Alumni Survey Results

The Arts Internship Program Alumni Survey is a tool intended to evaluate the value of internships to alumni looking back on their experiences as they begin their careers. It is therefore useful for informing prospective interns, the University, donors and other stakeholders about the place of internship experiences in career planning. We invite you to take a look at the results of the survey and direct any questions or comments to aio [at]

Alumni Survey Results 

Below are graphic representations of the percentage of alumni who responded "Strongly Agree" or "Agree" to the following statements:

My internship was related to my field of current employment

My internship helped me make decisions regarding my career or educational path

My internship afforded me with transferable skills that have helped me in my professional and academic pursuits

Looking back, the costs associated with my internship were worth it

I would recommend an internship to someone seeking to enter my field of study or employment

The following are testimonial comments some alumni included at the end of the survey:

---“An internship is an essential way for students to gain practical experience in their area of interest and to distinguish themselves from their peers because of their unique work experiences. An internship complements one's studies while still in school and the experience stays with you as you begin to search for employment.  My internship continues to be one of the first things employers ask me about in an interview.”

---“My experience with AIO and my summer internship was a huge door-opener for me. I think that all McGill students should have hands-on experience!

---“The internship is an excellent entry point into any career, but I feel that in the Arts, it is almost unavoidable. There is a lot of competition in the field and it is often difficult to find a job if you do not have any prior experience.”

---“The experience...provided me with new skills and strengthened skills I already possessed. These new skills include: research, website management (HTML), writing petitions and protest letters, filing and database management. These various skills helped me gain employment…and all of these experiences prepared me for my new [work].”

---“My internship...led to a three-month contract after the end of my B.A at McGill…My experience at the museum has provided me with sound organizational skills and has built my confidence and autonomy in developing projects.  It seems to me that my internship has triggered a very fortunate chain of events which has led me here!

---“My internship...opened a lot of doors and led me to the world of radio…I wouldn't be here if it weren't for [my] internship.

---“An overseas internship contributes to a strong application when applying for graduate programmes or jobs in the development sector.

---“It is absolutely necessary to experience the realities of working on the ground when studying International Development, if intending to pursue a career in the field.

---“Any student looking to work in museums, galleries, or art historical academia should have at least one internship under their belt by the time they graduate.

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