Arts Students and Alumni Running in the Quebec Provincial Election

McGill’s excellence speaks for itself with a number of Alumni and current students running in the 2018 Quebec provincial election.

With the Quebec general election just around the corner, meet some of the ambitious candidates that have pursued or are currently pursuing an education in Arts at McGill University. 

It comes as no surprise that along with the McGill Arts Alumni running for a seat in the National Assembly, there are current Arts Students campaigning as well. Whether a sign of the times or the accelerated aptitudes of these young Millennials, there is no doubt that McGill has a role to play in forming leaders for the present and future. Here is a quick overview of a few McGill-affiliated candidates running in the Quebec election:

Luca Brown, NDP Quebec
Luca Brown - New Democratic Party of Quebec, Candidate for Robert-Baldwin

A current student at McGill, Luca had the idea of running for political office after giving a presentation this summer at an event organized by Table de Quartier, a social-outreach council dedicated to promoting quality of life and social development on the West Island. Impressed by Luca’s presentation on food security and his passion for politics and community issues, fellow party candidate France Séguin asked him to run for the party. The active student journalist and McGill political science student agreed, calling it “a natural extension of my interest in politics and in social justice”. Luca’s platform is strongly focused on access to social services and basic qualities of healthy living. His Facebook page shares the details of his vision and platform. He has also shared his ideas in a number of articles for campus newspapers like The Bull and Bear, The McGill Daily, and the McGill International Review.

Alice Sécheresse, Green Party of Quebec
Alice Sécheresse – Green Party of Quebec, Candidate for Gouin

Adding to the impressive collective track record of McGill students is Alice Sécheresse, another current student actively running for political office. An environmentalist since her youth, Alice is currently the president of the McGill Chapter of Greenpeace, and her platform is heavily focused on addressing environmental concerns and developing green technologies in Quebec. She is campaigning for free public transportation and environmentally-friendly waste management and recycling mechanisms as a mainstay throughout the province. Her background in participatory politics and environmental issues take root in her studies of International Development, Environment and African Studies at McGill.In addition to sound environmental policy, her campaign is also based on promoting social cohesion in the province. Visit her Facebook page and official bio for more information.

Greg Kelley, Quebec Liberal Party
Greg Kelley - Quebec Liberal Party, Candidate for Jacques-Cartier

Greg Kelley’s passion for politics and community service began in his youth, drawing inspiration from his father Geoffrey Kelley and his political career. After obtaining a Bachelor degree in history and political science from McGill, he obtained a Master’s in public administration from Queens University. He started working in the public sector as a political advisor for various ministers and in 2017 became Official Liaison for the English-speaking community with Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard. His vision for the Jacques-Cartier riding is to deliver on key projects relating to infrastructure, research institutions and schools, and public health. Bringing with him this valuable experience, the 32-year-old also brings a renewed glow of the campaign, telling the Gazette “I do come from a younger generation. We do have our own views on things in the world. We grew up in the age of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. So we’re very connected to what’s happening, not just here in Quebec, but in Canada and everywhere.”

Kathleen Weil, Quebec Liberal Party
Kathleen Weil - Quebec Liberal Party, Member and Candidate for Notre-Dame-de-Grâce

A self-proclaimed bibliophile, Kathleen Weil graduated from McGill Arts with a bachelor’s degree in history and political science. She later received a degree in civil and common law from McGill's Faculty of Law. She was first elected as a Member of National Assembly for NDG in 2008 and is seeking re-election in the English-speaking borough. Her tenure in provincial politics is long and impressive, beginning with her role as Minister of Justice from 2008-10, she is currently Minister for Access to Information and the Reform of Democratic Institutions and Minister for Relations with English-Speaking Quebecers. Her political goals centre on health, youth, and philanthropy, and she is behind a government collaboration with McGill to create employment opportunities and French learning support for English-speaking graduates. More information on Kathleen’s background and campaign.

McGill’s long-standing record for producing ambitious and high-achieving leaders and innovators is visible throughout the candidates lined up to take leadership roles in government. Perhaps this is just one more indicant of McGill’s excellence - and how higher education might inspire students and give them the tools they need to give back to their communities.

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