2016 Award Recipients

(Photos by Laura Di Maio)

Allan A. Hodgson Arts Internship Award

Michael Adamson, U2, Environment
Michael will intern in Nairobi, Kenya for the Community Cooker Foundation. This organization is a local NGO which transforms rubbish into low cost energy for communities. Michael is currently a U2 student studying Environment and Development, and is interested in projects where both human welfare and environmental sustainability can be achieved. Michael will be working on social and environmental impact assessments as well as a crowdfunding campaign to broaden the foundations resources.


Kashif Ahmed, U1, International Development Studies
Kashif is in his second year, majoring in International Development Studies and minoring in Economics. He will be interning with the Children of Bududa program in a local community in Uganda. Children of Bududa is a social work and education project that supports the most underprivileged children in Bududa District. He hopes that he can help confront poverty in a region that is of interest to him with their practical and sustainable program.

Steven Amormino, U3, Political Science
Steven Amormino is majoring in International Development and Political Science. He will be interning at the Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society (SLWCS) in central Sri Lanka this summer. SLWCS is an organization highly committed to developing practical solutions that mitigate wildlife-human conflict, environmental damage, climate change, and biodiversity loss, and that address sustainable livelihoods, land use, and rural poverty issues. Steven has always been interested in wildlife conservation and its positive effects in alleviating poverty of the local communities. He is also convinced of the importance to achieve a sustainable balance between human activities and nature, and his internship at the SLWCS will be an opportunity to learn more about this pressing issue.

Nanda Kishore Daggupati, U1, International Development Studies
Kishore is a second year student currently pursuing International Development Studies and International relations. Kishore will be interning with the Association for India's Development (AID) in Chennai, India this summer where he will help with the development of educational resources and the establishment of a network of village libraries. Kishore would like to take this opportunity to learn how to develop and implement education programs while reflecting on the discourse of International Development.

Matthew King, U2, International Development Studies
Matthew will be interning with Third Millennium Alliance, an NGO that focuses on preserving the Pacific Equatorial Forest that remains in coastal Ecuador. His work will focus on bettering biodiversity research and conservation efforts in the area through the use of photojournalism. Majoring in Sustainability, Science, and Society with a minor in Geography, Matthew looks to combine the intimacy of photography with larger scale issues facing human-environment interactions.

Christopher MacDonald, U1, Political Science
Christopher is a U1 Political Science major and will be interning at the UIN Malang Language Centre in Indonesia. UIN Malang is an Indonesian university dedicated towards the teachings of Islamic higher education. At the Malang Language Centre, he will be in charge of teaching an English language class to the students of the International Relations program, as well as helping to edit English documents for the staff of the university. Christopher's interests in language and South East Asian culture have led him to choose this internship, and he looks to gain valuable experience in teaching and university academic life.

Andrew Buntain Arts Internship Award

Jacqueline Bagwiza Uwizeyimana, U2, International Development Studies
Jackie will be interning at the Synergos Institute, Johannesburg, South Africa working on the Social Connectedness Programme Knowledge Generation and Facilitation with various partners in Botswana and Namibia. She is a third year student pursuing a joint honors degree in International Development Studies and Women’s Studies. This internship experience will contribute to her studies on African women’s and youth’s agency in development and community building. Jackie hopes to pursue a PhD in Anthropology following her undergraduate studies and believes that this internship will journey her academic experience.



The Andrew King Wi Tan Externship Award

Delphine Duquesnoy, U2, Economics
Delphine will intern in Hong Kong with New Work Media, a media group providing publications, events and business intelligence for the local political and diplomatic community. Delphine is an Economics major with minor concentrations in both International Relations and History. The internship delivers valuable experience in the professional and personal sphere as she has always thrived to work in a vibrant environment in a world-region she longs to discover.


Rachel Yang, U1, Political Science and Economics
Rachel will intern with the McGill University Office in Asia this summer to work on developing alumni relations, fundraising, and marketing operations between the University and partners in Hong Kong and Mainland China. This internship represents for her a highly valuable experience on the academic, professional and personal fronts, and she is eager to work on building closer relations between McGill and alumni across Asia.

Arts Undergraduate Improvement Fund (AUIF) Internship Award

Julia Dick, U3, English and Political Science
Julia is a third-year English Literature and Political Science student minoring in International Development Studies. She will be the Communications and Events intern with W21C, which is a research and innovation initiative at the University of Calgary. Julia is an International Development Studies Students’ Association (IDSSA) executive and an editor at the McGill Tribune. She looks forward to working in a creative setting and contributing as a member of the W21C team.

Emilie Doyon, U1, International Development Studies and Women’s Studies
Emilie is double majoring in Women’s Studies and International Development and will be interning at Studio XX this summer. Studio XX is a digital, feminist art studio based in Montreal. She will be working for coordination and implementation of the fall scheduling of the studio’s 20th anniversary, alongside some foundational virtual creators.

Jennifer Geleff, U3, Geography
Jennifer is in Honours Urban Studies and will be interning at the Jane’s Walk Project Office in Toronto. Through community-based dialog, Jennifer will be working with immigrant communities on understanding the multidimensionality of urban populations and equity in public space. She seeks to produce knowledge that will identify strategies for enhancing urban development.

Alexander Keys, U2, English
Alex will be interning at Véhicule Press, an independent Montreal publishing house which prints Canadian poetry, fiction, and even vintage Montreal pulp mysteries. He will gain hands-on experience with the ins and outs of the publishing industry, from coordinating events to proof-reading manuscripts, and hopes to pick up valuable skills and knowledge for a future literary career. Alex is an editor for the McGill literary magazine The Veg.

Vanessa Lee, U1, Geography and Art History
Vanessa is a U1 student pursuing a double major in Geography (Urban Systems) and Art History, and a minor in German. This summer, she will be interning at UNIT/PITT projects, a non-profit artist-run centre in Vancouver. They promote and operate as a platform for experimental contemporary art that addresses social, political, cultural, and critical issues. Vanessa sees this as a great opportunity to combine her passions of contemporary art and social and environmental justice.

Chloé Leys, U2, Political Science
Chloé is dynamic, autonomous, organized and multilingual, she communicates easily with people as she has learned to open herself to various environments by living and studying in foreign countries. She enjoys working in a team, as well as individually, and she is passionate about theatre and public speaking. An internship at Accès Asie festival will give her the opportunity to be positively challenged and to learn more about cultural administration.

Holly Norris, U2, International Development Studies

Holly will intern at the Equitas in Montréal this summer. Equitas is a non-profit, non-governmental organization with a mandate to advance democracy, human development, peace and social justice through educational programs. Holly is currently a third year Honours International Development Studies and Economics student interested in pursuing a career in human rights law after graduation. Holly is looking forward to working on Equitas’ annual IHRTP conference, where she hopes to learn from global leaders in human rights education.


Esther Perrin, U3, Political Science
Esther is a dedicated and studious third-year student in Political Science and Economics. During her stay at McGill, she has taken advantage of the opportunities the student community offers by getting involved in the campus francophone newspaper, Le Délit, first as a contributor, and since January 2015, as an editor. Seeking various experiences, she worked first at the International Telecommunications Union and then at the French Permanent Mission to the United Nations, both times in Geneva.

Weiqin Rong, U3, Economics
Wilkey will be interning at the Canadian Chamber of Commerce (CanCham) in Shanghai, a non-profit organization supporting Canadian business in Eastern China by helping businesses develop their networks as well as to cultivate a thriving Canadian community. As a Membership Intern, he will be representing CanCham Shanghai at various Government Events, and maintaining successful membership services programs. His specific learning goals will be focused on international trade and investment, as well as Canada-China market research.

Sevrenne Sheppard, U3, Environment
Sevrenne will be interning at the Jane’s Walks Project Office in Toronto. Jane’s Walk is a charitable project which organizes citizen-led walking tours to promote community-based city building. Sevrenne will be working to support the inclusion of Indigenous voices in Jane’s Walk programming. A U3 student in Environment and Urban Systems Geography, she is passionate about community engagement, storytelling, and the importance of empathy and respect in building inclusive and equitable cities.

Jesse Shuster-Leibner, U3, Political Science

Jesse is in the final year of his B.A. (Honours) in Political Science and Economics. He will be working at the European Union Delegation to Canada in Ottawa this summer in the trade and economic section. Jesse is particularly excited to examine the impact the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) will have on the Canadian economy and more broadly on Canada-EU trade relations.


Anna St. Clair, U1, Political Science and English (Literature)
Anna will be interning with Academics without Borders as a Social Media Intern. Academics without Borders sends Canadian and American university professors to universities in developing regions where they work to train university staff, develop new educational programs, and improve overall university education. As social media intern, Anna will be developing new social media marketing strategies to promote AWB, increase visibility, and reach potential donors.

Marilyn Verghis, U2, International Development Studies
Marilyn is a student of International Development, Economics and Women’s Studies. She will be representing McGill at the Oslo Freedom Forum, a thriving global community of rights defenders, dissidents, Nobel Laureates, heads of state, journalists, entrepreneurs, and many others who come together to share an unforgettable experience of solidarity in challenging arbitrary power around the world. She will also work directly with human rights defender, journalist, and founder of anti-corruption Angolan NGO, Rafael de Marques.

Elizabeth Willcock, U2, English

Elizabeth is a U2 Honors English student with a minor in Middle Eastern studies, and will intern at 29Secrets, an online lifestyle magazine based in Toronto Ontario. 29Secrets is a Canadian branch of Clique Media, one of the worlds largest and most popular online fashion journalism companies. Over the course of her internship, Elizabeth will be exposed to new media, and develop the necessary photography, writing, marketing, and technical skills to succeed in a changing journalism field.


Ashley Yu, U0, Political Science and Philosophy
Ashley is a U0 student pursuing Honours Political Science and Philosophy with a minor in International Development Studies. She will be interning as a Human Rights Education Intern for the Montreal-based Social Justice Connection (SJC). In 2016 she was involved in SJC’s campaign to lobby the World Bank for implementation of a human rights impact assessment. Ashley looks forward to continuing her advocacy work through research, workshop facilitation, and collective mobilization.

Maria Zaslavsky, U3, Anthropology and Women's Studies
Maria will be interning with the Regent Park Film Festival, Toronto's only free-of-charge film festival. The Festival aims to reach isolated communities throughout Regent Park and beyond, providing a forum for community members to engage in critical dialogue on social issues and to enjoy films from all over the world. Maria will be working to build relationships with surrounding organizations to garner support for the festival, and looks forward to learning more about arts-based activism and community development.


The Barbara and Patrick Keenan Undergraduate Internship Awards for Interfaith Studies

Katie Friedman, U2, Linguistics and Classics
Katie will be interning with the Refugee Resettlement Program of Catholic Charities in Chicago. Her main responsibilities will include designing and implementing basic ESL lesson plans, and developing a curriculum for future interns and volunteers to follow. Katie is excited to learn about the purpose and scope of services offered to refugees in her hometown, barriers to access to English education, as well as improve her ability to teach English as a second language.

Jonah Winer, U2, Religious Studies
Jonah will intern at Uri L'Tzedek in New York City this summer. Uri L’Tzedek is an Orthodox social justice organization guided by Torah values and dedicated to combating suffering and oppression. Through community based education, leadership development and action, Uri L’Tzedek creates discourse, inspires leaders, and empowers the Jewish community towards creating a more just world. Jonah is a U2 Student majoring in Religious Studies and minoring in Jewish Studies and Canadian Studies, and this internship will combine these fields of study with his passion for social justice and community organizing.

Brenda and Morrison Hurley Arts Internship Award

Mayumi Sato, U3, Geography
Mayumi will be interning at the United Nations Population Fund in Tokyo, Japan. The organization seeks to empower children and women through community development and reproductive health programs across the world. She is interested in learning more about issues of development and its practices in the field. By completing this internship, she aspires to gain insight in UNFPA operations and learn more about human rights advocacy and activism.

Bryce Internship Award

Alicia Shevanel Avianto, U2, International Development Studies and Political Science
Alicia is a U2 student pursuing a double major in International Development Studies and Political Science. Alicia will be working as an intern at the Faculty of Social and Political Science of UIN. UIN is an Islamic University in Jakarta, Indonesia. She will be an English Instructor for the students of the International Relations Department, she will also be editing papers and hold workshops. Alicia aims to produce a research paper at the end of her internship on Post-Islamism in Indonesia.

Jamie Cernek, U2, Honors Political Science
Jamie will be interning with Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth of the United States House of Representatives in Washington, D.C. Jamie is an Honors Political Science major with a minor concentration in Economics. She is fascinated by the United States political system and government and is beyond excited to serve her country while working alongside some of her biggest heroes.

Burgess Family Internship Award

Nick Milum, U1, International Development Studies and Environment
Nick is a first year student studying International Development Studies and Environment. Originally from Vancouver, Nick developed a passion for the outdoors by working as a kayak guide during the summer. That passion led him to apply to be an intern with the Mackay Conservation Group based in Queensland, Australia, where he will work on a public awareness campaign focusing on a proposed development in the Great Barrier Reef national park.

Carol and Lloyd Darlington Arts Internship Award 

Trixie Birikundavyi, U2, Economics and International Development Studies
Trixie will intern with Elimu Impact Evaluation Centre in Kianyaga, Kenya. Elimu is a NGO created by McGill Professor Matthieu Chemin, which undertakes evaluation of development projects through randomized experiments. Trixie is a second-year student majoring in Economics and International Development. Her dream is to contribute to the economic development of the least-developed countries. By completing this internship, she hopes to gain the education and skills needed to achieve her dream.

Ashmita Dutta Ray, U2, International Development Studies
Ashmita will be interning in Chennai with the Association for India’s Development, which promotes sustainable and equitable development of education in Tamil Nadu. She will be involved with tasks pertaining to research initiatives and support services within the organization. Since Ashmita is passionate about children’s education, she hopes this internship will be a way to expand and develop her interests while hoping to impact the field of educational development in any way she can.

Alice Ebeyer, U1, Economics and International Development Studies
Alice is pursuing a double major degree in International Development Studies and Economics. She will be interning at Nexos Comunitarios, a Peruvian NGO that aims to promote responsible human development among populations that live in poverty and social exclusion. Alice will be working on the PhotoVoice Project, focusing on education and class designing in the Cuncani village. She is interested in social and sustainable development and looks forward to gaining invaluable experience in these fields.

Hosanna Galea, U1, Women’s Studies and Philosophy
Hosanna will intern in Kampala, Uganda, with the Women of Uganda Network, an NGO dedicated to developing the use of information and communication technologies among women. Hosanna is currently an undergraduate student in Women's Studies and Philosophy, and is interested in the empowerment of women through technology training. As such, this internship presents the opportunity to witness Ugandan society at first hand, whilst working in close collaboration with both local and international partners.

Laurie Gutman, U3, Anthropology
Laurie will intern in Cape Town for the Indigenous Peoples of Africa Coordinating Committee (IPACC), an advocacy network that coordinates communication between indigenous peoples organizations and the United Nations in twenty-two African countries. Laurie has developed a deep desire to address mediation issues between international actors and local communities. The internship at IPACC will be the ideal opportunity to further pursue her research interests: sustainable development, human rights, and gender equality.

Maya-Lhanze Lama, U1, International Development Studies
Maya-Lhanze will be interning at the Britain Nepal Medical Trust, an INGO working to improve access to health services and alleviate poverty in local communities in Nepal. She will be working on-site to help manage various projects including health camps and water & sanitation programs that are part of the post-earthquake relief initiative. She is looking forward to gaining hands-on practical experience from an organization that has had significant impact in health development in Nepal.

Rhian Lewis, U2, Honors Hispanic Studies
Rhian will be interning at the Instituto Nacional de Salud Pública in Mexico City, working with their reproductive health department on a campaign to reduce adolescent pregnancy rates. She is in her second year of an honors degree in Hispanic Studies, and is also pursuing minors in Social Studies of Medicine and Anthropology. She hopes that this internship will provide a meaningful link between her commitment to sexual health education and her field of study.


Shiva Mazrouei, M2, Political Science, International Development Studies
Shiva will be interning with Equitas, an organization promoting human rights, equality and social justice within Canada and worldwide through their human rights education programs. Shiva hopes to gain a greater understanding of the organizational elements of NGO work. Ultimately, this will be an experience to help guide Shiva in pursuing a career in development.

The Chris Tyler Marckmann International Social Work Summer Internship Awards

Anne-Sophie Droeshout, U2, International Development and Psychology
Anne-Sophie will be interning with the Children of Bududa organization in Uganda this summer.  The Children of Bududa program aims to improve the lives of the impoverished and orphaned children of Bududa by giving them a basic education, as well as two meals and observing their lives at home. Anne-Sophie has always been interested in pursuing a career in social work, after having grown up in countries such as India, China, Dubai, and Switzerland.


David Tarr and Gisele Chèvrefils Arts Internship Award 

Maya Reid, U1, Political Science and International Development Studies
Maya will be interning at the Association for India's Development (AID) in Chennai, India. She will be working with AID’s Eureka Child Foundation, an initiative to promote sustainable and equitable development by improving access to quality education. Her internship duties include facilitating workshops, teaching students, developing content, and managing office data. As a Political Science and International Development Studies major, she is incredibly excited to gain relevant academic and professional skills while also serving local communities in Tamil Nadu.

The Davies  Family Arts International Internship Award 

Isabel Albee, U2, International Development Studies
Isabel is an international development student at McGill with an interest in global perspectives and systems. Through McGill, she studied in Cuba in May of 2014. Since then, she has been back to the country five times to live, study, and work.

Hannah Gerber, U1, Political Science
Hannah will be pursuing an internship with the Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET) in Kampala Uganda, dedicated to developing the use of information and communication technologies among women as tools to share information and address issues collectively. Her political science and international development studies background, along with her personal experience in working closely with communities who have been discriminated domestically or by the law, have piqued an interest in working closely with programs that advocate for women's rights. She hopes to successfully manage her own position with WOUGNET and gain valuable insight into what it will be like to participate in international humanitarian work.


Faculty of Arts Internship Award 

Chloe Anastassiadis, U3, Cognitive Science
Chloe will be interning at the Charité University Hospital (Berlin, Germany), in the Clinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy.  She will be working with Prof. Otte's team on stress-associated and affective disorders. She is happy to finally be able to get an insight into the reality of a clinical environment, and believes that this experience will be a crucial moment in her education as a researcher in psychology and psychiatry.


Catherine Daigneault, M1, French Literature
Catherine is a first year Masters student in French Literature. She is currently pursuing her research with Professor Pascal Brissette.

Louise Guerner, U3, Political Science and Economics
Louise will be interning at the delegation of the European Union to Canada in Ottawa, where she will work in the Political and Public Affairs section, helping with daily drafting, public diplomacy events and relations with member states. Louise is a U3 Political Science and Economics major, and with her own European background and interest in Foreign Service, she is looking forward to the opportunity to apply the skills learned in class and to put her ideas to the test in the context of a meaningful internship.

Gail Elizabeth Todgham Arts Internship Award

Brianne Chapelle, U1, Art History
Brianne is a U1 Honours Art History student minoring in Communication Studies with a particular interest in Modern and Contemporary art and media. Over the years, she has garnered a very strong passion for the arts and their importance. Brianne is the co-president of the Art History and Communication Studies Student Association (AHCSSA), the Head of Marketing for the Fridge Door Gallery, and a research assistant at the McGill English Department's Costume Shop.


Catherine LaMendola, U3, Art History
Catherine is majoring in Art History and minoring in Anthropology, and serves as co-president of McGill’s student art gallery. This summer, Catherine will be interning at Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art in Chicago, Illinois, where she will be working to prepare an upcoming exhibition on Post Black Folk Art in America. She hopes to attend graduate school and focus her studies on mid-century American Outsider Art.

The Gregg Blachford and David McGillivray Internship Award 

Isobel Hayne, U1, Women’s Studies
Isobel will be interning at the Homeless Prenatal Program in San Francisco, which works in partnership with women to help foster healthy, stable, and safe environments for children. Isobel will be working directly with clients seeking parenting/prenatal support, assistance managing finances and help completing job applications. As a Women’s Studies major hoping to pursue a career in public health, Isobel is excited to deepen her understanding of healthcare provisions in relation to marginalized groups.

Hinda Ordower King Award of Merit 

Nadia Argueta, M1, Social Work
Nadia will be interning with GABRIELA, a national alliance of Filipino women’s organizations that cut across sectors and regions, including chapters and support groups of Pinays and non-Pinays in various continents of the world. GABRIELA addresses diverse issues affecting women such as human rights, poverty, health, violence against women, and human trafficking. Nadia has previous experiences in clinical and community work related to promoting reproductive and sexual health to youth, working with survivors of inter-partner violence and survivors of sexual assault. She is very excited to engage in an internship abroad, as it will allow her to develop her international social work skills in community organizing in the areas of human rights and advocacy from a feminist, anti-oppressive, and grassroots perspective.


Jessica Meirovici, U2, International Development Studies and Education
Jessica will be interning with the Children of Bududa organization in Uganda this summer. CoB provides social and academic support to 150 vulnerable youth through weekly programing and classes. Jessica has participated in culture exchanges in Ethiopia, Nicaragua, and Uruguay. She has worked in Spain and studied overseas on a scholarship program in Israel. Jessica is eager to gain invaluable skills that she will use for her future career in rural educational development.

Juliette Mueller, U2, Women’s Studies
Juliette is interning at the New York State Division of Human Rights, a governmental law enforcement agency charged with enforcing New York State’s civil rights law. This summer, she will participate in the processing of discrimination complaints and observe first-hand how the Division investigates, prosecutes, and conducts hearings to determine if discriminatory conduct in violation of New York State law has occurred. A Women’s Studies major, Juliette cares deeply about social justice. She will apply the knowledge she has gained through her Women’s Studies courses to her time at the Division, and considers this internship an opportunity to explore how social justice can be enacted through law.

Shona Musimbe U2 International Development Studies
Shona will be interning at Nhaka Foundation in Harare Zimbabwe. Nhaka Foundation is non-profit organization that champions the implementation of Early Childhood Education programs in rural schools. Shona hopes that this internship will give her a greater understanding of how development works in practice. Furthermore, she hopes she will be able to gain a greater understanding of some of the challenges that face the development sector in her home country.

Catherine Yeh, U2, Psychology
Catherine will be interning at the Native Friendship Centre of Montreal - a community development agency that aims to promote, develop, and enhance the quality of life of the urban Aboriginal population of Montreal and surrounding areas. This internship will allow her to gain a better understanding of what decolonized community-based social work looks like within urban Canadian spaces.

The Hon. Paul and Yvonne Casey Internship Award

Jonathan Glustein, U1, Political Science and International Development Studies
Jonathan will be interning at the Consulate General of Canada in Detroit, serving on the International Business Development team under the Trade Commissioner. He has a passion for political economy and has studied it extensively as part of his degree. Especially interested in trade policy, Jonathan is excited to work on the dynamic trade relationship between Canada and Michigan, Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana, a region that consumes 15% of Canada's exports to the entire world.

Tina Pranjic, U2, Women’s Studies
Tina will be doing an internship with the World Social Forum movement that is coming to Montreal in August. WSFs are open meeting spaces for reflective thinking, dialogue, idea- and experience-sharing as well as networking for the construction of a better world. Tina’s majors in Women’s Studies and International Development provide her with the pertinent knowledge she will need in order to engage in the youth and women groups from the 2016 WSF.

The Ithaca Arts Internship Award/Bourse Ithaque pour les stages en Arts

Riley Healey, U1, International Development Studies
Riley is passionate about human rights and hopes to eventually practice international humanitarian law. Her experiences range from teaching in impoverished areas of Jamaica, to managing the database for a grassroots organization supporting orphanages in Kenya, to a research position with the Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies. This summer she will be heading to Dublin to work as a legal intern with Transparency International, an international NGO dedicated to fighting corruption.

Henry McKenzie, U2, International Development Studies
Henry will be undertaking an internship with Indigenous Livelihoods Enhancement Partners (ILEPA) in Narok, Kenya. ILEPA is a non-profit community-based non-governmental organization for human rights, community health and development. This organization works to combat land rights violations, human rights abuses, and lack of education and government bias against pastoralist communities in Narok County. An International Development and Political Science student, Henry is eager to see how grassroots organizations can affect community health and decision-making processes in indigenous communities.

The Jennifer Ritter Arts Internship Award

Hillary Charron, U3, Sociology
Hillary is a fourth year student studying Sociology, and Education & Counselling Psychology, with a particular interest in working with people affected by mental health problems. She is excited to contribute to the recovery movement through the animal-assisted therapy program as an intern at the Douglas Institute. Hillary is eager to help provide patients with a sense of psychological and physical well-being, which she believes is a cornerstone in the recover process.

Margot Kelly-Hedrick, U3, Psychology
Margot will compare the US and Japanese health systems with two internships. She will first be working at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle to shadow three specialists. She will then intern at the University of Fukui Medical School in Japan to work with neurosurgeons to examine the effects of neurosurgery on psychological symptoms. As a U3 psychology student pursuing a career in medicine, Margot looks forward to the insights gained by these exciting experiences.

Kimberly Richter, U3, Psychology and Hispanic Studies
Kimberly Richter will be interning this summer with Filantropia Transformadora, an organization that advises philanthropic investment in social entrepreneurship ventures, bringing much needed funding to local efforts affecting social change. Through working with the organization in Bogota, Colombia, she hopes to gain a richer appreciation for both the field of social entrepreneurship and the culture of Latin America, a region of special interest to her.

The John Wasileski Arts Externship Awards 

Kate Bauer, U2, History
Kate is currently a U2 student pursuing a degree in Honours History. This summer, she will be interning with Friends of Head Harbour Lightstation on Campobello Island, New Brunswick. Her role will focus on putting together an archive and collecting oral histories that will be used in a forthcoming museum project centered around Head Harbour Lighthouse, a 150-year-old landmark and federal heritage site. As a keen history student, she is very excited to help contribute to the preservation of an important Canadian landmark, as well as hone her research and archival skills. Kate is also serving as the president of the History Students’ Association for the 2016-2017 academic year. 

Stefano Cimmarusti, U3, Economics and Finance
Stefano will participate in an internship with Del Sur, Banco Universal a growing bank based in Venezuela that aims to promote sustainable growth and incentivize socio-economic development. Having a passionate interest in economic development and macroeconomic policies, he hopes to achieve valuable insight from the ever-changing Venezuelan economy as well to contribute to the improvement of the current conditions of the country.

Colleen Thrasher, U3, Honours International Development
Colleen is studying Honours International Development, focusing on economics and living standards, and minoring in Economics. Her academic interests include ecological economics, environmental development, and natural resource management. She has engaged with these topics personally through academic work and volunteer work promoting environmental awareness. Colleen is interested in engaging in multidisciplinary solution-making and she is thrilled to participate in VLMP this summer.

Mahmoud Yassin, U1, Economics
Mahmoud will be interning in Bank Al-Etihad in Amman, Jordan. Bank Al-Etihad previously known as Union Bank, is a Jordan-based financial and banking services institution. It is considered one of the best banks in the region. Mahmoud is majoring in Economics, and minoring in Finance and Marketing. He will be working in different departments throughout his internship. He believes that this experience might help him in developing his skills as an Economics and Finance student.

Judy Patton Hamilton Arts Internship Award

Elise Soulier, U3, Geography
Elise will be interning with the International Urban Development Association. This association seeks to influence urban development policy towards greater economic, environmental, and social sustainability, through various international roundtables and seminars including both public and private actors. Elise is currently completing an Urban Systems Geography major. Social sustainability in cities is her primary area of interest, and she wishes to pursue a career in urban development, starting with the completion of this internship.

Alessandra Venier, U3, Economics
Alessandra will be interning at the Center for Democratic Development in Accra, Ghana. The CDD is a non-profit advocacy organization and think-tank engaged in policy research and capacity-building. As an Economics and International Development major, the CDD’s mission of promoting democracy, good governance and economic openness in Ghana suits Alessandra’s aspiration of entering the field of development policy and research. She is looking forward to enhancing her research skills and believes this internship will be a great opportunity to explore and further her interests in human rights, transparency and policy-making in the Ghanaian context.

Kostman Family Internship Award in Arts

Phoebe Goldig, U3, Cognitive Science
Phoebe will be interning at Lulu Community Centre in Tel Aviv, Israel, where the goal is to create a comfortable language learning environment with a focus family development. Phoebe is a Cognitive Science major with a minor concentration in Environment. She has always been intrigued by language and how it connects people around the world, and is enthusiastic to be able to apply her knowledge by teaching children in an international setting.


Andrea Helfant, U2, Economics
Andrea will intern in Tel Aviv, Israel at Tel Aviv University in the department of Economics. Andrea is currently an undergraduate student majoring in Economics and International Development Studies, and is interested in applying Economic quantitative analysis to the problems she studies in International Development. Andrea is looking forward to working closely with the professors at Tel Aviv University and furthering her skills in statistical analysis and research.

Alexandra Levine, U2, International Development Studies
Alexandra will be interning with UNITAF, an organization that offers daycare centers, after-school centers and family-care centers for the children of African migrant workers and asylum seekers. The internship consists of working at both the daycare center and after-school program, as well as exploring research and funding opportunities on the admin side. Alexandra hopes that this internship will provide her with the opportunity to work with members of the disadvantaged refugee community residing in Tel Aviv, and sees this internship as a great way to apply her passion for universal human rights.

Aliza Saskin, U2, Cognitive Science
Aliza will be participating in the Summer Research Program in Biological and Neuro Sciences at Tel Aviv University. She will be joining the research team of Prof. Ilan Tsarfaty, whose research focuses on elucidating the molecular basis of breast cancer and developing new agents for the diagnosis, imaging, and therapy of breast cancer. Aliza is excited to put the research methodology that she learns about in her classes at McGill into practice in the laboratory setting.

Talia Wise, U1, History
Talia will intern with the iEngage project at the Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem, Israel this summer. The project aims to respond to growing feelings of disenchantment and disinterest toward Israel among Jews worldwide by creating a new narrative regarding the significance of Israel for Jewish life. Talia hopes that her participation will give her skills and knowledge to help build Jewish communities centered on progressive values of pluralism and strong interfaith relations.

The Laura Santini and Ken MacKinnon Initiative Award for Student Internships

Andrew Berry, U3, BCom Information Systems
Andrew Berry is currently majoring in Information Systems with a concentration in Finance. Born in Da Nang, Vietnam, Andrew grew up in multiple countries such as Vietnam, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and finally graduating high school in Manila, Philippines, before heading to Montreal. He has a passion for sustainable business practices, with hopes of one day to run his own business and inspire others to take a bigger step towards it.


Lev Bukhman Internship Award 

Marko de Guzman, U2, Political Science and International Development Studies
Marko will be working at Equitas as an intern for the Play it Fair! Program. He will be supporting the implementation of rights-based approach in various summer camps programming of Montreal. He hopes to learn hands-on experiences and skills relating to youth, children and women’s empowerment, coordination, and program implementation. He looks forward to writing about his experience in his Political Science internship course by evaluating the effectiveness of human rights-based approach to development.

LaRissa Ituze, U2, International Development Studies
LaRissa Ituze is a second year undergraduate student pursuing a degree in International Development Studies and double minor in African Studies and Sociology. She will be interning in Kampala, Uganda with the Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET). WOUGNET is an NGO initiated to develop the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) as tools to share information and address women's issues. This internship is to her an opportunity to develop professional skills required to implement successful development projects and initiatives. Similarly, interning at WOUGNET will allow her to explore and become more familiar with overarching issues regarding women by relating academic notions with real-world experience.

Zahra Jaffar, U1, International Development Studies and Middle Eastern Studies
Zahra will be interning with LVCT Health, a Kenyan NGO based in Nairobi working towards HIV prevention and counselling. Her longstanding interest in grass-roots, conscious development will be served greatly by her time at LVCT Health. She hopes to use her studies, and this internship, to help alleviate the many complex development problems facing parts of the Middle East and Africa today.

Alessandra Puopolo, U2, Political Science
Alessandra will intern in Accra, Ghana with the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice, a constitutional commission that seeks to protect human rights and promote anti-corruption and governmental transparency. She is passionate for human rights and hopes to apply and gain insight into her academic studies in a hands-on environment. This internship offers the opportunity to gain further research experience and will help to prepare for graduate studies.

Samiha Sharif, U2, International Development Studies
Samiha will be interning with the Canadian Journalists for Freedom of Expression (CJFE) in Toronto. She is completing an Honours degree in International Development, accompanied by a minor in Psychology. She will be working on stories, alerts, the annual Review of Free Expression in Canada, while also writing protest letters to governments at the CJFE. Samiha is also very excited to research access to information rights, privacy and surveillance. Through this internship, Samiha hopes to gain insight into the non-profit sector and learn more about the role of civil society in the political processes of the world.

Xueyan Yin, U2, Economics and Sociology
Xueyan will be interning at Elimu Impact Evaluation Center, an NGO in Kenya, whose main goal is to identify the most effect ways to reduce poverty through randomized experiments. She is pursuing double major in Economic and Sociology, and has strong interests in different societies and cultures. She is excited to have the opportunity of applying her knowledge to combating poverty since promoting social changes has always been her ambition.

Max Stern Internship Award in Art History

Jemma Elliott-Israelson, U2, Art History
Jemma is currently completing an honours degree in Art History minoring in Classics and plans to pursue a career in museum curation. Recently having completed her undergraduate dissertation on Whistler, Millais and Aestheticism supervised by Dr. Charmaine Nelson, her research interests are focused on late 19th century British portraiture, namely the works of Millais, De Lázslo, Whistler, and Sargent in conjunction with aesthetic philosophical theory drawn from of Wilde, Ruskin and Pater.

Charlotte Vester, U2, Art History and Chemistry
Charlotte will be interning for the Canadian Guild of Crafts, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserve, encourage, and promote contemporary and traditional Inuit and First Nations art and fine crafts of Canada. Charlotte is majoring in Art History and Chemistry and is interested in art conservation. She has worked with Professor Ian Butler on a review of the literature of the use of raman spectroscopy in art conservation. This internship allows for the enriching opportunity to understand what it entails to maintain an art gallery, to organize exhibitions, and to manage a permanent art collection.

The McDonald, Currie Fund for International Management and Development Internship Award

Morgane Juliat, U2, Political Science
Morgane will be interning at the Indigenous Peoples of Africa Coordinating Committee (IPACC), in Cape Town, South Africa. Through this internship, Morgane is eager to learn more about the complexity and diversity of Africa’s identities as well as the sustainable development challenge that Africa represents. Her academic interests include the role of public and private partnerships in fostering sustainable development and international development.

Frédérique Lefort, U3, Political Science
Frédérique will be interning with AID India, and more specifically, its education initiative Eureka Child Foundation, in Chennai, India. This organization aims at providing quality education for children in the state of Tamil Nadu. Frédérique is a third year student majoring in Political Science and International Development. She is confident that the valuable experience she will acquire with Eureka Child Foundation will enable her to gain a unique perspective on the global issues faced by children.

The Richard B. Levy Arts Internship Travel Award

Eleanor Martin, U2, English (Cultural Studies)
Ellie will be interning at the US Fund for UNICEF this summer in New York City. The US Fund for UNICEF works to facilitate raising money from donors to benefit the world's children. This summer, Ellie will be working with the design team to create graphics for the US Fund for UNICEF. Her love for graphic design, interest with non-profits and education in Communication Studies will be useful in this position. Ellie hopes to gain tangible graphic design skills while making a difference for children around the world. She is very excited and grateful for this opportunity. 



Roland Arts Summer Internship Award

Johanne Butenschøn Lindheim, U3, Economics
Johanne will be interning with Elimu Impact Evaluation Center in Kianyaga, Kenya, an NGO founded by McGill Professor Matthieu Chemin. The organization conducts randomized experiments on development projects in order to identify effective ways of reducing poverty. She is pursuing a degree in Economics with a Minor in International Development Studies. Johanne hopes to continue with a Master’s in Development Economics.

Michelle Montilla, U3, Political Science
Michelle is a U3 honors student in Political Science with a minor in International Development Studies born and raised in Venezuela. From a very young age she has been interested in the studies of humanitarian law. Her passion for international law and diplomacy have led her to be very involved in the world of Model UN in several positions including delegate, committee director and chairing committees. She looks forward to contributing her practical experiences in law and international development to the UNHCR and to get further practical knowledge out of this one-time experience.

Scott and Kristi Daniels Arts Internship Award

Ludovic Van den Bergen, U2, Economics
Ludovic will be interning with The European Savings and Retail Banking Group, an interest group that brings together savings and retail banks of the European Union and European Economic Area that believe in a common identity for European policies. This internship will enable him to work on Economic Public Policies in the heart of European Policies, Brussels, which is aligned with his career goals.

The Susan Casey Brown Fund for McGill

Heekyung Joyoon Kim, U3, Anthropology
Joyoon will be interning with IPACC, a transnational organization which works towards promoting indigenous human rights and capacity building at the grassroots level, based in South Africa. Cross-cutting both her Anthropology and Political Science degree, her interest areas include indigenous and vernacular knowledges, identity politics, and legal pluralism. Through the internship experience, Keidan will work towards building foundations for her honours thesis and her future studies in international law.

Clementine Pouille, U2, Political Science and Economics
Clementine will intern in Hong Kong, China with McGill University's Asia Office. The Office oversees relationship management with donors, alumni engagement, community building, recruitment, career advising for students and young graduates, liaison with governmental bodies, parental relations, corporate relations as well as fundraising. This experience will strengthen her understanding of East Asian business culture and prepare her for a career in a global workplace.

Jeanelle Sequeira, U1, Geography
Jeanelle will be interning in Tamil-Nadu, India with the organization AID India working on the implementation of the Magasool Project. This project strives to promote equitable and sustainable farming practices with agriculture farmers in Tamil-Nadu. Jeanelle wishes to work with communities on issues pertaining to climate change and environmental discrimination. She hopes that AID India will give her insight as to the type of projects she’d like to take on in the future.

Arthur Van Havre, U2, Political Science
Arthur will be interning with the International Business Development section of the Consulate General of Canada in Detroit. Van Havre is a Joint Honours student of Philosophy and Political Science and has always been very interested by international politics and the relationship uniting Canada and the U.S. With the trade section, he will acquire greater practical skills of policy research and advocacy, abilities he hope to utilize in his future studies and career.

Tania Zouikin Arts Internship Award in International Development

Robin Nyamekye, U2, International Development Studies
Robin will intern with the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice in Accra, Ghana. Robin is an Honours International Development Student, with a minor concentration in Law, Politics and Society. Robin has a strong passion for social justice and human rights advocacy, and is specifically interested in analyzing mechanisms that work to ensure government accountability and transparency. Robin believes that this internship experience will be invaluable to her career goals and personal growth.

Toten Family Arts Internship Award

Charlotte Cailliarec, U2, Political Science
Charlotte will be interning with the Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society (SLWCS), a non-governmental organization that aims to enable rural Sri Lankan communities to balance socio-economic development and ecosystem/elephant protection by pioneering a model for sustainable wildlife conservation in Wasgamuwa, Sri Lanka. Charlotte’s interest in wildlife conservation is reflected in her academic pursuit as political science major and environment minor. She will be working on Project Orange Elephant, an initiative of the SLWCS to solve the Human-Elephant Conflict.


William Henry Kelly Social Work Summer Internship Award

Sally Hough, U1, Islamic Studies
Sally will be interning with the Indigenous Movement for Peace Advancement and Conflict Transformation in Nanyuki, Kenya. This organization works to combat the loss of land rights, violations of human rights, social exclusion and government bias against land pastoralist communities in central Kenya. As a Joint-Honours African and Middle Eastern Studies student, Sally is fascinated by governance, policy advocacy and decision-making processes, and is eager to learn how these issues affect one particular Kenyan society.

The Willie and Libby Zimmering Arts Internship

Ryan Golt, U3, Psychology and Political Science
Ryan Golt will intern in Montreal at Hillel Montreal, where they enrich the lives of Jewish students through meaningful points of engagement, so they may enrich the Jewish people and the world. Ryan will be focused on the development of the Stronger than Stigma initiative, which aims to enhance awareness surrounding mental illness, to fight the stigma attached to it, and to promote wellness on campus. This internship will provide Ryan with the tools to achieve his goals, and to make sure that no one has to face their battle with mental illness alone.



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