The School operates a number of important auxiliary facilities that include workshops, research labs and other resources that support teaching and learning, and research in the School of Architecture.

Auxiliary facilities include a number of non-classroom and non-studio resources: the media centre (which includes, in addition to resources for digital work, a small darkroom with facilities for film processing and wet photography), the workshops, the computer labs, and three separate research labs under the supervision of Professors Jemtrud, Sijpkes and Sprecher. Detailed descriptions of the labs, workshops and other facilities are presented below.

Workshop facilities
Media centre
Information technology resources

Information resources

The Blackader-Lauterman Library of Architecture and Art

The Blackader-Lauterman Library of Architecture and Art is the University's parent library for the School of Architecture, the School of Urban Planning, and the Department of Art History & Communication Studies.

The John Bland Canadian Architecture Collection

The JBCAC's mandate is to document the work of architects who have studied and/or taught at the McGill University School of Architecture and Urban Planning.

The Architecture Slide Library

The collection is approximately 40,000 images, including both lantern and 35 mm slides. and then by architect (after 1800). All 35 mm slides are fully labelled and safely stored in metal and wooden slide cabinets. Nineteenth- and twentieth-century images, the most heavily used in the collection, are housed in Room 310. This arrangement is secure and the collection is easily accessible to faculty members, particularly Professors. Adams, Castro, and Sheppard, its principal users. Slides from earlier periods are stored in the media centre, Room G12.

The Orson Wheeler Architectural Model Collection

This collection of scale models of over two hundred works of architecture from around the world is a unique treasure. Executed in permanently malleable Roma Plastilina, these models were created between 1940 and 1990 by the sculptor Orson Wheeler (1902-1990), who bequeathed the entire collection to the School of Architecture.

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