Reappointment Process Overview

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Tenure-track Reappointments

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Once the Provost & Vice-Principal (Academic) has approved the reappointment the Minerva reappointment form must be initiated by the Department and approved by HR.
Contract Academic Staff (CAS)

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NOTE: All reappointments and changes of status take effect no earlier than the first day of the month in which the documentation is received in Academic Personnel or in HR.

Validate the required approvals from the CAS Approvals Portal Page.


Where Provostial Approval is required, submit a dossier containing:

For Ranked CAS

  1. Dean’s and Chair’s recommendation outlining length of term, salary, source of salary, established criteria for reappointment/promotion, etc.
  2. Reappointment or Promotion Committee's report, or other requirements as outlined in the CAS Regulations.
  3. Updated CV

For Unranked CAS

  1. Justification memo outlining length of term, salary, source of salary, etc
  2. Updated CV

After the Minerva reappointment form has been approved, the Provostial reappointment/promotion letter will be issued, if applicable. If not, the letter is to be issued by the Dean or Chair.

Endowed/Named Chairs

See Named Chair Appointments or Reappointments.

Administrative Reappointments

See Academic Administrative Reappointments.