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Staffing Policy

The hiring of academic and librarian staff is approved by the Board of Governors, which acts on the recommendation of the Principal as conveyed through the Provost & Vice-Principal (Academic), the Dean and the Chair.

  1. A department or unit may begin recruitment until the Dean has justified the need for the position and written approval has been issued by the Provost & Vice-Principal (Academic). The formal approval for the staffing plan will include the Recruiting Licence to be used for the position.
  2. Appointments are normally made at the most junior level. Any proposed exceptions must be brought forward to the Provost & Vice-Principal (Academic).
  3. Approval for replacements resulting from negative reappointment or tenure decisions will be automatic. However, formal approval must be requested from the Provost & Vice-Principal (Academic) prior to advertising for replacements. A new Recruitment Licence will be issued for each replacement.
  4. Retiring staff members will not necessarily be replaced.

Advertising Tenure-Track Positions

For advertising requirements please refer to Advertising Ranked Academic Positions.

Selection Process

Applications should be screened by an appropriate departmental committee, and letters of reference sought. A short list of candidates is selected for interview. (See Employment Equity Guidelines.) The Associate Provost (Policies, Procedures and Equity) will review documentation provided by search committees and will confirm to committee chairs that equity requirements have been met, or request that the shortlist be expanded to include additional candidates.

Immigration requirements must be met. Refer to Immigration Procedures.

Discussion with the Dean

When a candidate has been identified, questions such as starting salary should be discussed with the Dean.

Discussion with the Associate Provost (Academic Priorities & Resource Allocations)

The Dean must discuss the recruitment with the Associate Provost (Academic Priorities & Resource Allocations).

The Dean must also submit a recruitment dossier, along with a covering memo giving specifics of the offer. See Required documents for recruiting tenure-track hires

Hiring with Tenure

The Dean must discuss the recruitment with the Associate Provost.

All recruitments with tenure must be approved by the University Tenure Committee for Recruitment (UTCR).

The candidate must not be given a formal written offer mentioning "tenure" until the Board of Governors has approved the UTCR's recommendation.

For requirements for the recruitment dossier for hires with tenure, see Recruiting & Hiring Requiring UTCR Approval.

Start Date

Departments are advised to use August 1st (or January 1st) as the start-date for all new hires.

Offer of Employment

An offer letter may be issued to a candidate once written approval has been obtained from the Provost & Vice-Principal (Academic) or the Principal. Letters may vary to suit the unit, however all letters must contain the core information relating to salary, duration of appointment and conditions of appointment. See our Offer Letter Template below. The following points must be covered:

  • The letter must state that an appointment becomes official only upon approval by the Board of Governors.
  • If the department wishes to make an offer to a candidate who is not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, Immigration Procedures must be followed. The letter of offer must contain the clause contained in the "Job Offer" section of the Immigration Procedures page.

"Alternative Compensation Arrangements"

Deans, Chairs and Directors must be aware that, irrespective of the availability of resources within the unit, NO alternative compensation arrangements (e.g. payment of tuition or daycare, mortgages beyond the limits of our standard policy, etc.) are to be offered without the prior written consent of the Principal.

Terms of Appointment and Ranks

The term of appointment must conform to that specified for the rank as found in the Regulations Relating to the Employment of Tenure Track and Tenured Academic Staff or the Regulations Relating to the Employment of Librarian Staff.

Acceptance or Refusal of Offer

The Department and/or Faculty must send the Academic Personnel Office a copy of the candidate's acceptance or refusal of the offer.

Relocation Service

When corresponding with prospective new academic or librarian staff, Deans and Chairs must state that contributions towards moving expenses and travel are covered in accordance with the service outlined in McGill University Relocation Service.

The University will reimburse travel and moving expenses as long as the staff member has initiated and coordinated all aspects of the relocation via the Relocation Administrator in Human Resources.

Submitting a Tenure-Track Dossier

The following documents must be provided to the Academic Personnel Office via the Academic Recruitment Files Processing D2 Platform for all new tenure-track and Special Category hires.

Stage Document to Submit to APO at the Academic Recruitment Files Processing D2 Platform
Stage 1:
Dean Emails the AP-BR Regarding the Intended Candidate
  • After the Recruitment Licence has been obtained, the Dean emails the AP-APRA the intended parameters/contents of the DRAFT Offer letter for pre-approval.
Stage 2:
Documents to Deposit to D2 to Obtain the Provost's Recruitment Approval Memo (PRAM)
  • Dean's memo to the Provost & Vice-Principal (Academic) recommending the recruitment and highlighting key points such as;
    -the approved recruiting licence as per the current Faculty Compact;
    -salary and start-up/research monies summary;
    -rank (indicating if this will be a tenure-track or tenured recruitment),
    -description of the position being recruited into, etc
    -indication if the appointment will be a Joint appointment, or if there will be an Associate Member appointment with another unit
  • PDF icon Application for Approval of Recruitment(Template version 20.0 issued 2019.07)
  • Employment Equity Data Report and associated short-list correspondence as sent to the Academic Personnel Office
    The Dean's recommendation in D2 for a new appointment must be accompanied by both the PDF confirmation of the completed online (web) employment equity data report and a copy of the correspondence described above, including the initial submission by the search committee chair to academic.personnel [at] regarding the composition of search committee shortlists and any subsequent exchanges between the chair and the Associate Provost.
  • Chair's recommendation memo to the Dean recommending the recruitment
  • Candidate's Curriculum Vitae (most recent version, with date it was produced appearing on it)
  • Selection Committee Report addressing
    - confirmation that the candidate has demonstrated teaching ability
    - confirmation that credentials have been verified
  • Three External Letters of Recommendation
    (The original or a copy of the signed original letter, dated and on letterhead must be submitted. Electronic signatures, emails or extracts of email chains are not acceptable as the finalized document.)
  • Minerva Academic Position Recruitment Report (APRR) Form (Units complete the Minerva APRR, and save a PDF copy of the completed form to D2. To do this, in Minerva, "submit" the MAPRR, and "generate" the PDF report.)
  • DRAFT copy of the File Template Offer Letter for TT/Tenured Staff (Mandatory) (issued 2018.10) used in tandem with the File Options Document for TT/Tenured Offer Letter( issued 2018.06)
    NOTE: No Letter can be issued to the Candidate before the PRAM is approved. Pre-Approval of letter's contents in Stage 1 is recommended to expedite approval at Stage 2.

NOTE: Recruitments with Tenure

The documents listed on the UTCR Dossier Requirements page must also be submitted.
Stage 3:
Documents to Deposit to D2 to Obtain the Board Appointment Letter
  • SIGNED copy of the finalized "Offer Letter" sent to the candidate (See Stage 2 for template and comments)
  • SIGNED Acceptance of the Offer Letter, and/or
  • Refusal of Offer (email or letter), if applicable. (Especially if you have placed the applicant's file in D2.)
    NOTE: For subsequent candidates in the same recruitment exercise, follow the instructions in the approved AAR on 2nd or 3rd round candidates.
  • Advertisements for position (with publication titles and dates clearly visible)
  • Letters or emails to Department Heads of at least 10 similar departments in Canada, where possible
Stage 4:
Assistant Professor (Special Category)
  • Written confirmation of the date of conferral of the PhD, once received


This page should be viewed in conjunction with the Tenure-Stream Recruitment to Appointment Flow-Chart so as not to miss any important steps in this process.