2010 ARIA recipients

In 2010, 27 students from 15 departments and programs received awards to work under the supervision of faculty members.

Art History and Communication Studies

Grain Elevators and the Politics of Technology in Rural Canada

John Watson, English

Prof. Darin Barney, Art History and Communication Studies

Sugar Cane, Slaves and Ships: Race, Location and Power in 19th Century Marine Landscapes of Montreal and Jamaica

Vaughan Balderston, Art History and Communication Studies

Prof. Charmaine Nelson, Art History and Communication Studies

Stephen G. Clow and the Print Culture of Scandal

Caylin Smith, English

Prof. William Straw, Art History and Communication Studies

Witness Failed: Cultural Legacies of the Kitty Genovese Murder

Sarah Woolf, Political Science and Women's Studies

Prof. Carrie Rentschler, Art History and Communication Studies


"To Make Them Well…" An Ethnographic Film on the TB Epidemic and the Inuit

Ariel Appel, Anthropology

Prof. Lisa Stevenson & Prof. Eduardo Kohn, Anthropology


The Playgoing of Samuel Pepys

Laura Freitag, English

Prof. Fiona Ritchie, English

German Studies

Media and Metamorphosis: Goethe's Notebook

John Deming, German Studies

Prof. Andrew Piper, German Studies


Intellectual History of Canadian Taxation Policies

Michael Kideckel, History

Prof. Elsbeth Heaman, History

Property Formation in Colonial North America

Marie-France Barrette, Political Science and History

Prof. Allan Greer, History

Cold War in the Middle East 1950s-1970s

Jean-Robert Lalancette, History

Prof. Lorenz Luthi, History

Italian Studies

Poets as Causes

Michael Solda, History

Prof. Matteo Soranzo, Italian Studies

Jewish Studies

Life and Times of the Yiddish Poet Rokhl Korn: Towards the Poetics of Exile

Sara Israel, Jewish Studies

Prof. Esther Frank, Jewish Studies

Langue et littérature françaises

Le registre militaire dans « Les liaisons dangereuses » de Laclos

Francis Loranger, Langue et littérature françaises

Prof. Frederic Charbonneau, Langue et littérature françaises


The Use of Prosody in Disambiguation

Aron Hirsch, Linguistics

Prof. Michael Wagner, Linguistics

Atayal and the Ergativity Parameter

Tingchun Chen, Linguistics

Prof. Lisa Travis, Linguistics


Understanding Belief

Leah Katzman, Philosophy

Prof. Ian Gold, Philosophy

Weierstrass' Lectures on "Principles of Analytic Functions", 1865/66

Rachel Rudolph, Philosophy

Prof. Dirk Schlimm, Philosophy

Women, Rationality and Immortality: The Reception of Plato and Aristotle in 16th-17th C Feminists

Catherine Chiabaut, Philosophy and Langue et littérature françaises

Prof. Marguerite Deslauriers, Philosophy

Democracy, Identity, Culture and Citizenship

M. Fariduddin Attar, Philosophy

Prof. R. Philip Buckley, Philosophy

Political Science

Political Psychology

Nicole Gileadi, Political Science

Prof. Stuart Soroka, Political Science

It's Not What You Say, It's The Way You Say It: Candidate Nonverbal Style, Verbal Argumentation and Persuasion

Terrence Doucet, History and Political Science

Prof. Elisabeth Gidengil, Political Science

Brain Physiology and Political Decision-Making

Olga Redko, Political Science

Prof. Dietlind Stolle, Political Science

Ethnic Minority Political Representation and Social Capital Minority-Majority Gaps

Yale Hertzman, Political Science

Prof. Dietlind Stolle, Political Science

Electoral Dynamics

James Albaugh, Political Science

Prof. Elisabeth Gidengil, Political Science

Social Work

War-affected Children

Ahila Poologaindran, International Development Studies and Political Science

Prof. Myriam Denov, School of Social Work


Barriers to Health Insurance Coverage and Impact on Health Inequalities

Karine Fonda, International Development Studies

Prof. Amelie Quesnel-Vallee, Sociology

Protecting the Environment: Does the Environmental Movement Matter?

Molly Lamorte, Sociology and Economics

Prof. Jason Carmichael, Sociology

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