Where to give

Dean of Arts Development Fund

The DADF provides essential funding for programs such as research internships, department and student-run events, field and archival research projects, and student publications. By supporting the DADF, you provide opportunities to transform the university experience by taking learning beyond the lecture hall.

Arts Internship Fund

Internships are an integral part of undergraduate programs, allowing students to gain practical experience and apply classroom knowledge to real-life situations. The Faculty of Arts stands alone nationally in the scope of services available to students before, during, and after their internship. Donations to the Arts Internship Fund help to support and improve the quality of students' internship experiences.

Arts Undergraduate Research Internship Awards

The ARIA supports undergraduate students who want to conduct research during the summer under the supervision of a faculty member. The program gives undergraduate students a unique opportunity to participate in the kind of research typically reserved for graduate students, enriching their education and personal growth. Make your commitment to help McGill equip students with the tools they need to make meaningful contributions to their communities, their professions, and the world around them.

SSAO (Arts Bursary Fund)

Today's students face rising costs and often require advanced degrees to reach their career objectives, while at the same time global competition for the very best students is at an all-time high. The University's vision of the future is one where no qualified student will be prevented from studying at McGill due to financial constraints. From undergraduate entrance bursaries and in-course scholarships to graduate and postdoctoral fellowships, student awards ensure that all deserving students benefit from a McGill education.

Arts Advising Fund

To ensure students’ successful integration into campus life, an effective and well-staffed student advising program is vital. The Arts Office of Advising and Student Information Services (OASIS) fulfills this need. Advisors are a crucial resource for students to guide them through difficult periods and prepare them for the job market. Donations to the Arts Advising Fund will help improve the functionality and continued utility of Arts OASIS.

Moyse Hall Theatre Campaign

The Moyse Hall Theatre Campaign helps support the refurbishment of Moyse Hall, ensuring the beautiful space continues to be used and enjoyed for generations to come.

Social Work

The support of alumni and donors strengthens the McGill School of Social Work and deepens the impact the School has on students, in the community, and internationally. Today, alumni and donor support continues to be an essential source of funding for the School of Social Work. Each year, alumni and donors provide over $100,000 donation-funded awards, prizes, and bursaries to deserving student and candidates.

Information Studies

At the School of Information Studies, gifts from alumni and friends provide invaluable support for scholarships and student aid, equipment, infrastructure, research projects, and program development. With the help of donors, the School continues to offer students the support they need to make their own mark in history.

Religious Studies

McGill’s School of Religious Studies is one of North America’s leading centres for the academic study of world religions and cultures. Philanthropy allows the School to train and support the next generation of young leaders, providing them with an open and informed view on essential issues of faith, tolerance, and cultural difference. Donations to the School have for years fortified teaching, research, scholarly collaboration, and outreach related to the study of comparative religion and interfaith dialogue.