2014 Award Recipients

(Photos by Owen Egan)

Allan A. Hodgson Arts Internship Award

Daniel Binette, U3, Political Science: Daniel Binette will be interning with Elimu Impact Evaluation Centre in Kianyaga, Kenya, an NGO that conducts randomized experiments on development projects. He will mainly be involved in Elimu's project assessing the effect of legal aid on development. Having recently completed a degree in political science, with Minor concentrations in economics and finance, he intends to attend law school in September, with an aim to work in law and development in the future.     


Robert Creamer, M1, Political Science: Rob Creamer will be interning at the Center for Democratic Development, which works to research and promote effective democratic governance in Ghana. Rob is pursuing his first year of a Master of Arts in Political Science, focusing on the dynamics of liberalism and democracy in environments of ethnic and cultural plurality. His involvement in the CDD’s projects on decentralization and political inclusion is a valuable step toward realizing his career goals in this area.

Georges Delrieu, U1, Economics and International Development Studies: Georges Delrieu is majoring in International Development and will be interning at Muktinath Bikas Ltd. in Nepal this summer. Muktinath is a Bank specialized in microcredit in the area of Pokhara that tackles the issues of rural poverty through women empowerment. Georges has always been interested in the link between economics and welfare. In addition, his interest in the environment led him to chose a region that is being threatened by global change to study the challenge of a sustainable development of the south.

Nicholas Ellery, U2, Economics: Nick will be interning at Elimu Impact Evaluation Centre, an NGO in Kianyaga, Kenya created by McGill Professor Matthieu Chemin.  Elimu undertakes evaluation of development projects through randomized experiments in order to identify effective ways of reducing poverty.  He is pursuing an Honours degree in economics with a Minor in computer science.  Nick, who also competes on the McGill Model UN Team, hopes to pursue graduate studies in economics and knows that this internship will provide an invaluable and enriching experience.

Yuvraj Goswami, U1, Industrial Relations and Political Science: Yuvraj is a U1 international student, majoring in Industrial Relations and Political Science. After spending 13 years in boarding school in India, coming over to McGill has been a challenge and opportunity in itself. Through his internship at AID-India, Yuvraj intends to study labor relations in the structurally transforming agriculture sector of India. His interests in South Asian politics and leaning towards debate and social service makes this internship a great fit between his academic interests and professional aspirations.

Jacob Omorodion, U2, Honours Political Science: Jacob Omorodion is a U2 Honours Political Science Student with Minor Concentrations in Economics and German. He is the Vice President of Education at the McGill African Students’ Society, Vice President at the International Criminal Court Student Network, McGill Chapter and is an active member of the International Relations Students’ Association of McGill. His academic interests include, but are not limited to, International Law & Arbitration, Institutional Development and International Relations. 

Yohnny Raich, U1, International Development Studies and Economics: Yohnny Raich will be interning with the microfinance division of the NGO Bethesda located in Cotonou, Benin. Yohnny is a U1 student double majoring in International Development and Economics. Yohnny will be working with the local Beninese population on microfinance applications and helping them with financial management. By completing this internship, he hopes to learn more about the effect a strong and local NGO can have on a population stricken by poverty.

Shehzad Sewani, U3, Political Science and Economics: Shehzad will be interning at Ghana’s Commission for Human Rights and Administrative Justice, a national institution devoted to promoting and protecting human rights, as well as governmental accountability. Shehzad wishes to examine the effectiveness and ethical framework with which CHRAJ performs its mandate, in particular with regards to human rights claimants and corruption.

Anderson Family Internship Award

Jordan-Nicolas Matte, U2, Honours Political Science: Jordan-Nicolas Matte is a U2 Honours Political Science student with a passion for international relations. Inspired by his grandfather who was a pioneer in international law, Jordan has always harbored the ambition of representing his country abroad. This has led him to undertake a full year exchange in Madrid as well as completing internships in Munich, Abu Dhabi and training with the Canadian Forces. This summer, he will be working at the Canadian Embassy in Washington.

Katherine Ragan, U3, Economics and Political Science: Katie Ragan has just completed her undergraduate degree from McGill University with First Class Honours in Political Science and a Major concentration in Economics and will be working as an international trade intern with the Consulate General of Canada in Detroit. She has focused her degree on topics of economic development and global health, and has participated in several positions over the course of her degree that have reinforced these interests. Katie’s past experience includes a research internship with McGill’s Institute for Health and Social Policy. For the past year, she has also been a contributor to Policy Options, a magazine published by the Institute for Research on Public Policy (IRPP) based out of Montreal.


Andrew Buntain Arts Internship Award

Luc Franche, M1, Political Science: Luc Franche is a Master Student in Political Science at McGill University and will be working as an intern with the Sauvé Scholars Program at the Jeanne Sauvé Foundation. He fascinated by the study of development; his studies are particularly oriented towards Latin America. He has an undergraduate degree at University of Montreal, where he started to be involved in the students’ community. Since then, Luc has gained various volunteer and professional experiences, notably in Mexico where he studied and worked in various diplomatic and human right oriented offices.

Naomi Hill, U3, Political Science: Naomi will be interning at the Climate Reality Project Canada this summer. She will be working to educate and empower Canadians to address climate change, primarily targeting small and medium enterprises. As a Political Science Major with Minors in Geography and Economics, she hopes to apply her knowledge of the political, economic and social underpinnings of climate change to help raise awareness about and build solutions to a problem to which she hopes to devote her career.

Arts Undergraduate Improvement Fund (AUIF) Internship Award

Caroline Alexander, U2, International Development and Russian Studies: Caroline will be interning with the U.S. Department of State in the Calgary Consulate, ideally taking her first steps towards joining the American Foreign Service in a permanent position. Caroline hopes that her experience with the State Department grants her an inside look at United States international relations, which she would like to apply to a career with the State Department in international development and humanitarian aid in Eastern Europe.

Martin Crevier, U2, Political Science: Martin will be interning at the U.S. General Consulate in Montreal with the Economic and Political division. As a second year History and Political Honours student, he has a specific interest in comparative and institutional politics. Martin trusts the wide range of tasks at hand will provide an in-depth knowledge of the scope of work accomplished by consular authorities, as well as fostering his understanding of US-Canada relations.

Douglas Gordon, U1, Linguistics: Douglas Gordon will intern with the Listuguj Education Directorate in Listuguj, Quebec helping to document and create interactive online lessons for Mi’gmaq, an endangered Algonquian language. Douglas is a Linguistics Major with two Minor concentrations in Philosophy and Classics. Douglas is particularly interested in endangered languages, knowing that information valuable to the linguistic community as well as a community’s cultural heritage could be lost in a matter of generations.

Murray Fallis, U1, Political Science: Murray will be interning in the office of Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party of Canada. Murray is pursuing an Honours degree in Political Science with a Minor in Canadian studies. He is excited to learn more about the diplomatic process while gaining personal experiences on Parliament Hill. After volunteering with Paso Por Paso in Panajachel, Guatemala Murray is excited to learn more about expanding educational opportunities within Canada.

Jai Galat-Retter, U2, Honours Political Science: Jai will be interning under the Chief Technology Officer at the White House in the Office of Science and Technology Policy. She will be working on projects that leverage technology to improve citizen services and government outcomes. Some of the initiatives she will be working on include liberating government data for the purposes of fueling innovation and economic growth, improving technical capabilities for disaster response, and using technology to fight human trafficking.  

Mauryan Jiang, U2, International Development Studies: Mauryan Jiang is an international student from Shenzhen, China. He will be interning this summer as a Human Rights Education Intern with the Social Justice Committee of Montreal. He is grateful and excited to have the opportunity of combining what he has learned in the International Development classes with the practice of education in international development and therefore strengthen his understanding of  development issues related to human rights and enable his further study into practical fields about mechanism to improve human rights.

Katherine Keyes, U1, Urban Systems and Sociology: Katherine Keyes is a U1 student in Urban Systems and Sociology, and will intern at Jane’s Walk, an organization promoting urban love, literacy, and activism by coordinating free, volunteer-led urban walks around the world and celebrating the principles and legacy of urbanist Jane Jacobs. Over the course of her internship, Katherine hopes to help Jane’s Walk promote liveable, walkable, vibrant city spaces, and further local involvement in planning and in addressing local urban issues.

Alexander Langer, U2, Political Science and History: Alexander is currently an undergraduate student in Political Science and History and will be interning with the Social Justice Commitee in Montreal this summer. Alexander is interested in immigration, social justice, and government policy and hopes to contribute on research relating to sustainable and democratic development.

Zev Macklin, U1, Political Science and History: Zev Macklin will be interning with The Social Justice Committee of Montreal, Quebec. At the SJC, through researching and developing new public education projects on human rights and social inequality, he will be following passions that he has held his entire life.  Zev is looking forward to developing a deeper understanding of these issues with the Social Justice Committee, an organization that has been innovative and progressive in developing and advancing educational and political causes.

Madeleine Mees, U2, Linguistics: Madeleine will be interning with the School of Language Studies (SLS), as part of the Foreign Service Institute (FSI), U.S. Department of State.  The internship will allow Madeleine the opportunity to experience a career in the Foreign and Civil Services for the State Department, learning about work and life in the Foreign Service, training officers and support personnel of the U.S. foreign affairs community.

Théo Muller, U2, Political Science and Economics: Théo Muller will intern in Strasbourg, France with the Maison de l'Europe Strasbourg-Alsace (MESA).The MESA is an organization informing the public about European institutions, European policies and European values. Théo is a Political Science Major with two Minors concentrations in Economics and Political Economy. He has always been fascinated in European Politics and is enthusiastic to have the opportunity to discover a concrete aspect of European politics and will apply his knowledge to promote European values such as peace, democracy and human rights.

Sarah Pettem, U2, International Development Studies Honours and Economics: Sarah will be interning at the Social Justice Committee in Montreal this summer. The SJC aims to engage Canadians in working for a more socially just world. Sarah will be working on a project on advocacy for Human Rights at the World Bank. This internship will further her experience in international development and enable her to apply her knowledge to a pertinent and relevant project.

Gabrielle Reisner, U1, International Development Studies and Economics: Gabrielle Reisner is a McGill undergraduate student in the graduating class of 2016. She is completing a double Major in Economics and International Development Studies.  She hopes to use her academic background to promote the freedom of economic and social self-determination with the context of a developing world. In her free time, Gabrielle enjoys singing and songwriting alongside her guitar and piano. She also promotes organic and sustainable eating on campus at McGill and loves to travel. 

Julie Rogacki, U2, Industrial Relations: Julie will be interning with Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Vehicle Company, the biggest joint venture enterprise in China’s auto sector.  She is fascinated by the national and international worlds of economics and human resources and would like to be part of it. Fluent in French, English and Chinese due to the international exposure she has been afforded over the years, she hopes during her internship to further her skills and knowledge in Chinese language and in Industrial Relations.

Anna Savittieri, U3, Political Science: Anna will intern with documentary filmmaker, Stephen Maing, to assist on numerous documentary projects which include a CNN feature on Stop and Frisk and the Asian immigrant experience in The Bronx, NY. This internship provides a comprehensive opportunity for Anna to combine her creative interests in film with her political passions concerning minority communities. 

Vincent Simboli, U2, Hispanic Studies and International Development Studies: Vincent Simboli is pursuing a joint degree in International Development and Hispanic Studies, interested in the advancement of a responsible tourism industry in Latin America. He will be interning at Una Escuelita, a free after-school arts program in Limón Dos, Nicaragua staffed by local teachers. Working closely with the residents of a town that has been positively affected by small-scale foreign investment will offer Vincent an understanding of economic self-determination.

Michel Snaije, U3, History: Mischa will be interning at the Faculty of Social and Political Science (FISIP) in Jakarta as an English teacher for both faculty staff and students. As a student of history and philosophy, he is always keen to immerse himself in a foreign culture, and to unravel the context behind it. Interning at FISIP this summer will be a valuable opportunity for him to crystallize his knowledge of international relations, and to gain a fresh perspective of political issues through dialogue with students from a different background.

Remy Spanierman, U1, Economics: Remy will be interning at 1871, a non-for-profit tech incubator in the heart of Chicago. Although only a first year student, she has a strong interest in economics and is excited to work one-on-one with small businesses to help them grow and launch. The internship will give her exposure to a wide array of businesses and leaders from many fields of different industries who will participate in sponsored events she will help organize throughout the summer.

Julie Vanderperre, U1, Political Science: Julie will intern at the Social Justice Committee, an independent human rights organization based in Montreal whose mission is to engage Canadians in working towards a more socially just world.  She will be working as the Human Rights Education Intern, and will assist in creating workshops and educational programs to educate students and organizations about human rights.  Julie looks forward to both giving back to the Montreal community, while raising awareness of broad, global issues.

Victoria Xie, U1, International Development and Economics: Victoria will be interning at Africa SOMA, a non-profit organization that relies entirely on volunteers. The organization aims to provide fundamental educational resources as well as support educational initiatives in Kenya in both the rural Maasai community of Elangata Wuas and Nairobi. Her interests include economic development, international policy and human rights issues. During her internship, she hopes to gain valuable insight into the use of education as a development tool, especially in a rural community. 

Emir Yigit, U3, Psychology: Emir will be interning at the European Center for Minority Issues in Flensburg, Germany and is interested in studying cultural narrative and its relation to empirical data as parameters guiding the sociopolitical discourse. This internship offers a perspective on the modern dialogue concerning national unities and peripheral entities  in the European context, which is adaptive in understanding the historical lexicon of the German discourse on a national-being.

Brenda and Morrison Hurley Arts Internship Award

Tanya Qadir, U3, International Development: Tanya will intern at Accès Asie, a Montreal-based organization that aims to promote all artistic disciplines in dance, comedy, theatre, video, film, visual arts, music, poetry, performance and new media. She will be organizing the annual Festival Accès Asie this summer. Tanya is currently completing her undergraduate degree, majoring in International Development and minoring in Art History. She is eager to be a part of this movement that aims to promote dialogue and exchange between several communities, as she believes this is a stepping-stone towards societal development.

Bryan Cooke Arts Internship Award

Alexander Shadeed, U3, Political Science: Alexander will be interning with Academics Without Borders Canada as a Social Media Intern at the headquarters in here in Montreal. His responsibilities will include auditing AWBC’s current social media marketing campaign and implementing new strategies to improve their reach and content. He is President of the NetRoots Society of Mcgill – an organization that gives free social media marketing advice to charities and NGOs – so helping those who help others by refining their online presence is something he passionately pursues.

Bryce Internship Award

Oscar Isham, U2, Honours Political Science: Oscar will be interning at British-based political think-tank, The Henry Jackson Society. In addition to his studies at McGill, Oscar is an active member of the McGill International Relations Society where he has represented the university as a delegate at many Model United Nations conferences across North America.

Aliya Kitsakos, U2, Political Science: Aliya Kitsakos is a U2 student pursuing a Major in Political Science along with Minors in History and Communication Studies. She will be interning with the Social Justice Committee of Montreal, an organization dedicated to eliminating global injustice through education, as a Human Rights Education Intern. She is extremely excited to improve her research skills, better her understanding of human rights issues around the world and get genuine experience working with an NGO through her internship. 

Carol and Lloyd Darlington Arts Internship Award

Mina Bahrami, U2, International Development: Mina Bahrami is a U2 International Development Major who is passionate about children’s education and global health. This summer she will be interning with the Children of Bududa program, an NGO that provides both social and academic support to more than 200 vulnerable children through a weekly enrichment program. She has had previous experience working on education programs in rural Honduras, and cannot wait to go to Africa to learn about the realities of implementing a development project.

Marion Becheri, U3, Honours Women’s Studies: Marion Becheri will be interning at the Indigenous Peoples of Africa Coordinating Committee (IPACC), in Cape Town, South Africa. IPACC is a network of over 155 indigenous peoples’ organisations in 22 African countries. IPACC provides a platform for indigenous peoples’ voices to be heard and facilitates communications with governments and international forums. From this internship opportunity, Marion hopes to gain professional experience in the field of human rights advocacy. 

Mathilde Bertin, U3, Anthropology and International Development Studies: Mathilde will be interning with the Kibale Mobile Health Clinic initiative, working near the Kibale National Park in Uganda. She will be part of a team, working to provide health and conservation education to people in rural villages who wouldn’t have access to these services otherwise. Mathilde is looking forward to working in the field, and applying what she has learned in IDS to work on a sustainable initiative that will positively impact communities.

Sierra Clark, U2, Geography: Sierra is currently a 3rd year Bachelor of Arts McGill student pursuing an Honours in Geography with a focus on Indigenous health and adaptations to climate change and will be interning as a field research assistant with Makerere University in Uganda. Sierra has worked as a part-time research assistant for the "Indigenous Health Adaptations to Climate Change" (IHACC) project for the past two years, and will be pursuing an Honours thesis relating to Acute Gastrointestinal illnesses among an Indigenous population in Uganda. Sierra is a recipient of the Tomlinson Undergraduate Award that funded her participation as an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant, and was assigned a Deans Honour list-AR award. As well, Sierra co-coordinated the Geography Undergraduate-Graduate Mentorship program and worked as the VP Finance of the McGill Geography Undergraduate Society (MUGS) this year.  

Shannon Gavrilchuk, U3, International Development Studies: Shannon will be interning with the Kibale Mobile Clinic Health and Conservation project in Uganda. This project will provide basic health care, important outreach education and advance conservation efforts in Kibale National Park. Shannon will be responsible for developing a health education program for different age groups in local villages. Studying international development with a double minor in education and international relations, her internship will allow her to gain better insight on sustainable development and community health.  

Zoë Holl, U3, History and Art History: Zoë will be an intern for Sapa O’Chau social enterprise in Vietnam. Sapa O’Chau’s mission is to encourage and facilitate the education of the Hmong ethnic minority. Her work as a teaching volunteer will consist in coming up with interesting educational material and building a curriculum for the center. This internship will prove to be invaluable experience for Zoë as she plans on pursuing her interest in international development by doing a Master’s degree in gender and development.

Ava Liu, U2, Political Sciences: Ava Liu will intern with Sapa O'Chau, a social enterprise in Sapa, Vietnam dedicated to providing educational, employment and other livelihood opportunities to ethnic minority groups. Ava is an honours Political Science, Philosophy, and Communications student entering her last year at McGill. She is very interested in sustainable frameworks of development and furthering ethnic minority rights. For her, this internship presents an important opportunity to understand international development at the grassroots level.

The Chris Tyler Marckmann International Social Work Summer Internship Awards

Leah Freeman, M1, Social Work: Leah is completing a Master’s of Social Work degree in the Community and International Development stream and will be interning with Migrantes International in the Phillipines. She has worked for several years in Montreal with immigrant labour groups and her field placement will take her to the Philippines, one of the world’s largest labour export countries. Her field placement will be an opportunity to critically analyse the international policies that produce forced migration and subsequent human rights abuses and labour exploitation.

David Tarr and Gisele Chèvrefils Arts Internship Award

Thomas Conley, M1, Political Science: Thomas Conley will intern in Washington D.C. for the US Department of State. Thomas is currently a graduate student in Political Science, and is interested in United States foreign policy. The internship presents the opportunity for Thomas to witness and take part first hand in the policy making of the United States government. This internship will prove crucial as he aspires to a career in US foreign policy.

The Davies  Family Arts International Internship Award

Margot Charette, U3, Honors in Environment & Minor in Ecological Agriculture: Margot will be interning with Comunidad Educativa Flor de Montaña in rural Samaipata, Bolivia, where she will work towards the school’s capacity building through technical and ecological workshops (e.g. use of computer programs for environmental project planning).  Margot is excited to contribute to the empowerment of marginalized youth through innovative and specialized education.  This will be a unique opportunity for her to experience community capacity building before starting her masters in health geography.

Madeleine Pawlowski, U2, Geography and International Development Studies: Madeleine will be interning with the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland (Department of Public Health, Social and Environmental Determinants of Health). Madeleine hopes that her experiences this summer will help her to better understand the impacts of climate change on the health of marginalized peoples globally and increase her impact in the field of health and development.

Eva and Myron Echenberg Arts Internship Award

Katharina Lotz, U2, Political Science: Katharina will be interning with the Canadian Institute for Jewish Research in Montreal this summer. She is a U2 Political Science Major with a Minor in International Development Studies. She was born and raised in the Middle East and has since had a passion for politics and affairs in the region. The internship will provide her with the opportunity to explore contemporary as well as historical issues in regards to Israel and the Middle East in a highly academic environment.


 The Schull Yang International Experience Award (Faculty of Arts)

Deborah Baremberg, U2, Cognitive Science: Deborah will intern with the Liaocheng People’s Hospital in Shandong, China, teaching English and conducting genetic research in the first year of an international teaching-learning program. She hopes to immerse herself in another culture while learning invaluable skills for a career in Psychology, and is very excited to apply her interdisciplinary skill-set in a practical field.

Camille Liwen Chen, U2, Honours Political Science: Camille Liwen Chen is a second-year student completing an Honours Political Science and Minor Economics degree. She will be working for Asia Briefings Ltd., a publishing house that provides business intelligence from its mother company Dezan Shira & Associates over the summer in Shanghai, China. She will apply her knowledge from the classroom and learn about current issues concerning foreign direct investment and commercial legal practices in the Asia-Pacific region. Camille speaks four languages.

Natalie Del Rossi, U1, Psychology: Natalie will intern at NeuroCure, a neuroscience research center in Berlin, Germany. She will be working on clinical trials with patients with multiple sclerosis. This position will benefit her education in Psychology while she works with patients on a social and clinical level. She will also be able to strengthen her bilingualism and Minor in German. Natalie is the president and founder of the McGill Students Chapter of War Child.

Nicolas Glaudemans, U3, Economics and Accounting: Nicolas will be interning this summer at The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, an organization dedicated to the promotion of trade and investment between Canada, Hong Kong, and Mainland China. On campus, he has been involved with the Arts Undergraduate Society and the Student Society of McGill University serving on their finance boards. He is excited for the internship because it will allow him to apply his business skills in China’s dynamic economy.

Antonia Haywood, U3, Women’s Studies: Antonia Haywood will be completing an internship in St. Vincent, West Indies at Marion House, a non-profit organization that offers social services to the Vincentian community. While in St. Vincent, Antonia will be working with youth and families. She is a Women's Studies Major, with a Minor in Psychology and hopes to pursue a degree in social work, as well. She looks forward to this internship, as it represents a highly valuable and enriching experience. Antonia is also enthusiastic about the internship as her dream is to found a non-profit organization in the Caribbean for youth and women who face domestic abuse and violence.

Nusra Khan, U2, History: Nusra Khan is a U2 History student with Minors in Middle East Studies and Political Science who will be interning with the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice in Accra, Ghana, where she will work with the organization’s legal and investigative department. The internship will be a wonderful opportunity to explore her research interests in human rights, migration, and cultural relativism and to expand on her previous experiences with CJPME and SAWC. 

Sumin Lee, U2, Political Science and International Development Studies: Sumin will be interning at the Canadian Embassy in Beijing in the Political Section which is dedicated to strengthening Canada’s overall political bilateral relations with China. With her own international background and interest in Foreign Service, she is delighted to get a first-hand experience in governmental affairs. At McGill, Sumin has coordinated the Open House for prospective students and is a member of the Golden Key Honours Society.

Maria Lopez, U1, Honours Economics: Maria will be interning at the United Nations World Food Programme in Panama, the world's largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger. She will work with the Vulnerability Analysis Department this summer where she will conduct analyses of data for food security. As an international student from Colombia, she is very excited to have a chance to contribute to this organisation promoting sustainable policies in Latin America and to gain valuable skills.

Shahir Omar, U3, English Studies: Shahir Omar will be a video artist intern with the Ombetja Yehinga Dance Troupe in Windhoek, Namibia. The organization provides social awareness about HIV prevention, sexual health, and gender-based violence through dance performance and visual art. This internship will allow Shahir to learn about coalescing modern cultural aesthetics with progressive social politics through grassroots art and activism.

Karine Picard, U3, International Development Studies: Karine will be working in an NGO called Fundacion En Via in Oaxaca, Mexico. Bridging the gap between tourism revenue in Mexico and poverty alleviation, this organization provides women with microloans. Karine is a graduating student in International Development and a Minor in Environment studies. Through her internship, she will act as a tour guide, using her love of history and culture to help provide opportunities for indigenous Oaxacan women.

Magali Saul, U2, Political Science and Latin American Studies: Magali is a U2 Political Science and Latin American Studies student with a Minor in Italian Studies. She will be interning at the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights in Washington DC as a Partner for Human Rights Intern. She has always been passionate about human rights affairs and sees this as an ideal opportunity to get first hand experience in an organization that strives to make vital contributions to the field.

Lauren Wray, U3, Environment: Lauren will be interning with the United Nations Environment Programme in Washington, D.C. She is interested in learning how the contested subject of sustainability is addressed, especially in the North American context. Having previously worked with small scale environmental NGOs and nonprofits, Lauren is looking forward to witnessing how an international, multilateral organization works towards change.

Shiyu Wang, U1, Political Science & Economics: Shiyu will be interning with Beijing Yirenping Center, a leading nonprofit dedicated to promoting social justice and rule of law in China. She will gain first-hand experience on policy advocacy and public interest litigation in China. Shiyu is passionate about the political and legal development and reform in China and hopes to explore more career options during the internship.

Faculty of Arts Internship Award 

Emma Gilman, U3, Political Science & Economics: Emma will intern at Elimu Impact Evaluation Center in Kianyaga, Kenya. Elimu uses randomized experiments to evaluate the impact of various development projects and identify the most effective ways to reduce poverty. Specifically, Emma will oversee an experiment that seeks to assess the causal impact of legal aid on economic growth. She is most interested in the fields of social justice, law, human rights, and sustainable development.

Ariel Shapiro, U2, Political Science: Ariel will be working as an intern at the Montreal office of the Canadian International Council, a leading think tank and network contributing to Canada’s foreign relations. He looks forward to assisting the organization with outreach, research, event planning and strengthening its online presence to encourage more Canadians to get involved in international relations. A former tour guide at the Parliament of Canada, Ariel is returning from an exchange at the National University of Singapore.

Matthew Rapkowski, U2 student, Political Science: Matthew will be internning with the Advance Group a communications firm specializing in political strategic communication and government policy lobbying. This internship will allow Matthew to gain concrete experience in campaign communications and effective policy lobbying.


Tricaud Victor, U3, Middle East Studies and Economics: Victor Tricaud is a 3rd year student pursuing a Middle East Studies and Economics degree at Mcgill. He was able to find an internship at the International Bureau for Children’s Rights in Montreal, where he worked on textbooks for police officers in Jordan explaining the good practices of interaction with children. This internship proved very rewarding and the award significantly helped him live through the summer in Montreal!

Rachel Stone, U1, Linguistics: Rachel Stone will be interning at the Cabbagetown Regent Park Community Museum in Toronto this summer. Rachel has a passion for community outreach, peer support, and human linguistic behaviour. She looks forward to learning about the history and culture of Cabbagetown and Regent Park and how such concentrated linguistic diversity has evolved and flourished in the area.

Clara Nencu, U3, English Literature: Clara will be interning in Montreal with The Bibliographical Society of Canada, a bilingual, non-profit organization that studies the production, evolution and cultural influence of print texts. The BSC supports bibliographical studies and practices, advances research in print culture and book history, and aims to preserve historical documents. Clara aims to understand Canadian publishing and copyright law in the aim to conduct research at the Master’s level in English, or pursue law studies.

Aislinn Kalob, U2, History and North American Studies: Aislinn will be interning at the New Hampshire Democratic Party headquarters in Concord, New Hampshire.  She will be actively involved in grassroots organizing, political fundraising, and media communications, in working towards the re-election of Democratic Party candidates to local and national offices.  She looks forward to learning firsthand how political campaigning is carried out.  Aislinn is entering her third year at McGill, studying History and North.

Orianne Leake, U3, International Development Studies: Oriane Leake is a third-year majoring in International Development Studies, with Minors in Political Science and Geography. She has a keen interest in public health, and how studying the developing world can enlighten approaches to improve similar conditions right here in North America. She hopes to continue studying public health and disaster management.

Kary-Anne Poirier, U3, Political Science: Kary-Anne fera un stage au Regroupement des Comités logement et Associations de locataires du Québec (RCLALQ). Il s’agit d’un organisme visant à promouvoir les droits des locataires au Québec. Après avoir conclut un partenariat avec l’Université McGill, plus principalement avec le département d’Études québécoises, Kary-Anne travaillera sur un comité portant le projet Dossier noir de la Régie du logement du Québec. Il s’agit d’un projet qui se questionne à savoir sir la Régie remplit ses mandats initiaux dont son rôle auprès des locataires. À terme, le projet produira un document qui sera mis à la disposition du grand public.



Danial Shamail, U3, Economics and International Development: Danial Shamail is a U3 student pursuing a double Major in Economics and International Development with a Minor in Finance. His academic interests include Economic Development, Business Development, International Trade and Finance. His role as a Business Development Analyst at iNexxus (a start-up marketing consulting company based in Montreal) involved collaborating with a number of leading Fortune 100 companies on how to best to fulfill their consumer and production goals.

Lucy Nelson, U2, International Development Studies: Lucy will be interning for Academics Without Borders Canada this summer in Montreal. Academics Without Borders Canada aims to promote development in countries around the world by assisting them in improving and expanding higher education opportunities. Lucy sees this internship as a great way to deepen her knowledge of educational issues in developing countries and gain professional experience with a successful NGO.

Gail Elizabeth Todgham Arts Internship Award

Sophie Lynch, M1, Art History: Sophie will intern at Artforum, an international monthly magazine specializing in contemporary art. One of her main responsibilities will be fact-checking articles before the publication of an issue, research that might involve visiting museum archives, contacting galleries, and looking at various print and online primary sources. The opportunity to gain practical experience as an editorial intern at Artforum will help her consider further career opportunities in the realm of contemporary art writing and publishing.

Kelli Sturkenboom, U2, Honours Art History: Kelli will intern at the Contemporary Art Gallery in Vancouver, BC. Kelli is an Honours Art History Major with a Minor in Management. The Contemporary Art Gallery aims to promote the knowledge and understanding of contemporary visual art and make it accessible to everyone. Kelli sees this internship as a great opportunity to apply her passion for the arts, contribute to the city’s cultural life, and gain hands-on experience working directly with curators.


Hinda Ordower King Award of Merit

Anne Huong Khoi Tran, M1, Social Work: Anne will intern with GABRIELA, a national alliance of Filipino women’s organizations that cut across sectors and regions, plus chapters and support groups of Pinays and non-Pinays in various continents of the world. It addresses diverse issues affecting women such as human rights, poverty, health, violence against women, and human trafficking. Anne has previous experiences in clinical and community work related to hypersexualization among youth, domestic violence and human trafficking. She is very pleased to do her internship which will allow her to develop her international social work skills in community organizing in the areas of human rights and advocacy from a feminist, anti-oppressive, grassroots perspective.

Hon. Paul and Yvonne Casey Internship Award

Cheyenne Arbulu-Pelletier, U1, History: Cheyenne will be interning at the Canadian Consulate General in Detroit, Michigan in their International Business Development Office. Cheyenne is a second year student studying History and Economics. She has a keen interest in international relations, environmental economics, Canadian aboriginal issues and North American history. Cheyenne looks forward to learning more about international trade, diplomacy and Canada-U.S. relations during her time at the Consulate.

Talia Huculak, U2, History and North American Studies: Talia will intern in Chicago, Illinois with the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. The USCCR is an independent bipartisan study agency of the federal government that issues reports to the President and Congress on civil rights issues. Talia is a second year student majoring in History and North American Studies, and minoring in Communications. Passionate about reforming public policy, Talia believes her internship with the USCCR is the ideal way to turn her academic interests into practical action.

Hanna Singer, U2, Political Science: Hanna will be interning in the Public Works and Government Services office at the Canadian Embassy in Washington DC. She is an active member in the McGill Jewish community and is currently serving as President of Hillel McGill.  Hanna is looking forward to broadening her understanding of Canadian Foreign Policy outside of the classroom setting, and to be working in a politically active and historic city such as Washington DC.

Chantelle D'Souza, U3, Political Science & Economics: Chantelle D’Souza will be interning with the Canadian Embassy in Washington D.C. as an economic policy intern with Transport Canada. Chantelle is a U3 Double Major studying Political Science and Economics with a specific focus on International Political Economy. After her undergraduate degree she plans on pursuing further studies in the field and hopes to eventually become a Canadian diplomat for international trade.

Pamela Churchill, M1, East Asian Studies: Pamela will intern at Centre A, the Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Asian Art. Centre A is the only public gallery in Canada entirely devoted to the exhibition of contemporary Asian art. Pamela looks forward to expanding her knowledge of Chinese art in the diaspora, and contributing to the development and promotion of Centre A’s unique library resource, which specializes in literature on Asian art and artists.


Ithaca Arts Internship Award/Bourse Ithaque pour les stages en Arts

Melissa Fundira, U3, Environment & International Development Studies: Melissa will be interning at the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality (UN Women), an organization dedicated to gender equality and the empowerment of women. She will be assisting the Uganda Country Office in their efforts to map organizations working on gender, environment, and climate change, as well as writing an article on the issue. She hopes to gain practical knowledge on how Ugandan women deal with climate change, especially in the field of agriculture.

Margot Charles, U2, Honours Political Science: Margot will be working as an intern in Cambodia for 3 months at Phare Performing Social Entreprise, specifically its revenue-generating branch: 'Phare, the Cambodian Cirus'. This is an offshoot of the NGO Phare Ponleu Selpak which focuses on providing education to underprivileged children, especially through teaching the arts. PPSE follows through by employing some of the young graduates from those schools. As a Major in Political Science, Margot is fascinated by the inner workings of NGOs across the world, especially those small-scale and local whose aim is to make a genuine, immediate, and substantive impact. She hopes to find out whether Phare Ponleu Selpak and its associated organizations have been successful and, if so, how their model could be exported to other developing countries.

Esther Lee, U3, International Development Studies and Sociology: Esther Lee is a third-year student pursuing her Majors in Joint Honours International Development Studies and Sociology, with a Minor in International Relations. Originally hailing from Toronto, Ontario, her academic interests include post-conflict refugee resettlement and rehabilitation, civil society mobilization and public policy. For the summer of 2014, Esther will be interning with working with North Korea Strategy Centre (NKSC) located in Seoul, South Korea, as an Oslo Scholar.

Judy Patton Hamilton Arts Internship Award

Catherine-Laure Juste, U1, International Development Studies: Catherine-Laure Juste will be interning at Africa SOMA and the Elangata Wuas Resource Center (EWRC) in Kenya this summer. During the internship, she will help implement programs aimed at widening access to education for Kenya’s disadvantaged youth. She is a second-year Arts student at McGill University, where she in majoring in International Development Studies with Minors in Political Science and Sociology.  She is grateful to gain practical experience in the areas of community development and education.

Juan Camilo Velasquez, U3, Political Science and English Studies: This summer, Juan Camilo will intern at Vehicule Press, a small publishing company in Montreal committed to publishing Canadian and first-time authors. There, he will gain practical experience in the various editorial and managerial tasks surrounding the operations of a small publisher. Juan Camilo has been the editor for various publications including The McGill Daily, Folio Magazine Scrivener Creative Review, and Alternatives Journal. Currently he sits on the Daily Publications Society Board of Directors.


Kostman Family Internship Award in Arts

Sharna Dey, M1, Political Science: Sharna Dey, currently a graduate student in Political Science, will intern with UN OCHA in Jerusalem, Israel. Sharna is invested in the study of humanitarianism and its challenges and achievements. She hopes to gain an understanding of the tradeoffs made in setting project priorities, as well as practical experience in humanitarian financing mechanisms. This internship presents an opportunity to gain first-hand experience on the inner workings of the humanitarian field.


Lev Bukhman Internship Award

Juliette Allen, U3, English Studies: Juliette Allen will be interning with EDUCA, a non-profit organization based in Oaxaca, Mexico. EDUCA aims at strengthening social involvement and local government by leading civic initiatives in public policy, as well as workshop-based community education projects, for mainly indigenous communities of Oaxaca. This internship opportunity combines Juliette’s interests in global Indigenous issues, alternative education, and holistic community organization.


Claire Bouillon, U3, Environment & Development: Claire will intern in Brooklyn, New York with the Human Impacts Institute, a non-profit organization geared towards fostering sustainable human impacts on ecosystems through community involvement and advocacy. Her work will serve to raise environmental awareness on climate change. There she will coordinate and manage weekly volunteers; undertake community education; co-lead outreach to small businesses; and help to develop an intensive environmental leadership program for high-school youth this summer.

Thy Anne Chu Quang, U2, Political Science: Thy Anne will intern at the UNESCO World Heritage Site Office at Vat Phou-Champasak in Laos. She will work on projects of the French Solidary Priority Fund and the French Agency for Development. Her research will analyze their real impact on Laos' development. She is eager to work with international organizations that contribute to the development of Southeast Asia.

Alexandra Ferland, U3, International Development Studies: Alexandra is an International Development student who was first acquainted to Latin America through a humanitarian trip in Nicaragua, where she realized her interest in international development. Last year, she interned with Nexos Voluntarios, a Peruvian NGO working with indigenous communities in the Andes. During this internship, she was involved in a community-based tourism circuit in the Sacred Valley. Her internship with EDUCA will give her knowledge of how indigenous communities claim their rights to territory and influence their own development.

Niyati Malhotra, U2, Economics & International Development: Niyati will intern this summer with the Association for India’s Development (AID) and work on their Eureka Child Project. Having already designed a primary education initiative while in high school, she is excited to do the same kind of work with AID on a much larger scale. Born and raised in India, she hopes to harness the country’s enormous social capital through community-based development projects.

Geneva Nam, U2, Political Science: Geneva Nam will be interning in Panama City, Panama with the United Nations World Food Program, working in in the Vulnerability Analysis and Mapping unit. Geneva is currently working towards a Major in Political Science and Minors in Sociology and Communications. The UN World Food Program Internship is the perfect blend of her interest in improving her Spanish while also working in the field of International Relations.

Joachim Roth, U2, Political Science: Joachim Roth will be interning at Nexos Voluntarios, located in Urubamba, Peru. Nexos Voluntarios is a local NGO aiding rural communities through tourism plans and sustainable development. Joachim is currently an undergraduate student majoring in Political Science and minoring in Economics and is interested in the inequality and politics of governance in Peru. This is an opportunity to be immersed in the Peruvian culture and understand how poverty reduction can be achieved.

Camille Virrey-Raguin, U2, International Development Studies: Camille will intern with Sevalanka Foundation, a Sri Lankan NGO focussing on the development of vulnerable communities. She will be working with tea-planters and other communities affected by the civil war. Camille was involved in different developmental aspects whilst living in Colombo for four years. She hopes to bring what she learnt in IDS, and her previously gained socio-cultural knowledge, to contribute to Sri Lanka’s reconstruction and rehabilitation, and gain valuable experience.

Liz Gomery and Stefan Fews Internship Award in Arts

Lina Alvarez Jaramillo, U2, Latin American Studies: Lina Alvarez is a U2 student pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Latin American Studies. This summer, Lina will be interning at Quiport Corporation in Quito, Ecuador where she will be stepping into the Latin American corporate world and will be lending her online marketing and communication skills to contribute to the continued success of the Canadian project.

Shurabi Srikaruna, U1, Economics: Shurabi Srikaruna will intern in Chennai, India, with the Association for India’s Development, a NGO that implements initiatives to promote sustainable, equitable and just development. AID India’s development covers all interconnected spheres of life and livelihood such as agriculture, health and education. Majoring in Economics she finds this internship in rural India to be valuable experience on an academic and personal level stemming from her interest in sustainable development. 

The Laura Santini and Ken MacKinnon Initiative Award for Student Internships

Antoine Simon, U3, Finance: Antoine is a third year student majoring in Finance and minoring in Art History. Antoine lived in France, Singapore, Australia, and Canada, and developed a strong passion for Mathematics. Antoine will be teaching Math to students aged 6-17 in the rural areas of Thailand. He strongly believes in the power of education as being a primary determinant of success, and therefore hopes to teach those who were given unequal access to education.

Max Stern Internship Award in Art History

Daisy de Montjoye, U2, Art History: Daisy will be interning in the Publishing and Digital Media department of the Guggenheim Museum in New York. She will primarily be working with the publishing team, producing exhibition catalogues and online content for the website, as well as assisting them with the day-to-day duties. This internship will not only complement her degree as an Art History and Communications student, it will also provide her with training in the field she hopes to one day have a career in. During her time at McGill, Daisy has worked with the Canvas Art History and Communications Journal, as well as the French campus newspaper Le Délit. She has also been appointed both VP External for Fridge Door Gallery, as well as co-president of the Art History and Communications Studies Student Association (AHCSSA) for the upcoming academic year, 2014-2015.

Ariella Starkman, U3, History and Communication Studies: Ariella Starkman is a U3 Art History and Communication Studies student from Toronto, Ontario. She has always known she wanted to study Art History, and has recently become motivated to owning her own gallery space that seeks to eliminate the dichotomy between artistic and public communities. In her spare time, she writes and edits for Leacock's Arts Magazine and meanders through Jean-Talon Market searching for the perfect tomato. This summer Ariella will intern at the Neubacher Shor Contemporary Gallery in Parkdale, Toronto, Ontario

Christopher Landis, U2, History and International Development Studies: Chris will be an education intern at the Virginia Aviation Museum in Richmond, Virginia.  Chris is a U2 International Development and History Major, with a Minor in Hispanic Language.  He is looking forward to working as a museum educator when he graduates, and this opportunity will allow him to combine his interests in vintage motorcraft and global history with education leadership in a museum setting.


The McDonald, Currie Fund for International Management and Development Internship Award

Nabila Walji, U3, Anthropology and International Development Studies: Nabila will be interning with Liverpool VCT in Nairobi, a local NGO that partners with various bodies in Kenya in HIV prevention, treatment and care. Having witnessed the wide-reach of HIV/AIDS in East Africa through her involvement in an organization called Learning Beyond Borders, this internship will combine her academic experience, and personal and professional interests through a fascinating experience in research, policy and practice.

Annie Xie, U2, Economics and Political Science: Annie will intern with Elimu Impact Evaluation Centre, an NGO in Kianyaga, Kenya. Annie will be working on Elimu’s current project, a randomized experiment testing the impact of increased access to the judiciary on economic growth. She looks forward to engaging in field research, learning more about economic experiments and further exploring her interest in economic development.


Shazia Shariff, U2, International Management and Political Science: Shazia will intern in Nairobi, Kenya, with the Africa Centre for Open Governance (AfriCOG), an authoritative non-profit organization monitoring governance through anti-corruption research and advocacy. Shazia is currently pursuing International Management and Political Science and is interested in the nexus between management innovation and good governance. Having been raised in Kenya, this award is particularly special to her as it presents an opportunity to understand the systemic corruption in her country with a more educated and hopeful perspective.


Media@McGill Award

Rinchen-Dolma Renqingzhuoma, U2, Political Sciences and East Asian Studies: Rinchen Dolma will be interning for the Department of Information and International Relations of Central Tibetan Administration (CTA), an organization based in Dharamsala, India with the goal of rehabilitating Tibetan refugees and restoring freedom in Tibet. Rinchen Dolma is a U2 student pursuing an Honors degree in Political Science and a Major in East Asian Studies.  Having been involved in several Tibet-related projects at McGill as well as in the greater Montreal community, Rinchen Dolma is looking forward to learning more about the question of Tibet and its peaceful resolution from academic perspective. 

Roland Arts Summer Internship Award

May Pascaud, U2, International Development and History: May will be interning within the Community Impact department of United Way, a not-for-profit organization which seeks to help individuals and families achieve their potential through education, income stability and healthy lives. May is pursuing a Joint Honors degree in International Development and History, and holds a vested interest in NGO administration and public policy work. She plans to use this opportunity to explore not-for-profit work as a possible future career and to establish ties with the organization.

Courtney Quinn, U3, Honours Environment and Development: Courtney will be interning this summer at the UN World Food Program in the vulnerability, analysis, and mapping unit in Panama City. She will aid in the search and analysis of secondary data in helping prepare Food Security Profiles for the countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. On campus, Courtney is actively involved with the McGill Food Systems Project, working on issues of food and sustainability. This has led to her increased interest in understanding problems of balancing a growing population, land degradation, and food security. Courtney is excited to use her internship as a platform to gain more applied skills for analyzing food security.

Scott and Kristi Daniels Arts Internship Award

Simon Altman, U2, Economics and Political Science: Simon will intern this summer at Flowering Tree Investment Management, an investment fund based out of Singapore. As an Economics and Political Science Major, Simon is interested in understanding the interactions between individuals and how and to what extent we ought to govern these interactions. He is very passionate about skiing and sailing, competing competitively on McGill’s Varsity Ski Team and the McGill Sailing Team. He has combined these study and sports interests last summer by managing a sailing school in the Eastern Townships, which earned him FVQ’s title of Best Sailing Instructor in Quebec.

Louis Roux, U2, Economics and Political Science: Louis Roux will intern in Singapore, with the CIC, a French bank offering a wide range of services such as Private Banking and other Finance products. Louis is in his second year, majoring in Economics and Political Science and this internship will allow him to develop new working skills and make him discover two new domains, which are Private Banking and Trading.

Tania Zouikin Arts Internship Award in International Development

Anne-Sophie Coté, U2, International Development Studies: Anne-Sophie Côté will be interning at Micro-Recyc Coopération in the Parque Nacional de la Amistad in Costa Rica. She will be working with ASOPROLA, an association of agricultural producers engaged in sustainable tourism with the goal of reducing rural exodus and increasing women and youth employability. Anne-Sophie is majoring in International Development Studies and is interested in the alternatives to mass tourism and the impacts of sustainable tourism on community development and employment.

Alexanne Dick, U2, International Development Studies: Alexanne Dick will be interning at the Association for India's Development (AID) in Chennai, India. She will be working on the Eureka Child Foundation which promotes equal access to education and focuses on providing quality learning experiences for marginalized families. Alexanne has always held an interest towards development issues and is therefore thrilled to be involved in this humanitarian organization. 

Toten Family Arts Internship Award

Lyota Bonyeme, M1, Sociology: Lyota will be interning in the Language Center at UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta: a center founded to assist students in learning and completing projects or assignments in English. While in Jakarta, she will be responsible for devising English teaching programs to deliver to students as well as assist the staff with daily tasks. Lyota is also interested in grassroots community development, inter-cultural relations and cultural/ethnic studies.  

William Henry Kelly Social Work Summer Internship Award

Anne-Audrey Remarais, U1, Social Work: Anne-Audrey will intern in a local non-governmental organization called Centro de la Niña Trabajadora (CENIT), which provides a wide range of resources for impoverished kids and their families to give them tools and empower them to increase their quality of life. She wishes to expand her horizons and learn about a different local social work ideology, and approaches, which will help her understand certain social problems and equip her for, ideally, future international practice.

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