Reappointment of Tenure-Track Librarian Staff

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The Regulations

The Regulations Relating to the Employment of Librarian Staff provide the regulatory framework regarding reappointment and, where appropriate, the termination of tenure-track academic staff. This page provides the procedural framework.

Academic staff should refer to the Reappointment of Tenure-Track Academic Staff procedures page. Other reappointment pages can be accessed from the Reappointment Process Overview portal page.

Criteria for Reappointment

Recommendations relating to reappointment are based on the staff member’s performance of Academic Duties (position responsibilities, professional and scholarly activities, and other contributions) and on whether the staff member’s dossier discloses satisfactory progress and promise of meeting the criteria for tenure.

The criteria for reappointment must be communicated in writing to the staff member by the Dean/Director of Libraries (or delegate) within 60 days of the initial appointment.


  • The library reappointment committee considers the staff member’s case for reappointment.
  • The Chair of the reappointment committee submits to the Dean a written report containing the recommendation, with supporting reasons, copied to the candidate.
  • The Dean communicates his or her recommendation, together with supporting reasons, in writing to the Provost & Vice-Principal (Academic), copied to the candidate.
  • The Provost & Vice-Principal (Academic) communicates his or her decision to the candidate with a copy to the Dean.
  • If at any stage the library reappointment committee, the Dean or the Provost & Vice-Principal (Academic) is tending towards a negative recommendation or decision, the candidate must be provided with written reasons and must be given the opportunity to address the concerns in person, accompanied by an advisor if he or she so wishes.


Candidates must use due diligence in pursuing their case for reappointment, providing the committee with a dossier containing the necessary information and documentation to establish that they have met the reappointment criteria.

The recommendation of the Dean to the Provost & Vice-Principal (Academic) must be accompanied by this dossier, as well as the report of the library reappointment committee.


Reappointments shall be for definite terms of not less than one year and not more than four years, provided that the initial appointment and reappointments do not exceed a total of seven years for assistant librarians and six years for associate librarians.
It is the practice to grant:

  • a three year reappointment to candidates who are clearly "on track" for tenure;
  • one or two year reappointments to candidates whose performance with respect to one of more of their academic duties is a source of concern.
    (Note that such candidates have to be considered again for reappointment.


The reappointment process, including the communication of the Provost & Vice-Principal (Academic)’s decision to the candidate, MUST be completed at least 37 weeks before the end date of the appointment. This is especially critical where the decision is against reappointment, since failure to provide the required notification results in an automatic one year extension of the candidate’s appointment.

Conssequently, the reappointment process needs to be initiated about one year in advance of the appointment end date. Suggested dates for the various steps are provided below.

Critical dates

Initiation of reappointment process 12-13 months before appointment end date Deadline for Dean to receive committee chair's recommendation Deadline for Provost & Vice-Principal (Academic) to receive Dean's recommendation Deadline for Candidate to receive Provost & Vice-Principal (Academic)'s decision (37-weeks) Appointment end date
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May 15,
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June 15,
previous year
July 15,
previous year
March 31
previous year
August 15,
previous year
September 15,
previous year
October 15,
previous year
June 30
previous year
November 15,
previous year
December 15,
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January 15 September 30
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February 15 March 15 April 15 December 31

Deferring Reappointment Consideration

  • Tenure-track librarians who have taken an authorized leave of 3 months or more prior to the beginning of their year of reappointment consideration may request a postponement of their reappointment consideration.
  • Tenure-track librarians shall make such requests by email to the Academic Personnel Office, with a copy to the Dean, within 3 months of the beginning of the year of reappointment consideration.
  • The reappointment consideration of tenure-track staff may be postponed for a maximum of one (1) year per authorized leave, at the Provost & Vice-Principal (Academic)’s discretion.
  • All leaves relating to the same event are treated as a single authorized leave (e.g. maternity leave and extended maternity leave taken in relation to the birth of a child).
  • Postponement of reappointment consideration may have the effect of delaying tenure consideration, if candidates so elect by notifying their Dean and the Secretariat in writing not later than June 1st in their year of mandatory tenure consideration.
  • A staff member who has already been granted an extension of tenure consideration shall not be entitled to make such election with respect to the same leave or leaves.

Minerva Appointment Forms or Notices of Termination

Once the Provost & Vice-Principal (Academic)'s notification of decision has been issued, the reappointment must be processed into the Banner System via a Minerva Appointment form to reflect the change of dates, as appropriate.

In the case of librarian staff who will not be renewed, in addition to the required letters sent to the staff member, the Notice of Termination form, must be sent via the Dean's Office to the Academic Personnel Office, the Budget Office and HR Payroll.