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Relocation Service

For eligible incoming staff, relocation to McGill is coordinated by the Relocation Services team in the Academic Personnel Office. Their areas of expertise include, but are not limited to moving, travel, temporary and permanent accommodations, work permits, taxes, and family services. Contact this team to discuss questions or concerns about relocating to Montreal.

Faculty Relocation Advisor

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

immigration Lawyer

Relocation Administrator

Michelle Cubano-Guzmán, J. D.

+1 (514) 398-1339

Email: michelle.cubano [at]

Oscar Castillo

+1 (514) 398-1407

Email: oscar.castillo [at]

Me Salima Djerroud

+1 (514) 398-8029

Email: salima.djerroud [at]

Randa Awad

+1 (514) 398-4205

Email: randa.awad [at]




Relocation Service is offered to all newly recruited tenure-track and tenured academic teaching and librarian staff, as well as to pre-tenure-track Assistant Professors (called Special Category) who are moving at least 40 kilometres closer to McGill to take up their position.

Relocation includes relocation expenses for the new appointee and his/her/their immediate family (i.e., spouse or common-law partner, and dependent children) from their current residence at the time of the appointment to a new residence nearer to McGill University.

Please allow at least 6-8 weeks to make arrangements for relocation


The relocation costs paid under this service constitute a loan made by the University to the employee. This loan is paid off through 36 months of continuous service to the University. Should the employee, for any reason, leave the University prior to the completion of 36 months' service, the employee agrees to reimburse the University the outstanding portion (x/36) of the final relocation costs.


The Relocation Administrator will ensure that a designated moving company contacts you to schedule a moving date and to perform a survey of your inventory. Once a moving date is set, arrangements for travel and temporary accommodation while your goods are in transit can be made. Contact the Relocation Administrator at 514-398-4205 or via academic.personnel [at] (email) to initiate relocation.

Subject to maximum weight/volume allowances and certain exclusions as detailed below, the University will pay the costs of moving your personal household effects from your current residence to Montreal. McGill will contract directly with the mover to include the following services:

What we move

Subject to maximum weight/volume allowances and the exclusions detailed below.

  • Packing/unpacking services, household goods only
  • Crating services for specialty items
  • Transportation of household goods
  • Transportation of one car (domestic and USA only). See the section below entitled Importing a Vehicle into Canada.
  • Full replacement value insurance (up to $150,000) with no deductible. Insurance above this ceiling is at the staff member's expense.
  • Up to 30 days storage-in-transit in Montreal. Costs associated with access to the goods while they are in storage will be at the staff member's expense.
  • Pick-up and delivery of personal effects from your current office to your McGill office. The office must be located within 30 miles radius from your current residencePacking/ unpacking of the office is the staff's responsibility. 

Maximum Weight Allowances

TYPE Maximum weight/volume allowance for household and office goods

Canada and USA

Staff Member 8,000 lbs.
Staff Member & spouse 11,000 lbs.
Staff Member & dependent children 8,000 lbs.
+ 1,500 lbs. per dependent child
Staff Member & spouse & dependent children 11,000 lbs.
+ 1,500 lbs. per dependent child
Staff Member & spouse, both appointed at McGill in tenure-stream positions 14,500 lbs.
+ 1,500 lbs. per dependent child


Staff Member 12 cbm LCL - maximum 20' container
Staff Member & spouse 20 cbm LCL - maximum 20' container
Staff Member & dependent children 12 cbm
+ 5 cbm per dependent child
LCL - maximum 20' container
Staff Member & spouse & dependent children 20 cbm
+ 5 cbm per dependent child
LCL - 20' to maximum 40' container
Staff Member & spouse, both appointed at McGill in tenure-stream positions 36 cbm
+ 5 cbm per dependent child
LCL - maximum 40' container

Common Exclusions

The most common exclusions are listed below. As this list is not exhaustive, be advised to consult with the Relocation Administrator.

  • Appliance and/or utility connections*
  • Specialist dis-/reassembly services (e.g., for large wardrobes or game tables)*
    Shipping charges for boats, trailers, and other large recreational vehicles
  • Extra pickup from or delivery to a second residence or cottage
  • Building materials, firewood, and propane tanks
  • Laboratory moves (These must be arranged through the staff's department or Faculty)
  • Pets
  • House-hunting expenses
  • Immigration and work permit fees
  • Costs of buying and selling real estate
  • Duty on articles brought into Canada
  • House cleaning
  • Long-term storage (more than 30 days)
  • Air shipments
  • Wine and spirits

*The moving company can arrange for a third party to perform these services and bill you directly.

Arranging your move

Upon receiving notice that you have been hired, the Relocation Administrator will contact you to obtain your address and other information that is relevant to your move. A moving company will be assigned to contact you for an estimate.

The moving company will send the estimate for your move to the Relocation Administrator for approval. Once the estimate is approved, no additions to your inventory can be made. Any extra charges will be at your expense.

Customs Clearance

When your goods arrive in Montreal from the US or overseas, there are Customs requirements.

Please note that customs clearance is your responsibility and must be done in person at the Canada Customs Office, 400 Place d'Youville, Montreal. Any bonded storage charges that are incurred due to your unavailability to clear customs when your goods arrive will be charged back to you. You must have a valid work permit in hand before your goods can be released. Be sure to inform the Customs Officer if you have any goods to follow.


Once your move is complete, the moving company will bill McGill directly for the costs covered under this service, without any disbursement on your part. In the event of damage or loss, contact the moving company immediately.

For further information on the application of the above service, please contact the Relocation Administrator at 514-398-5610.


In the event of damage or loss, contact your mover immediately.


Transportation costs for the employee and immediate family (spouse/partner and dependent children) determined as follows:

Air Travel

Economy air fare for the most direct route from your current residence to Montreal at the time of your appointment to the university. For those flying to Montreal, you may either book your own flight and be reimbursed after your arrival, or use the services of the McGill travel agent. Please contact the Immigration & Relocation Services section for details.

Note: taxis/airport buses to and from the airports are reimbursable under this service, with receipts. Please retain your original receipts and boarding passes for reimbursement.



Payment will be made per mile or kilometer for travel by the most direct route, plus a per diem for a reasonable number of driving days, in accordance with the University policy. If a car is rented to travel to Montreal, the costs for car rental and gas will be reimbursed, in accordance with the University policy. In both cases, the total costs may not exceed the prospective costs of an economy airfare to Montreal for the same dates (as verified by our travel agent). If a hotel stay is necessary en route, only those hotel expenses incurred for the most direct route possible to Montreal will be reimbursed.

By Train and all other forms of transportation

Payment will be made for the basic economy fare for the most direct route, and a per diem at the University rate. The total may not exceed the prospective costs of an economy airfare to Montreal for the same dates (as verified by our travel agent).


A short hotel stay of up to two weeks while your goods are in transit, only as arranged by the Relocation Administrator at an officially designated McGill hotel, is available for you and your family (spouse/partner and dependent children).

Should a hotel stay be required, please speak directly to the Relocation Administrator to make arrangements.

Procedures For Payment / Deadline For Submission

Eligible moving and travel expenses may be paid for directly by the University. Authorized eligible out-of-pocket expenses will be reimbursed after your arrival in Montreal. Original paid receipts are required for all expenses being claimed.

The University will cover relocation expenses as outlined in this service for up to six months after the employee's official start-date as indicated in the Board of Governor's appointment letter. No claims for moving or travel of the employee and his/her family (spouse/partner and dependent children) will be considered after the expiration of this six-month period.

Tax Deductions

Although the University does not reimburse you for some of the expenses in connection with your move to Montreal, employees should be advised that Income Tax Regulations may allow a tax deduction for certain relocation expenses not reimbursed by McGill, provided that the employee is moving his/her place of residence at least 40 kilometres closer to his/her new place of employment.

To obtain further information, contact either the Canada Revenue Agency or Revenue Quebec with respect to removal expenses as income tax deductions.

Note: Only expenses for moving from one location to another in Canada are deductible, unless the expenses were incurred at a time when you were living outside Canada temporarily.


It is understood that in providing financial assistance for moving expenses, the University does not assume any liability nor will it be responsible for injury or loss which may arise during or as a result of the appointee moving to Montreal or vicinity.

Importing a Vehicle Into Canada

Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)

The following link provides important information about regulations for importing your vehicle into Canada:

Transport Canada

Transport Canada has a number of regulations regarding the importation of personal motor vehicles into Canada, particularly vehicles that are less than 15 years in age. To be eligible for importation, they must comply with Canadian safety and emission standards.

Check whether your vehicle qualifies for importation under Transport Canada's Registrar of Imported Vehicle (RIV) Program

In addition to the proper certification from the Registrar of Imported Vehicles, you will also need to produce your title documents (ownership certificate), sales receipts, registration and proof of insurance documentation.

US Customs requires notification of all vehicles being permanently exported from the United States. Their regulations state that at land border points:
  • The required documentation must be submitted to US Customs at least 72 hours prior to export; and
  • The vehicle must be presented to US Customs at the time of export.
US Customs recommends that you contact the port of crossing directly to determine exact documentation requirements and hours of operation US Department of Homeland Security: Exporting a Motor Vehicle .