Annual Undergraduate Research Event

Erin Matsuba, Cognitive Science, speaking at the Faculty of Arts Undergraduate Research Event. The project is entitled "Effects of Musical Training on restricted Repetitive Behaviours of Children with ASD"

Robyn Lee, History, discussing their research with a fellow student. The project is entitled "The Immigration of Asian-trained medical practitioners to Canada c. 1961-1976”

From left to right: Davin Luce, Art History; Hannah Deskin, Art History; Gwendolyn Owens, Director of the McGill Visual Arts Collection; Tara Allen-Flanagan, Art History.

Professor Ian Gold at the 2019 Faculty of Arts Undergraduate Research Event


Shanti Gonzales, Honours English. The project is entitled “The History of Black Theatre in Montreal”.

Joshua Marquis, Honours English. The project is entitled “The Art of Commoning”.

Claire Drummond, Department of English. The project is entitled “Cinema Out of the Box”.

Benjamin Nothwehr received the Social Equity Undergraduate Research Award. The ARIA project is entitled “Bystander Intervention, Accountability, and Social Media”.

Professor Ian Gold spoke about his personal road to research and advised students on how to best conduct a research internship.

Gwendolyn Owens, Director McGill Visual Arts Collection, presented with Catherine LaRiviere.

Catherine LaRiviere, Honours Art History. The  ARIA project is entitled “A Systematic Survey of the Paintings of Marian Dale Scott”.

Diana Little, Department of English. The ARIA project is entitled “Donne and Conversion of Space”.

Annual Faculty of Arts Undergraduate Research Event


January 15, 2020
Leacock building, Room 232, 6:00pm

The Annual Undergraduate Research Event is an annual symposium during which recipients of the Arts Undergraduate Research Award share their findings with the greater McGill community. The event will feature speeches from students and faculty, followed by a reception and poster presentation celebrating students’ research. The event is a great opportunity for students interested in the ARIA program to speak with student researchers and professors. All students and faculty are invited to attend the event on January 15th, 2020 in Leacock 232. Read more about the ARIA program and how to apply here. In summer 2019, 43 undergraduate Arts students received an ARIA award to conduct research over the summer under the supervision of a McGill professor.