2011 ARIA recipients

In 2011, 37 students from 17 departments and programs received awards to work under the supervision of faculty members.


"The Kasenda Project"

Anabel Cossette Civitella, International Development Studies

Prof. Colin Chapman, Anthropology

"The Kasenda Project"

Hope Bigda-Peyton, International Development Studies

Prof. Colin Chapman, Anthropology

"Anthropology Beyond the Human"

Sheehan Moore, Anthropology 

Prof. Eduardo Kohn, Anthropology

Art History and Communication Studies

"The Ends of Empire: Byzantine Art and Diplomacy in An Age of Decline"

Jackson Davidow, Art History

Prof. Cecily Hilsdale, Art History and Communication Studies

"Photographic Studios as Points of Cultural Intersection"

Joseph Henry, Art History and German Studies

Prof. Will Straw, Art History and Communication Studies

"Grain Elevators and the Politics of Technology in Rural Canada"

John Watson, English

Prof. Darin Barney, Art History and Communication Studies


"Canada's Looming Demographic Fiscal Squeeze"

David Meredith, Economics

Prof. Chris Ragan, Economics

"Cancer Screening Guideline Compliancy by Insurance Status in the US"

Jean-Philippe Garant, Economics

Prof. Erin Strumpf, Economics

"Do Fast Track Courts Temper Judicial Delay in India?"

Siddharth Mishra, Economics

Prof. Matthieu Chemin, Economics

"Principles TestBank and The Market for Real-Return Bonds"

Hannah Herman, Economics

Prof. Chris Ragan, Economics

"An Experimental Study of the Evolution of Institutions"

Samiha Chowdhory, Economics

Prof. Jim Engle-Warnick, Economics 


"Representations of Romantic Writers in Nineteenth-Century British Newspapers and Periodicals"

Olivia Ferguson, English

Prof. Tom Mole, English

"The Automatic in Theatrical Performance"

Sinead Petrasek, Art History 

Prof. Erin Hurley, English

"Research on Frances Burney's Additional Journals and Letters, 1791-1840"

Stefanie Cardarelli, English 

Prof. Peter Sabor, English

"An Experimental Night: Multimedia Dance, Performance, and Audio-Visual Impulsivity in the Works of Marie Chouinard, Thierry de Mey"

Stefanie Miller, English

Prof. Alanna Thain, English

German Studies

"Writing Life: The History of Autobiography in German"

Emilio Comay del Junco, German Studies and Philosophy 

Prof. Andrew Piper, German Studies


"Following Neo-Tropical Landscape Cultures Over the Longue Duree: The Cocle River Watershed (Panama), 11 000 BP to the Present"

Laurianne St-Onge, Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Prof. Daviken Studnicki-Gizbert, History

"Imperial Families: Transnational Networks and Indigenous Rights"

Renee Saucier, History

Prof. Elizabeth Elbourne, History

"Early Modern Census-Making: Political Administration in France's Atlantic Empire"

Matthew Dowling, History and Canadian Studies

Prof. Catherine Desbarats, History

"Revisiting the Single Tax in Western Canada"

Matthew Vasilev, History

Prof. Elsbeth Heaman, History

International Development Studies

"Research to Practice: Translating University Research into Evidence Based Policy"

Justin Miletti, Political Science 

Prof. Philip Oxhorn, Political Science, Institute for the Study of International Development

Islamic Studies

"Transmission, Translation and Transformation in Medieval Cultures"

Amy Monroe, Middle East Studies

Prof. F. Jamil Ragep, Islamic Studies 

Jewish Studies

"History of Jewish Interpretation of the Bible"

Elena Dugan, Religious Studies

Prof. Barry Levy, Jewish Studies


"Allophonic Variation and Speech Segmentation"

Erin Olson, Linguistics

Prof. Michael Wagner, Linguistics

Middle East Studies

"Aesthetics and Politics in Contemporary Iran"

Jenna Horner, Middle East Studies, Art History

Prof. Setrag Manoukian, Islamic Studies, Anthropology, Middle East Studies


"Theoretical Research on the Relationship Between Trust and Self-Esteem"

Elizabeth Scott, Psychology 

Prof. Ian Gold, Philosophy

"The Works of Moritz Pasch"

Tyler Call, Philosophy

Prof. Dirk Schlimm, Philosophy

"The Hard Problem of Consciousness"

Lyndon Entwistle, Philosophy 

Prof. Storrs McCall, Philosophy

"Neurophilosophy of Trust"

William Hamilton, Cognitive Science 

Prof. Ian Gold, Philosophy

"Jealousy, Belief-Salience and the Development of Delusion"

Elisabeth Gill, Philosophy and English

Prof. Ian Gold, Philosophy

Political Science

"Big City Values: The Normative Autonomy of Cities"

Haley Wasserman, Political Science

Prof. Victor Muniz-Fratielli, Political Science

"Dangerous Diasporas"

Majd Al-Khaldi, Economics and Political Science

Prof. Stephen Saideman, Political Science

"Political Participation"

Maria Surilas, Political Science

Prof. Dietlind Stolle, Political Science

"Rationalism, Pluralism, and Freedom"

Zoe Miller-Vedam, Political Science

Prof. Jacob T. Levy, Political Science

Social Work

"Temporary Foreign Workers: The Pull of Canadian Labour and Immigration Practices & the Push of Placement Agencies in the Philippines"

Tanya Bindra, International Development Studies and Women’s Studies

Prof. Jill Hanley, School of Social Work


"World of States"

Andreea Mogosanu, Sociology

Prof. John A. Hall, Sociology

"A Sociological Analysis of the Use of Deadly Force From 1977-2010"

Amber Gross, Philosophy and History 

Prof. Jason Carmichael, Sociology

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