Ritual Cycles: Mapping the Labyrinth

The labyrinth is probably one of the most powerful and evocative archetypes in our Western tradition, and has occupied a crucial position in the mythical imagination for centuries, from the Egyptian and Cretan labyrinths to the labyrinths in medieval churches and Romantic mazes. As a place for chance encounter and disorientation, the labyrinth stands as a metaphor for life itself; as a geometric construct, it helps make sense of one's own place in the world.

Focusing on the city of Montreal, the labyrinth was chosen as primary mapping strategy. After a careful consideration and discussion of its historical incarnation throughout history, we used it not only to record our experience of the city, but to read urban paths in unexpected ways and to suggest new forms of interaction for city dwellers. We documented urban trajectories between chosen points - following paths that took us at time indoors, in meandering lanes, in underground spaces or on top of the mountain - in ways that revealed the order of each individual path and/or its experiential qualities.

We explored a creative interpretation of our mode of orientation in the city, and sought modes of representation that go beyond instrumental or reductive methods and that may truly engage our everyday experience of the city.

Starting from these urban labyrinths, we engaged in renovation projects that created places of encounter for a meeting with the Minotaur, with the other, or with oneself. These places of encounter, embodied in the final projects, serve as orientation devices for the urban dweller.

Louise Pelletier

medical chest

Theatra Sonorum: The Medical Chest for the Musical Tools of the Architect

Diego Agudelo

Interventions No. 1 + 2 + 3A/B

Marianne Bar

The Overground City - La ville surterraine

Pierre Gendron

The Toxic Whale Investigation Report & the Engineers' Notebook: A Story for Environmental Detectives and Urban Dreamers

Elsa Lam
miniature theatre

Making Ones Way: Miniature Theatres + Alley Performances

Lisa Landrum

Le Parc Lafontaine

Katherine Lapierre
tavern sign

Site and Sound

Marco Marini
slide projectors

Five Procedures for the Re-enactment of an Ephemeral Event, Specifically, A Series of Nocturnal Projections in an Alley on a Rainy Saturday in May

Alexandra McIntosh

Reminder of Unseen Layers

Samar Saremi
de la gauchetiere

Sur la rue de la Gauchetiere

Jacqueline To
ladder and sign

A Ladder to the Sky

Megan Zimmerman