Principal’s Prize for Excellence in Teaching

The Principal’s Prize for Excellence in Teaching is awarded to five educators, one from each of the following categories: course lecturer, faculty lecturer, assistant professor, associate professor, and full professor. The award goes to educators who have proven excellence in teaching. This year, we are proud to announce that three of the recipients for this prestigious award belong to professors from the Faculty of Arts. The following professors have proven to be distinguished in their field to both students and staff, which has earned them their place among the nominees. On behalf of the Faculty of Arts and the McGill community, congratulations on this achievement.

Owen Egan
Faculty Lecturer, Kazue Takamura

Over the course of her career at McGill, Professor Takumara has taught five different courses: Introduction to International Development, Culture and Development, Civil Society and Development, Research Seminar on International Labour Migration and Development, and Research Seminar on Gender and Development. In each of these classes, she prides herself on providing students with a thoughtful, inclusive and dynamic learning environment where they can comfortably engage with lectures and course materials, develop their original ideas and critical views on international development, and apply analytical lenses and concepts to understand what lies beyond the course content. Students have complimented her way of conducting the academic space with an overall air of humility and fairness.

Owen Egan
Assistant Professor, Manuel Balán

Professor Balán has designed and taught eight different courses at McGill: Introduction to Political Science, Politics of Latin America, Democracy and the Rule of Law in Latin America, Democratization and the consolidation of Democracy, Corruption and Development, Politics of Latin America, Democratization and Erosion of Democracy, and International Development. Professor Balán continuously strives to do three things for his students: to engage them, to challenge them, and to support them. He wishes to spark their interests so they continue to engage with content, and have them write analytically while relating theoretical content to real-world happenings. Professor Balán takes special initiative to ensure courses are designed around the principles of comprehension, structure, and applied training.

Owen Egan
Full Professor, Eran Shor

During Professor Shor’s time at McGill, he has designed and taught four courses: Deviance, Social Problems and Conflicts, Social Research Design and Practice, and Social Conflict and Violence. The lattermost, Social Conflict and Violence, was a course Professor Shor initiated and developed on his own, outside of the Department’s required courses. Professor Shor values active engagement in the classroom and sees it as a central aid to successful learning. No matter the class size, Shor uses interactive activities, lively discussions, controversial readings, the playing of devil's advocate, selective use of audiovisual materials and overall hands-on sociological practice to achieve the standard that he has set for himself.




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