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The Regulations on Retirement of Academic Staff are available from the Secretariat Website. These Regulations apply to full time ranked academic staff.

Options Eligible staff may apply for retirement under one of four options:
  • Option 1: Early Retirement (prior to the Normal Retirement Date)
  • Option 2: Phased Early Retirement
  • Option 3: Retirement at Normal Retirement Date (as defined by the McGill University Pension Plan)
  • Option 4: Retirement after Normal Retirement Date (including the possibility of a Reduced Load Appointment)

  • The staff member considering retirement shall meet with the department chair to discuss the Options for retirement.
  • The staff member shall give written notice to the Chair, with a copy to the Dean and Provost & Vice-Principal (Academic), at the earliest possible date before the beginning of the academic year in which the staff member intends to retire and no later than 6 months before the intended retirement date. The notice shall include:
    • the selection of the Retirement Option,
    • the staff member’s date of birth,
    • the intended date of retirement.
In the case of Phased Retirements or those involving a Reduced Load, the Chair and staff member agree on an Academic Plan to be submitted to the Dean and Provost & Vice-Principal (Academic).

Conditions for retirement are approved at the discretion of the University, and communicated by letter of agreement from the Provost & Vice-Principal (Academic). Once approved, the staff member’s Date of Retirement is irrevocable and the conditions for retirement may not be modified.

Pension Benefits

At least six (6) weeks prior to the approved Date of Retirement, the staff member should execute such necessary documents identified by the University and/or Human Resources for retirement and for the continuation and/or modification of employee privileges and benefits for retirees. To obtain information on pension benefits as well as the available settlement options, and advice on benefits after retirement, contact Human Resources (Pensions and Benefits) (Telephone: (514) 398-4747).

Notice of Status Change

Once approved, retirements must be entered into the Banner system via a Change of Status form originating with the unit and forwarded via the Faculty office to the Academic Personnel Office.
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