Open five days a week to everyone, the Art Hive serves the entire McGill community and functions as a studio, an art research centre, an event space and a gallery.

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MAHI: The McGill Art Hive Initiative

MAHI: the McGill Art Hive Initiative

Come In and Make Art With Us
​We are open every Friday, 9 am-12 pm
Brown Student Services Building Room 3001, 3600 McTavish

Contact Us

  • Dr. Maria Ezcurra, MAHI Art Facilitator: [mahi.dise [at] (email)]

The McGill Art Hive is a gathering place, a simple space for making art. Participation requires no art background or experience. It is a space where conversation, getting to know fellow artists, and creating community can accompany the process of making art. It affords members of the McGill community the opportunity to step out of their daily challenges, spend time in a very different place, and to return to their work feeling more relaxed and focused.

We at the Art Hive believe it is important to be mindful of the need to disconnect from stress, and to “reconnect” with others. MAHI aims to achieve this by utilising creative experiences to foster a sense of togetherness along with individual well-being.

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