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Sexual Diversity Studies

Internship Course (SDST 499)
Course Requirements
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Internship Course (SDST 499)

Sexual Diversity students are encouraged to undertake internships with local, national, or international organizations. Students may identify relevant internships through the Faculty of Arts Internships Office or find suitable internships themselves. All internship requests are subject to approval from IGSF and the Arts Intenship Office.

SDST 499 involves a minimum of 150 hour internship completed over the course of one or two terms, or the summer, followed by the completion of a 20-page academic paper based on the internship. Students complete the internship first and then register for the course the following semester. Internships must be pre-approved for credit, and may not be approved retroactively. Because of the heavy workload involved, students may wish to reduce their course load when completing an internship, or carry it out in the summer. Internships may be paid or unpaid at the organization's discretion. Students may seek out funding possibilities for internships at:

All necessary forms are available here, or from the Women’s Studies Administrative and Student Affairs Coordinator.

Click here to access the Departmental Internship Credit Approval Form

For additional information on Women’s Studies internships, please contact the Faculty of Arts Internship Office 514-398-3467 or aio [at] and the IGSF at 514-398-9111 or info.igsf [at]

Eligibility Requirements

  • Open to U-2 and U-3 Sexual Diversity students (minor, major, honours/ joint honours) who have completed 30 credits of a 90-credit program or 45 credits of a 96-120-credit program.
  • Minimum CGPA 2.7
  • Permission of the Administrative and Student Affairs Coordinator and a Sexual Diversity Advisory Committee representative.

Please note that SDST 499 will not fulfill program requirements for seminar or 400-level courses. However, SDST 499 can be counted towards Complementary Course Group B as per approval of the Sexual Diversity Advisory Committee and Student Affairs Coordinator.

Course Requirements

  • Appropriateness of internship for gender and/or sexuality and/or sexual diversity-based analysis and research.
  • A description of the host organization, the name of the on-site internship supervisor to whom the student will be accountable, and a letter confirming the commitments of the host organization and on-site supervisor to the task of student internship supervision.
  • A minimum of 150 hours of work with the host organization.
  • Completion of all work as set out by the host organization.
  • Completed SDST 499 Field Evaluation form (30% of grade) attesting to the student’s successful completion of tenure at the organization.
  • Written agreement from a professor at McGill University to discuss, conceptualize, oversee and evaluate the 20 page SDST 499 term paper (70% of grade).
  • Students must also satisfy requirements established by the Arts Internship Office, found here.

Approval Procedures

Once students have secured an internship, they must complete the Faculty of Arts Internship Course Credit Approval Form (available here), specifying the names of the host organization and on-site internship supervisor, the faculty academic supervisor, and detailing the duration, tasks, and research objectives of both the internship and academic work.

The Internship Approval Form must be signed by:

  • A representative of the Sexual Diversity Studies Advisory Committee (Chair or Student Affairs Coordinator)
  • The Faculty of Arts Internship Officer
  • The Academic Supervisor
  • The Student

Once the internship has been approved, the student is responsible for follow-up and completion of the project as agreed upon with their academic supervisor.

Evaluation Method

  • 70% academic essay evaluated by academic supervisor. Students must integrate and reflect upon relevant scholarly discourse in light of their internship experience. The professor must submit a numeric grade for the paper (out of 70) to the Administrative and Student Affairs Coordinator.
  • 30% evaluation by host organization in accordance with written protocol, submitted to the Administrative and Student Affairs Coordinator (info.igsf [at] 

NOTE: All letters/emails, completed forms, evaluations, as well as final grades, must be submitted to the IGSF Student Affairs Coordinator, 3487 Peel Street, 2nd floor (IGSF).

Internship Opportunities

This section will be updated as internship opportunities are available. Students are also encouraged to visit for further internship listings.

Internship Database

Click here to access McGill's Internship Database. Please note that a valid McGill ID and Minerva Pin are required to access this resource.


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