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Preparing the leaders of tomorrow: Arts Research Internship Awards

On January 14, the Arts Research Internship Awards (ARIA) program will host a showcase event to celebrate the research of 41 undergraduate students. The event will include speeches from students and faculty, followed by a reception and poster presentation.

As the Arts Research Internship Award (ARIA) program is set to accept applications for 2019, a showcase event will be hosted on January 14 to celebrate the work of last year’s award recipients. Year after year, ARIA offers undergraduate students the opportunity to undertake research projects and receive academic mentorship from faculty members. The enriching experience allows students to engage in a high level of scholarship, preparing them to become the leaders and innovators of tomorrow. Among these leaders are students like Arisha Khan, a past recipient of the award who was recently named as McGill’s 145 Rhodes Scholar.

All students and faculty are invited to attend the celebration of this year’s participants as they present and discuss their research findings. The event will include speeches from students and faculty, followed by a reception and poster presentation. The gathering is also a great opportunity for students interested in the ARIA program to speak with student researchers and professors.

“It is so exciting and encouraging for the students to be able to share their research with the McGill community. Please spread the word about the event and encourage your colleagues to join us,” said Anne Turner, Director of Arts Internship Program.

2018 research topics

Over 30 Arts students completed the program last summer, with research topics ranging from linguistics, to classical studies, economics and political science. Two of those students were Benjamin Oldham and Hannah Deskin. Benjamin is in his last year of undergraduate studies, completing a BA in Linguistics and Anthropology, and Hannah graduated in fall 2018, with a BA in Honours Art History and Anthropology.

Under the supervision of Professor Jessica Coon (Linguistics), Benjamin focused on language revitalization, community collaboration, and the significance of ethical field methods in Linguistics. The project supports Coon’s upcoming book, Linguistics in the Field: A Slim Guide.

“ARIA is a great program for students because it gives you the opportunity to work with a professor on research that interests you. I really enjoyed my experience because I worked semi-independently, in the sense that my professor let me take my own direction to research, even though ultimately my research was for her project. Not only was it refreshing, I also gained a lot of insight into the research methods that work best for me,” said Benjamin.

Hannah completed her internship under the supervision of McGill Visual Arts Collection Director, Gwendolyn Owens. Her research focused on the creative imagination of Montreal modernist painter, Marian Dale Scott, and best practices in the management of large art collections.

The deadline to apply for summer 2019 is March 21. Interested students and faculty members are encouraged to stop by and explore the many research projects and findings. The Program is supported by the generous contributions of many groups and individuals among the McGill community, including a number of McGill Alumni, the Dean of Arts Development Fund and the Arts Student Employment Fund.

To read more about the event and program, visit https://www.mcgill.ca/arts-internships/research/about.

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