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Temporary Reduced Load

Temporary Reduced Load Tenure Track Appointments

Reduced Load Appointments (RLA) for tenure-track staff used in lieu of, or in combination with, an authorized child-related or medical leave, or where family circumstances demand, are subject to the following guidelines.

Tenure-track staff considering RLAs must understand that such appointments may make it more challenging to maintain the momentum necessary to meet the criteria and standards expected for reappointment or tenure. RLAs may have implications for the ability of tenure track professors to apply for research funding, salary awards and the like and may also make it more challenging to attract graduate students and to maintain the momentum necessary for a productive research agenda. Staff on RLAs will be judged by the same criteria and will be expected to meet the same standards of performance of academic duties as those demanded of their colleagues.

  • Tenure-track staff do not have a right to a RLA. The entitlement is determined on a discretionary, case-by-case, basis and requires the written support of the Chair and/or Dean, and the approval of the Provost & Vice-Principal (Academic).
  • Tenure-track staff may request a RLA of up to 50% their normal load.
  • A RLA shall be accompanied by a pro-rated reduction in salary and benefits. However, staff members on RLA may elect to continue to pay their share of full employee benefits coverage, in which event the University shall also continue to pay its normal share of contributions.
  • The maximum period for which a RLA may be granted is three (3) consecutive years inclusive of any period of authorized leave taken by the staff member. (Authorized leave and RLA relating to the same event are treated as the same period, e.g. maternity leave and RLA taken in relation to the birth of a child count towards the 3 year maximum).