Canada and Israel Summer Exchange Course

This POLI 339 Special Topics In Comparative Politics course will offer a comparison of the political systems of Canada and Israel. The course will cover the following topics:

  • the constitutional structure, the parliamentary system
  • the role of the cabinet, political parties, interest groups, elections, voting behavior, religion and politics, minority politics,
  • the role of the judiciary in both countries.

The course will be conducted much differently from the usual pattern. It will run from early to late August, will include professors and students from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, will be held partly in Montreal and partly in Israel, and will include conventional classroom work as well as traveling and touring throughout much of Israel. During the 19-day period, the course will operate seven days a week. On some days there will be evening sessions or events. Students are expected to participate in all aspects of the course. Since the schedule will be very intense, students are urged to do the readings before the course formally begins. During the Montreal portion of the course, six students and one professor from the Hebrew University will join the McGill students. Classroom work will be supplemented by some excursions. After approximately a week in Montreal, the entire group will fly to Israel to continue the course there. After the completion of the course, the McGill students will fly back to Montreal. In addition to the normal course fee, there is a fee of $1000.

Interested students are asked to fill out an application and send it to Professor Michael Fronda and Professor Richard Schultz by email. Registration will be limited to 18 McGill students.

For more information, students should contact Prof. Schultz (richard.schultz [at]

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