Other international high schools

Minimum grades and prerequisites by program

Consult Admission Requirements and Deadlines and select your educational background for complete information on the admission review process and application deadlines.


While the minimum requirements is the equivalent of a B+ average, most programs will have higher requirements.

Faculty or School Prerequisite Courses

- Math (minimum of pre-calculus), chemistry and physics at the senior high school level

- Portfolio (see Additional Supporting Documents)

Arts - No specific subject prerequisites

- No specific subject prerequisites

- Applicants to B.Ed programs (except Phys.Ed) are required to submit a Letter of Intent (see Additional Supporting Documents)

Engineering - Math (minimum of pre-calculus), chemistry and physics at the senior high school level

Agricultural & Environmental Sciences

Bachelor of Arts & Science




- Math (minimum of pre-calculus) and normally two of biology, chemistry or physics at the senior high school level
Management - Math (minimum of pre-calculus) at the senior high school level

- No specific subject prerequisites

- Auditions and other requirements (see Additional Supporting Documents)

Physical and Occupational Therapy - Limited direct admission; completion of all prerequisite math and science courses is required
Religious Studies

- No specific subject prerequisites

- Additional documents required (see Additional Supporting Documents)

Social Work - Not eligible for direct admission




- These are not direct-entry programs for high school applicants.

The information was current at the time of posting but may be subject to change without notice. 


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