Procedures for Transfers Within Tenure-Track

Procedure for Transferring Tenure-Track Academic Staff with clinical-hospital-based appointments or joint appointments to regular appointments and vice versa

This page concerns the four following types of transfers within tenure-track:
   • Tenure-track (regular) to tenure-track (clinical based at hospital);
   • Tenure-track (clinical based at hospital) to tenure-track (regular);
   • Single to joint appointment;
   • Joint to single appointment;

For transferring Assistant Professors (Special Category) to Tenure-track upon completion of the PhD see the Special Category to Tenure-track page on our site.

Dean Initiates the Request

To convert a staff member from one of these statuses to another, the Dean must submit a file to the Provost & Vice-Principal (Academic) containing the following:

  • A memo to the Provost & Vice-Principal (Academic) requesting the type of transfer (i.e: tenure-track clinical-hospital to non-tenure-track clinical-hospital or joint to single, etc) and indicating:
    - Salary commitments relating to salary minima,
    - Reasons for the change,
    - tenure-track clinical-hospital ceiling, if applicable
    - Main department if moving to a single position (no longer joint)
  • A letter from the Chair and staff member indicating their respective agreements to the change.
Board Letter Issued Once approved, a Provostial letter of appointment will be issued to the staff member confirming the change.
Minerva Appointment Form The department must then process a Minerva appointment form to finalize the transfer. A new position number must be requested to process all of these types of changes into the Banner System.