Still No.1 - McGill tops Maclean’s University rankings for 2019

For the 14th consecutive year, McGill has ranked top medical-doctoral university in Canada.

Maclean’s 2019 University ranking has McGill back at the top in the medical-doctoral category, this year tied for number one with the University of Toronto. 

McGill stood out in several areas, praised for many exciting initiatives and, notably, for its diverse and accomplished student body, “the school boasts the largest number of Rhodes Scholars in Canada – 144 – and holds the title of the most internationally diverse university in Canada, with 30 per cent of students coming from abroad.” 

Research & Student Support 

McGill qualifies for the Medical/Doctoral category based on its offering of graduate-level programs, including PhDs, and its strong focus on research. Among the world’s top research universities, it is no surprise that McGill did well in this area. The University had the largest number of grants in social sciences and humanities of any of the ranked universities in Canada. The Faculty of Arts can proudly say it has contributed to this result, with research activities covering the full breadth of the humanities and social sciences, from English to economics, from social work to international development, and from religious studies to information science.  

The University also received acknowledgment for a high number of student awards and for scholarships and bursaries, ranking number one in both categories. This strong support for students is seen across campus and is a major priority for the Faculty of Arts, with many programs and opportunities designed to support students in their pursuit of research initiatives, internships, and studies abroad. Learn more about Arts awards and funding opportunities here. Resources and advice on scholarships and student aid are available here.  


McGill also ranked well in terms of reputation. The ranking is based on a survey of university faculty and senior administrators, high school guidance counselors and a variety of business people across the country that asks for their views on quality and innovation at Canadian universities. Combining all the universities from all categories, McGill is considered among the top in terms of quality, innovation, and leadership. 

Student Housing 

As always, student satisfaction was surveyed for this year’s ranking. As one might expect, McGill’s residence living was ranked among the top in the country. Providing students with a strong support system and access to a safe community that is close to campus, McGill housing is known for its beautiful residence and quality food services. Students living there have access to study space and unique programming that help them engage with the community and the University. 

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