Over $550,000 awarded to support Faculty of Arts student interns

The Faculty of Arts Internship Office announced that over $550,000 has been awarded to support Faculty of Arts student interns through the Faculty of Arts Internship Awards and Faculty of Arts Undergraduate Research Internship Awards (ARIA). Below, student interns share what it means to receive this opportunity in the face of COVID-19.

The Faculty of Arts Internship Office (AIO) is pleased to announce that 119 students received over $400,000 as recipients of the 2020 Faculty of Arts Internship Awards. This year, Arts students are interning remotely in Canada or in their home countries. The Faculty of Arts Internship Awards are generously supported by McGill Alumni and the Arts Undergraduate Society. 

Additionally, the AIO is shared the great news that 34 Arts undergraduate students received $153,000 as recipients of the 2020 Faculty of Arts Undergraduate Research Internship Awards (ARIA).

 These awards are matched by individual faculty members to provide a total award of $4,500 to each student.

 Faculty of Arts Undergraduate Research Internship Awards are generously supported by McGill Alumni and the Arts Undergraduate Society.

Facing the challenge of remote internships head-on

Anne Turner, AIO Manager, explains that the Office had never faced this kind of challenge on such a large scale before, and the need for financial support through the Arts Internship Awards was greater than any other time. "In March, summer internship plans fell through for so many students," she says. "However, many students were able to readjust plans and find an internship that could be done remotely. The AIO’s goal was to ensure that as many internships as possible could be carried out remotely while still providing a meaningful learning experience." To facilitate the remote internship process, the AIO provided student support and workshops on how to work remotely, extended award application deadlines, and reached out to faculty members and host organizations, many of whom have shown a tremendous willingness to work with students. "Students adjusted to the new reality and showed tremendous resilience," Turner says. "When we debrief in September, we will remind students to take inventory of the skills they developed and to be very proud of what they have accomplished.”

Students share their internship experiences

Lindsay Nissinoff, U3, Industrial and Labour Relations
Arts Undergraduate Improvement Fund (AUIF) Internship Award

“When times changed so remarkably in the face of COVID-19, I lived my McGill life like never before. My friends scurried across the border to be with their loved ones, and I chose to remain in Montreal. Admittedly, I felt a bit lonely, but my affect changed upon receiving notification of my Arts Undergraduate Improvement Fund Award! I felt so honored to be supported in this way, and each day of interning at NYC tech startup, Innovation Department, seemed better than the day before. Thanks to the award, I am able to thrive in a remote learning milieu that is affording me connections and boundless opportunities — I truly appreciate your generosity!”

Eliza Yadav, U3, International Development Studies
Arts Student Employment Fund

"Searching for internships can be a very time-consuming and arduous task for many students. This search becomes even more complicated during an ongoing pandemic as many students grapple with cancelled job offers, indeterminately postponed opportunities, and the fear of being jobless and unproductive during the coming summer months. As was often the case with many of my friends, they were able to find summer opportunities in previously unexplored fields but needed help in affording summer accommodation within Montreal or their hometowns. The 2020 internship awards that were offered to various students including myself helped us to cover room and board-related costs. We were able to completely immerse ourselves in our summer work and become successful and productive members of the teams we joined. Thank you to all of the McGill awards donors for continuing to support us through these unprecedented times."

Colette Anton, U2, Sociology
Faculty of Arts Internship Award

"I am humbled to have received the opportunity not only to see the unification of my diverse interests through a professional application of my skill set, but also to have been made aware of how the global population has been differentially experiencing the effects of the pandemic, and to have been empowered by my position with the Participatory Cultures Lab to bring light to these stories. It has been such a wonderful mixture of personal growth and active collaboration with the team and our network to enhance the well-being of others during a time of extreme confusion and anxiety — I am nothing but grateful for this experience.”

Liam Olsen, U2, History and Political Science
Faculty of Arts Internship Award

"Some of the big questions I think people ask when they consider going into academia revolve around what the work looks like; "How do you come up with a large-scale research project? What keeps you motivated when the going gets boring? Will anyone care about my work?" My internship with the Jardins de Metis afforded me the time, the expertise, and the intellectual flexibility to answer those questions — questions that seem especially prescient in the time of COVID-19."

Lorenzo Béatrix, U2, Art History and International Development
Susan Casey Brown Fund for McGill

‘My internship allows me to be learning and working in a moment of tremendous changes in the art market. Working during the pandemic is both a personal and professional challenge. It requires being able to reconcile each project with new contingencies and evaluate each decision made. I had to adapt my way of thinking, progress over time, and prepare for the next step. It gives me the keys to better anticipate present and future transformations in the contemporary art world. Receiving the Susan Casey Brown Award was above all a source of trust from McGill and Christie's towards my internship. It allows me to realize with confidence this unique experience, by relying on human and professional support. I feel particularly honored to be awarded this prize in these circumstances and by working alongside Christie's team.”

Congratulations to all the recipients and many thanks to all of our generous donors!

The Faculty of Arts Internship Office (AIO) offers Arts students the opportunity to gain firsthand professional or research experience and enrich their academic studies outside the classroom. The Faculty of Arts Internship Program enables students to expand their horizons and engage in meaningful collaborations with corporate and community organizations around the world. Its Arts Undergraduate Research Awards Program (ARIA) provides students with an unparalleled opportunity to work directly with faculty members on research projects, enabling them to engage in high-level academic research and to develop and hone their research and analytical skills.

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