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This page describes procedures applying to academic staff members appointed as pre-tenure-track Assistant Professors (Special Category) who have fulfilled the condition(s) specified in the letter of appointment.

Such appointments are governed by the Regulations Relating to the Employment of Tenure Track and Tenured Academic Staff.

Conditions may include any of the following:

  • awarding of doctoral degree (e.g., Ph.D., Ed.D.);
  • certification required by a profession (e.g., completion of professional examination, permits issued by a professional order under the laws of Québec);
  • completion of professional licensing requirements (e.g., member of the Québec Collège des médecins, Ordre des dentistes).

Required Documents

To demonstrate that the conditions for a tenure-track appointment have been met, documentation must be submitted to the academic.personnel [at] mcgill.ca (Academic Personnel Office), such as:

  • A copy of the doctoral diploma or a signed letter from the issuing university (on their letterhead) attesting that the staff member has completed all degree requirements (including final thesis submission) and confirming the date of graduation;
  • Proof of professional certification;
  • Proof of completion of professional licensing requirements.
Effective Date of TT appointment and Board Letter

The tenure track appointment will commence on January 1st or August 1st immediately following the date of conferral of the doctorate or the date of meeting other requirements. A Board letter will be issued confirming a three year tenure-track appointment.

Banner Position Number and Minerva Appointment Form

A tenure-track position code must be used to process the appointment in Banner.

Note that in many cases, this position code has already been created and is being held in reserve.

To obtain the number:

  • The position code is usually found at the bottom of the new Board letter issued to the staff member; or
  • Log into Minerva Tenure-Stream Recruitment Tracking Status Reports and obtain the code from the Requisition used to hire the person; or
  • Contact your Faculty Administrator for the code from the STAR report accessible via D2); or
    (NOTE: Access to D2 is restricted to Faculty administrators, as approved by the Dean.)
  • If you are uncertain, please contact the academic.personnel [at] mcgill.ca (Academic Personnel Office).

Once a tenure-track Banner Position Number has been obtained, the department must process a Minerva appointment form to finalize the appointment to tenure-track. In most cases, use the TRANSFER function in Minerva. However, if you are transferring so that the starting date on the tenure-stream position occurs the day after the Special Category position ends, you must use the HIRE function in Minerva. academicapprovals.hr [at] mcgill.ca (Academic Approvals HR) can provide you further information about which function best suits your situation.