Eugenio Carelli

22 May 1960 to 8 May 2019 B.Sc.(Arch.) 1982, B.Arch. 1984

On May 8, 2019, the family of Eugenio Carelli marked the sudden, but peaceful passing of the Montréal-based architect.

Eugenio was an architect at Provencher_Roy for over 25 years, and was named partner in 2010. He was appreciated by peers and colleagues who recognized his talent and admired his humility, integrity, generosity and sensitivity.

Eugenio’s versatility made him a valued collaborator, and his professional footprint is visible in Montréal’s urban landscape.

Eugenio was the head of the Îlot Balmoral project, and also worked on award winning designs such as the Ritz-Carlton Hotel addition and the Casino de Montréal Phase II.

His involvement in the profession has also been reflected in his teaching responsibilities at McGill University and his role as a guest critic, including at the University of Montréal.

In high school, Eugenio was drawn to the logic of math and geometry, and also took an interest in literature. When the architect was young, he had a chance to visit Italy and New York City a few times and marvelled at old stone buildings and towering modern skyscrapers.

Since he was a teenager, Eugenio knew he wanted to be an architect and make a difference by creating something of lasting value.

Eugenio was drawn to the creative, noble and heroic aspects of the field when he applied to McGill University’s School of Architecture.

Attending McGill University is what led Eugenio to discover his architectural voice. The late project leader has also credited books and essays by architects such as Louis Kahn, Frank Lloyd Wright and Alvar Alto for honing his values.

Eugenio Carelli was a faithful friend and a person of discreet demeanour. He will continue to live through those whom he has loved.

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