2019 Bravo gala – meet the honourees from Arts

On March 21, at the 2019 Bravo gala, the Office of the Vice-Principal Research + Innovation will celebrate the McGill researchers and scholars who have recently been awarded external prizes for outstanding research. The winners of major provincial, national and international prizes, together with their families, friends and colleagues, will gather to celebrate excellence in research and scholarship. 

Join us as we celebrate the following honourees from the Faculty of Arts.


Hans Beck, History and Classical Studies

Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada

Hans Beck’s areas of scholarly interest cluster in the periods of Archaic and Classical Greece and the Roman Republic: designs of polis government and federalism; dynamics between localism and 'globalization' (Greece); and the political culture of the Roman republic. Across antiquity, he works on memorial practices as manifested in festivals and monuments and on ancient historiography and critical thinking in the attempt to grasp, and decipher, the codes of societal cohesion in ancient Greece and Rome.

Cindy Blackstock, Social Work

Order of CanadaLynn Factor Stand Up for Kids National Award, and Chatelaine Magazine’s Canadian Woman of the Year

Cindy Blackstock is a member of the Gitksan First Nation with 25 years of social work experience in child protection and indigenous children’s rights. Her research interests are indigenous theory and the identification & remediation of structural inequalities affecting First Nations children, youth & families. She has assisted the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child in the development and adoption of a General Comment on the Rights of Indigenous children.

Elsbeth Heaman, History and Classical Studies

Canada Prize in the Humanities and Social Sciences (Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences), and CHA Best Scholarly Book Prize in Canadian History (Canadian Historical Association)

Elsbeth Heaman’s research focuses on topics of social, political, and modern medical history and writes state formation, political economy, and social history more squarely into classic Canadian political history. In addition to being far-ranging, immensely detailed studies of the cultural, economic, social and ideological dynamics of Canadian politics, her work consistently provides new insights into the process of state and political modernization.

Iwao Hirose, Philosophy

Member of the College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists, Royal Society of Canada , and Royal Society of Canada's 2018 Kitty Newman Memorial Award

Iwao Hirose’s research lies in the area of value theory in contemporary ethics in two broadly defined but related areas: the theory and value of equality and the ethics of health care and health care policy. His work focuses on developing a comprehensive theory concerning the philosophical foundations of global population health measures. He is one of a very few scholars who have excellent ability and knowledge in both the disciplines of philosophy and economics. He applies this knowledge and these skills to his work in moral philosophy.

Catherine Lu, Political Science

Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

Catherine Lu is cross-appointed in Political Science and ISID and is Coordinator of the Research Group on Global Justice at McGill’s Yan P. Lin Centre. Her research and teaching interests include international and normative political theory, especially concerning humanitarianism, intervention, and the use of force in world politics; justice and reconciliation in response to violence, oppression and atrocity in colonial contexts; and cosmopolitanism, global justice, and world government.

Lorenz Lüthi, History and Classical Studies

Member of the College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists, Royal Society of Canada

Lorenz Lüthi is a multilingual scholar who works on Cold War issues from an international perspective investigating how the structure of the international system interacts with ideologies. His work on the Sino-Soviet split changed the whole field of investigation. His current research focuses on the global Cold War in three distinct but related regions: Europe, the Middle East, and East Asia linking Cold War aspects of national and international history across continents.

Stephen Menn, Philosophy

Fellow of Royal Society of Canada

Stephen Menn is known for his profound understanding of all the principal sub-fields in Ancient Philosophy, but most particularly for his work on and transformative solution to the problem of the aim of Aristotelian metaphysics. He is also renowned for his significant contributions to the history and philosophy of mathematics, which focus on Plato, Eudoxos, Euclid and Archytas and his work on Feuerbach's Theorem.

T.V. Paul, Political Science

Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada

T.V. Paul focuses on puzzles and paradoxes in International Relations. A major advocate of eclecticism and building bridges across theoretical paradigms, his works have had a significant impact on the development of policy in the areas of peacebuilding, security planning and nuclear arms control. The concepts he pioneered, ‘asymmetric conflicts,’ ‘soft balancing,’ ‘complex deterrence,’ ‘geostrategic curse,’ and ‘status accommodation’ have become part of the lexicon of the policy community.

Markus Poschke, Economics

Bank of Canada Governor’s Award

Markus Poschke’s main research interests lie in macroeconomics, in particular inequality, taxation, growth theory, firm dynamics, entrepreneurship, structural change, and labour markets. His current agenda focuses on two areas: the inequality of income, wealth and consumption, and economic growth, with a focus on entrepreneurship. His work is enriches our understanding of inequality and entrepreneurship and contributes to substantial changes in the ways that economists think about their influence on macroeconomic phenomena.

Vincent Pouliot, Political Science

Member of the College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists, Royal Society of Canada

Vincent Pouliot is nationally and internationally known for his leadership in developing a new approach to the study of world politics, often referred to as the practice turn in International Relations. He is widely recognized as one of the main contributors to this innovative research program, which has now spread across subfields ranging from security studies to global governance through environmental politics, international law, and political economy.

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