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McGill offers a wide range of resources to students. Below you will find brief descriptions of commonly referred resources in Arts, as well as important links below. 

What is a Degree Audit?

A degree audit is a tool utilized to see if a requirement has or has not been fulfilled, or if it is in progress. The purpose of doing degree audits is to provide information to assist you in academic planning and appropriate course selection. This is a useful tool to track your progress towards degree completion, and graduation. We highly recommend doing a self-audit on an annual or bi-annual basis, especially at the end of each academic year in April when you are selecting courses for the next year. To verify if you are on the right track, download and fill out the degree audit sheet for your program. If you still have questions once you have completed the form, you can email your program advisor for an appointment.

Important Note: All degree audits are unofficial tools to help guide you in meeting your program requirements, this is not a formal degree evaluation nor a degree confirmation. The official program requirements can always be found in the eCalendar, thus you must always verify in the eCalendar (and not websites, nor degree audit sheets).

Degree Audits for:

PDF iconCatholic Studies | PDF iconHistory & Philosophy of Science | PDF iconIndustrial and Labour Relations | Liberal Arts PDF iconMajor / PDF iconHonours | PDF iconMedieval Studies | PDF iconQuebec Studies | PDF iconSocial Entrepreneurship| PDF iconWorld Cinemas

Arts OASIS (Office of Advising and Student Information Services)

"The mission of the Faculty of Arts Office of Advising and Student Information Services (OASIS) is to ensure the integrity and coherence of the Arts undergraduate degree. We provide advice and support to our students regarding their academic trajectory, from entry to graduation. We do so valuing principles of fairness, accessibility, respect, engagement, confidentiality and collaboration with key stakeholders."

The Arts OASIS website provides Arts students with general academic information and advice about issues such as faculty and degree requirements, registration issues, inter-faculty transfer, study away, academic standing, graduation, etc.. In addition to advising students about such issues, either by appointment or on a daily drop-in basis, the Arts OASIS Faculty Advisors offer a number of information sessions every term, such as degree planning workshops, study away workshops, and freshman information sessions.

Useful links from Arts OASIS: Study Abroad | Transfer Credit Policy | FAQ for New Students (Arts OASIS)

Service Point

Service Point has brought together integrated front-line Undergraduate and Graduate student administrative services. Located on the ground floor of the McLennan Library Building (3415 McTavish Street), Service Point will address a wide variety of students' needs and will give advice on the policies about issues such as registration, requesting deferred or supplemental exams, exams rereads, exceeding credits, late withdrawls, changing a graduation term, witdrawing from the university, etc..

A full list of services offered by Service Point can be found here.

Study Abroad/Away/Exchange

Studying at another university is an opportunity which can enrich your undergraduate education and provide you with a chance for personal growth. It is an exciting opportunity that will enhance your academic portfolio while giving you the opportunity to be immersed in another culture and/or language. A term or year abroad takes careful planning and consideration. Many of your questions concerning Study Abroad can be found here. If you are considering an exchange or study abroad, don't wait, start your investigation now!

Arts Internship Office

The Faculty of Arts Internship Office assists undergraduate and graduate students who wish to pursue short-term internship opportunities (8 to 12 weeks) before completing their studies. Students participating in internships will obtain practical experience in their field prior to graduation. You may gain up to 3 credits towards completion of your degree by doing an internship and writing a major topical paper based on your experience. All internships must be pre-approved, students cannot request approval after the internship has been completed.

For more information about internships please click here.

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