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As part of McGill University’s sustained effort to attract and retain highly qualified academic staff in an increasingly competitive and international environment, the University provides relocation assistance to the spouses of newly hired tenure-stream academic staff who are seeking academic or non-academic employment.

The level of appointment that may be available for a spousal hire will vary from case to case as each situation has unique characteristics. These appointments may include tenured or tenure track positions, contract academic staff (CAS) positions, and non-academic positions. But in all situations the establishment of a position will be dictated by the needs, priorities and resources of the receiving unit. Moreover, the appropriateness of offering an appointment, regardless of its nature, will depend on the qualifications and merit of candidates and their fit with McGill’s needs. While receiving units are asked to be flexible with regard to their plans and priorities, a spousal hire should not disrupt a unit’s approved plans and strategic directions. Moreover, a spousal hire will not be imposed on an unwilling unit.

The following general guidelines have evolved to assist units and the University deal with various spousal hiring situations.

Requests for Consideration for Employment for a Spouse

A request for consideration for a spousal employment should be initiated by a new hire (or, in the case of staff retention, by a staff member) with his/her chair and dean. Further discussions and negotiations concerning the matter are then to be conducted directly with the spouse wishing employment by the administrator of the interested unit(s). (The new hire or staff member shall not to be involved in these discussions or negotiations.)

Tenure-Track/Tenured Appointments

It is accepted that the University must have the ability to offer such appointments even where they may have not been advertised in the normal way and the absence of a comprehensive competitive search. However, care must be taken to ensure that due diligence is exercised and that peer-review of merit remains the decisive factor in such hires. Thus, the other established practices of the usual tenure track/tenured hiring processes must be followed.

For tenure track appointments see:

For appointments with tenure see:

Contract Academic Staff (CAS) Appointments

Where the appointment involves a contract academic staff (CAS) position greater flexibility exists with regard to the hiring process followed. But, again, all involved in the process must exercise due diligence to ensure that the candidate has the appropriate qualifications and meets the standards of the hiring unit, and that the appointment is aligned with the needs and priorities of the unit.

For Contract Academic Staff (CAS) appointments see:

Other Appointments

In the case of spouses seeking administrative, managerial or other positions, assistance is provided to facilitate the job search process. The Faculty Relocation Advisor in the Academic Personnel Office can explain the University’s job posting and selection process, and provide an introduction to the appropriate unit. Such candidates are then evaluated by the hiring department within the broader applicant pool and in the context of McGill’s staffing policies for administrative, managerial and support positions. The Faculty Relocation Advisor is also positioned to provide guidance to spouses seeking positions outside of McGill. You can contact the Faculty Relocation Advisor via relocation.apo [at] mcgill.ca (email).

Funding Academic Appointments

For tenure-stream appointments, the usual funding mechanism via the HR Budget feed is also applicable for spousal hires where the central budget covers all costs.

For Contract Academic Staff (CAS) and Other Appointments, insofar as spousal hiring into academic units usually involves more than one department, at present the funding of such appointments for the first six (6) years is a shared responsibility. The Dean(s) and the Provost & Vice-Principal (Academic), in consultation with the relevant Department Chair(s), determine what resources are necessary to facilitate the hiring. The cost is then shared equally between the “Department of the original hire”, the “Department of the spousal hire” and the Office of the Provost & Vice-Principal (Academic). After six (6) years the “Department of the spousal hire” assumes full financial responsibility for appointment.

Where the “Department of the spousal hire” and the “Department of the original hire” are the same, the Department assumes 66.66% of the cost and the Office of the Provost & Vice-Principal (Academic) 33.33% of the cost during the first six (6) years after which time the Department assumes full financial responsibility for appointment.