2002 Sketching School

Professors: Ricardo L. Castro and David Covo

Meeting place: Gloucester High School, 32 Leslie O. Johnson Road, Gloucester, Massachusetts, USA

Meeting times: 6 to 8 pm, August 22, 23, 26, 27, 29

Gloucester, Massachusetts


A wide range of hotels, motels and inns are available and students are expected to arrange their own accommodation. The School set will be available, for viewing only, on the counter in Room 201. In the meantime, listed below are some of the accommodations that are available:

The complete listing, including Bed & Breakfasts and Weekly/Seasonal Rentals may be found on the City of Gloucester lodging webpage.




A variety of travel choices are available to students. Both Amtrak and Voyageur can get you either to Boston or New York City, and local transportation will need to be used to connect to Gloucester. However, it is expensive. Therefore, the School hopes to charter a bus. Two e-mails have already been sent to all students providing information for the bus, but in case any others wish to join the bus, there is room. A certified cheque or money order for $140 Canadian, made payable to Globalalliance, must be dropped off or mailed to the School of Architecture, c/o Amanda or Mary, 815 Sherbrooke St. W., Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H3A 2K6, and must be received as quickly as possible.

We hope to confirm the bus as soon as possible. If successful, students travelling with the bus will be informed (by email) of the exact time and location of departure from Montreal to Gloucester, which is to take place on Wednesday, August 21 (around 7:30 am), and for the return from Gloucester to Montreal, which is scheduled for Friday, August 30 (around 2 pm). If you have any further questions, please call Amanda Osbourne at 514-398-6700.

Van rental may also be quite economical for groups of 6-7 people.

Health Insurance

As you will be travelling in the USA, a health insurance policy is MANDATORY. Most students who were registered during 2001/2002 were required to purchase the Compulsory Health Insurance Plan, that is ASEQ or ISS. However, any reimbursement for medical emergencies will be at the Quebec rate. Therefore, you are strongly encouraged to purchase additional health insurance. A group health insurance policy is the more affordable solution. The cost for students, up to 25 years of age, will be approximately $23; those cost for students between 25-29 will be approximately $29. Your full name, date of birth, length of stay (including travel days), and citizenship will be required no later than August 5, 2002. Please contact Amanda Osbourne at 514-398-6700, or by email at aosbor [at] po-box.mcgill.ca for further information.

Required Equipment

Water colours, water colour paper, brushes, pencils, pen and ink, conte crayon, sketch books and drawing paper of varying size and type. Sketch pads, sheet material and watercolour blocks should range from 9" x 12" to 18" x 24".

Bicycles have always been valuable additions to the standard "kit" and are highly recommended. We have also found that a folding camp stool or small foam pad can make 2 to 3 hours on the cold ground much more endurable.


The entire class is scheduled to meet for the first time at 6 pm on Thursday, August 22, at the Gloucester High School, 32 Leslie O. Johnson Road. The first day's work will be discussed at this time.


Evaluation of work is based on quality and quantity (a minimum of 20 works). All portfolios must be left in the freehand drawing room, (one pile for Sketching School I and another for Sketching School II) by 10 am on Wednesday, September 4, 2002, in Room 508.

Each student is required to attend one sketching school for the BSc (Arch) degree (ARCH 324T), and a second sketching school for the MArch I (professional) degree (ARCH 680). Late registration for ARCH 324T will need to be done manually. Please call Mary Lanni-Campoli at 514-398-6702 for further instructions. Registration for ARCH 680 must be done by September 4, 2002, on the new Minerva registration system.

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