The following interviews with alumni of the School were undertaken between 1995 and 1999 to celebrate the 1996 centennial of the School, all but five of them conducted by Jim Donaldson (B.Arch. 1962); the other five interviews (Bland, Mayerovitch, Merrett, Richards and Wilson) were conducted by Harry Mayerovitch (B.Arch. 1933), David Covo (B.Arch. 1974), and Annmarie Adams (B.A. 1981).

The original VHS tapes were digitized and transcribed by student Maria Javornik (M.Arch. 2007), with the assistance of School media technician Carrie Henzie. The interviews - transcribed verbatim - were proofread by Derek Drummond (B.Arch. 1962). They were then corrected and formatted for the web by student Jessica Thatcher (M.Arch. 2010).

Acknowledgement and thanks go to Air Canada for providing air transportation that facilitated the taping of these interviews and to Armstrong that subsidized a portion of the costs associated with this venture.

The context of this interview is that the School of Architecture is preparing to celebrate its centennial this coming year. And in connection with that, it was felt that some recollections, some notions by those who participated in the early development of the school who were either students or professors there, that these notions would be well to have preserved so that, no doubt, in another hundred years, those future generations will benefit from our experience.
- Harry Mayerovitch, interviewing John Bland in 1995

Adam Caruso

23 Jun 1998

My father is an architect and he went to McGill in the late fifties. And the one thing I knew when I was growing up was that I didn’t want to be an architect, or I knew that I shouldn’t be an...

Carmen Tagle

14 Apr 1998

I guess I decided on architecture because I was one of those kids who played with Legos as a child. Really! I mean that’s what my parents brought home and as I grew up, it seemed like a natural...

Susan Olivier

13 Apr 1998

Okay, the first part of the programme is to talk about your decision to become an architect and how that came about.

Melvyn Glickman

12 Mar 1998

[Missing words] I was born with a t-square in my hand, but that wasn’t the case. As a matter of fact, when I graduated from high school, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do career-wise. I even went...

Theodore (Ted) Davidson

12 Mar 1998

Well one of the things that, I guess, any of us who went to McGill would look back on is what really generated the interest in the university. And for me, having grown up in Montreal, I guess one...

Elizabeth Davidson

12 Mar 1998

I’m a fourth generation architect. My great-grandfather and grandfather practiced in Toronto. And actually, it’s almost a family disease. There are architects all through the family. And- although,...

Peter Gabor

11 Mar 1998

My most vivid memory of McGill is having set a fire under one of my classmates and then she went and set my hair on fire! So that left a big impression on me....

George Popper

11 Mar 1998

Well, it was actually by process of elimination. I just ruled out all the other professions that did not seem to appeal to me - medicine, law, engineering - and I was fascinated by the balance of...

Alina Payne

10 Mar 1998

I guess with me the desire to become an architect runs very deep. My father is a civil engineer and we had a lot of architects and engineers around the house when I was growing up in Bucharest in...


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