a) Special events

  • The School of Architecture hosted a very successful international research conference between May 22 and May 25, 2002: the Third Annual ARCC/EAAE Conference on Architectural Research. The conference was co-chaired by Professors Lucie Fontein of Carleton University and Martin Bressani of McGill, and co-sponsored by the Architectural Research Centers Consortium (an association of university-based research centers in Canada and the US) and the European Association for Architectural Education. Approximately 55 papers and special talks were presented by educators and researchers from North and South America, and Europe.
  • The School hosted a special session of the Board of Directors of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada on March 15. An open meeting of the Board with staff and students was followed by a reception with invited practitioners in the Exhibition Room.
  • The School also hosted a two-day meeting of senior representatives of the architectural licensing and certification agencies of Canada, Mexico and the US in April, 2002. The purpose of the meeting was the development of a mutual recognition agreement for the practice of architecture.
  • In the winter and spring of 2002, the School of Architecture was actively involved in the planning and installation of a major exhibition of the work of French photographer Yann-Arthus Bertrand, "La Terre Vue de Ciel", which was launched in early June, 2002. The exhibition includes approximately 140 large photographs arranged in a linear exhibition that runs up one side of McGill College Avenue from Ste-Catherine Street to Sherbrooke Street, culminating in a 32 by 64 foot horizontally mounted map of the world on the lower campus. The display installation was designed by Adjunct Professor Howard Davies' office, Atelier Big City, and the design and assembly of the map were coordinated by David Krawitz and David Covo of the School of Architecture, working with a team of undergraduate students and Keith Roche, Chief Carpenter for McGill's Moyse Hall. The exhibition was coordinated and sponsored by the Swiss Bank Lombard Odier and is scheduled to run until the end of September, 2002.

b) Awards and appointments to staff

  • Avi Friedman received the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture Collaborative Practice Award in April 2002.
  • Annmarie Adams received a 2002 YWCA Women of Distinction Award
  • Robert Mellin was elected to the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts in May 2002
  • Adrian Sheppard was the winner of the 2001-2002 Engineering Class of 1944 Teaching Award
  • Martin Bressani has been awarded a 2002-03 Fellowship as a Visiting Scholar at the Canadian Centre for Architecture

c) Awards to graduates

  • McGill graduate and former staff member Witold Rybczynski was honoured by the University with a Doctor of Science (Honoris Causa) at the June 2002 Convocation. Professor Rybczynski also presented the Convocation Address.
  • Two Montreal-based architectural collectives, Atelier-in-Situ and MEDIUM, both directed by graduates of the School, were the winners of Canada Council for the Arts awards recognizing exceptional talent and achievement in architecture.
    • Atelier-in-Situ, directed by architects Annie Lebel (M.Arch.'94), Geneviève L'Heureux (M.Arch.'94) and Stéphane Pratte (B.Arch.'91), was the winner of the Prix de Rome for 2001;
    • MEDIUM, directed by Tom Yu (B.Sc.(Arch.)'96, B.Arch.'98), Mike Kaltsas (B.Sc.(Arch.)'96, B.Arch.'97) and Patrick Evans (B.Sc.(Arch.)'96, B.Arch.'98), won the Ronald J. Thom Award for Early Design Achievement.

d) Competitions

  • B.Sc.(Arch.) student Jonathan Smith was awarded a Mention in the 2001 Canadian Architect Art of CAD Competition. Jonathan's winning submission was based on U2 studio work carried out under the direction of Professor Robert Mellin.
  • Recent graduate Hani Ali, M.Arch I '02, has been awarded the 2002 Ordre des Architectes du Québec Bourse du College des Presidents for his travel and study proposal "A Tale of 3 Cities: Search for the Identity of Brazilian Architecture". The award is worth $6000.
  • McGill students were successful in the annual Charrette, sponsored by the Canadian Centre for Architecture and open to students from McGill, Concordia, U de M, Carleton, Laval and UQAM. Three awards were presented, two first prizes, ex aequo, and a mention, all three going to teams consisting of, or led by, McGill students:
    • First prize (ex aequo): Anja Aichinger (McGill, Austrian exchange student), Michael Hohenwarter (McGill), Joanna Kozyra (McGill), Christopher Wodzicki (McGill)
    • First Prize (ex aequo): Melissa Arcand (McGill), Mukessem Ay (stagiare), Michael Conway (McGill), Pari Riahi (McGill)
    • Special Mention: Karen Hui (McGill), Israël Noël (McGill), Andrew Ensslen (McGill), Daniel Riopel (UQAM)
    This year the design problem, which addressed the reuse of the Children's Hospital and attracted submissions from 31 teams of students and interns, was drawn up by Professor Annmarie Adams.
  • Two architectural firms directed by graduates (who also teach as Adjunct Professors in the School) were successful in the open, two-stage competition for a new municipal library for the City of Chateauguay. Of the 59 architectural firms who submitted design proposals in the first round, four were shortlisted and invited to participate in the second and final round. Of the four finalist firms, two included McGill graduates who also teach as Adjuncts: Emond, Kozina, Mulvey, Architects; and Atelier TAG (Manon Asselin, Architect) with Jodoin Lamarre Pratte et associés, architectes. Francois Emond, Carl Mulvey and Manon Asselin, all graduates, teach at various levels in the program, and Francois and Manon are key players in the first year studio program. The winner of the competition, and the commission, was the team led by Atelier TAG (Manon Asselin, Architect).

e) Initiatives in studio teaching

  • The first semester studio of the M.Arch. I program examined the design of facilities for healthcare in Montreal, with particular reference to the new MUHC planning exercise. Working under the direction of Professors Annmarie Adams and Robert Mellin, assisted by Adjunct Professor Anna Mainella and hospital planning experts Robert Hamilton and Martin Fiset, 27 students worked with MUHC planners on the development of innovative solutions for the existing sites as well as the new site at the Glen Yards. The work of this studio paralleled equivalent studio exercises underway at the Schools of Architecture at Texas A&M and Laval University. For more information, please refer to the website.
  • The second semester of the third year design studio program also addressed a real problem on a real site. In this case, Professor Vikram Bhatt, assisted by Adjunct Professor Mark Ginocchio and visiting faculty from the Architects/Planning Alliance, Toronto, worked with four teams of students on the detail development of proposals for a capital city for the new Indian state of Chhattisgarh. The Architects/Planning Alliance, one of five teams shortlisted for the actual project, donated their time and expertise in a highly successful collaboration that exposed students to the complexity and challenge of a real-world exercise, and practitioners to the idealism and broader vision of the academic environment. Thanks for due to the Architects/Planning Alliance, and in particular to John van Nostrand, Partner, Shahid Mahmood, Architect/Planner, and Jill Wigle, Planner.

f) Exhibitions

Exhibitions form an integral part of the School's strategy to frame a social and professional context for studies in architecture. The list below identifies public exhibitions that include the work of staff and students of the School, distinguished practitioners, and artists whose work attempts to develop links with architectural and urban issues. Exhibitions held this year included:

  • 101 Watercolours by architect and graduate P. Roy Wilson, B. Arch. '24, scheduled to coincide with the celebration of the artist's 101st birthday
  • Charrette 2001 - design work by students from McGill, U de M, UQAM, and Concordia
  • All entries and winning submissions in the two-stage competition for a new Chateauguay Library
  • Thesis work in the M.Arch I (professional) program
  • 40 Photographs by Balthasar Korab of Eero Saarinen's work and studio (inaugural exhibition in the newly restored exhibition room on the main floor, in the former workshop)
  • Sketching School 2001 - sketches and watercolours of Perth, Ontario
  • Reconstruction and Cultural Expression: an exhibition of work by student-interns participating in the work of reconstruction of Bhuj, India, which was destroyed by earthquake in early 2001; the project was funded by the CIDA Youth Internship Program and directed by Professor Vikram Bhatt and Terrance Galvin.

Another recent and very successful opportunity for less formal exhibition in the School of Architecture is Gallery O, a standing exhibition of staff and student work, organized along two and three-week-long themes, in the Architecture Café.

g) Fundraising and alumni donations (see also Appendix IV: Fundraising and strategic planning)

Alumni donations to the School increased from $24400 in 1998-1999 to $27900 in 1999-2000 and continue to increase each year. In the last five or six years, major gifts to the School have added approximately $1450000 to our endowment. This figure includes a major gift of $600000 in the fall of 2001 by Gerald Hatch, B.Eng '44, and Sheila Baillie Hatch, B.Arch '46. The Hatchs' gift has endowed two separate funds: the first is The Sheila Baillie Scholarships in Architecture, which will provide $25000 per year in scholarships, and the second is The Sheila Baillie Lecture in Architecture, which will generate $5000 per year for a distinguished visiting lecture, or lectures, in architecture.

h) New scholarship: The Sheila Baillie Scholarships in Architecture

Established in 2001 by Gerald Hatch, B.Eng. '44, and Sheila Baillie, B.Arch. '46, in celebration of the 55th anniversary of the latter's graduation from the School of Architecture. The Sheila Baillie Scholarships in Architecture are awarded to outstanding students entering the B.Sc. (Arch.) Program. While academic standing is of primary importance, account may also be taken of qualities of leadership in community and/or school activities. Value: minimum $5000 per year, renewable.

i) New endowed lecture: The Sheila Baillie Lecture in Architecture

Established in 2001 by Gerald Hatch, B.Eng. '44, and Sheila Baillie, B.Arch. '46, in celebration of the 55th anniversary of the latter's graduation from the School of Architecture. The Sheila Baillie Lecture in Architecture is an annual public lecture, or series of lectures, which is managed and hosted by the School of Architecture and intended to celebrate the work of distinguished female educators and practitioners.

j) Lecture Series

Visiting lecture series provide an important point of contact for students with the academy and the profession. The most important of these is our regular Fall and Winter evening program, which was coordinated by M.Arch. student Owen Rose (Fall '01), and students Jan Schotte, Ilana Altman and Greg Hildebrand (Winter '02), working with Professor Ricardo Castro.

Fall 2001 speakers were:

  • Professor Gilles Marty, Grenoble, France:
    Strategies d'innovation aujourd'hui en architecture: les objets à risques
  • Professor Alberto Pérez-Gómez, Montreal:
    On the limits of instrumentality in Architecture
  • Professor Philip Buckley, Montreal:
    Architecture as Art in the Phenomenological Tradition
  • George Zimbel, Photographer, Montreal:
    Photographic adventures in the periphery of a perilous profession

The Winter 2002 series included:

  • Erik Hietaniemi, Finland:
    Six Scandinavian landscapes
  • Brad Cloepfil, Portland, Oregon:
    projects of Allied Works
  • Peter Oberlander, Vancouver, and Eva Newbrun, San Francisco:
  • Professor Martin Bressani, Montreal:
    architecture and the fictional ego
  • Germán Tellez, Bogotá, Colombia:
    The persistence of past tectonics - the Colombian hacienda
  • Professor Peter McCleary, Philadelphia (Structural Steel Educational Fund Lecture):
    Structure and Space
  • Cornelia Hahn Oberlander, Vancouver (Sheila Baillie Lecture in Architecture):
    Landscape Architecture - opportunities past, present and future

Additional lectures were presented by:

  • Sheila Kennedy, Architect, Boston (December '01):
    Material Misuse
  • Dr. Anna Kajumulo Tibaijuka, Executive Director, UN Centre for Human Settlements (May '02):
    Housing for the poor in developing countries: lessons learned and future directions

This year saw the presentation of two new endowed lectures: the first, by Professor Peter McLeary, was supported by the Structural Steel Educational Fund and is part of a new program coordinated by Professor Loraine Dearstyne-Fowlow of the University of Calgary; and the second, by Cornelia Hahn Oberlander, was the inaugural Sheila Baillie Hatch Lecture in Architecture.

The School continues to host the lecture series "Mardis verts", which is sponsored by Public Works and Government Services Canada and a number of building product manufacturers and suppliers, and organized by the Order of Architects of Quebec Committee on Environment and Architecture. The OAQ presented 3 lectures in fall '01 and 4 in winter '02.

k) Student travel

Two M1 students, Pari Riahi and Michael Conway, were selected to participate in an international Charrette hosted in October 2001 by the University of Illinois at Chicago and co-sponsored by the University of Illinois at Chicago and the Illinois Institute of Technology.

The 2001 Shaver Traveling Scholarship was held in Europe in May 2001. Professor Ricardo Castro led a group of nine students on a comprehensive study tour of selected sites in Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

Approximately 23 students participated in the 2002 Summer Course Abroad in Venice, under the direction of Professors Annmarie Adams and Radoslav Zuk.

l) Student governance and participation

The Architecture Students' Association (ASA) is extremely active in the School and in the university community. The ASA Council includes the following positions: President, VP External, VP Academic (also chairs the Quality of Education Committee), VP University, VP Internal Affairs, VP Internal Events, VP Communications, VP Finance. The ASA Council and other student volunteers continue to contribute enormously to the academic and social life of the School. Their enthusiastic participation in the Annual Phonathon, Open House, Orientation, Reunion, Recruiting and other activities, including a number of regular and spectacularly successful parties, has been pivotal. Outgoing President Diana Anderson, who completes a two-year term as President, and her team should be congratulated for their numerous contributions and for the extent to which they have redefined the student association as both essential and engaged in all aspects of university life.


Prof. David Covo


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