Canadian and EU relationship that will be sent to EU member states.

“Today, I am joined by my family who came all the way from France to spend valuable time with me before my internship. While the majority of our discussions revolve around cheerful and non-academic topics, my father keeps asking me the same question: “What are you going to do after McGill?” Honestly, I do not know the answer to that question, but I do know that there is a very big chance that the experiences and skills I gained from my AIO experiences will impact and shape the decisions I make for my future. I also know that this is the case for many students who are continuously looking into the number of different options at our disposal. The AIO and the number of awards offered by generous donors not only impacts our summers, or our upcoming four-month semester, it literally impacts our lives.”

Congratulations to all recipients!

For more information on the Arts Internship Office, visit https://www.mcgill.ca/arts-internships/

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