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Approval of Selection Process The Dean requests approval from the Provost & Vice-Principal (Academic) for the selection process.
(An agreement may be established in writing between the Dean and the Provost & Vice-Principal (Academic) on the general process for the appointment or reappointment of academic staff to Named Chairs within his/her Faculty. As long as this process is adhered to, there is no need to obtain additional approval from the PVPA.)
Search Committee The committee charged with the selection carries out its search and forwards a report in support of its recommendation to the Dean of the Faculty.
Selected Candidate The Dean's office sends academic.personnel [at] (subject: Request--Named%20Chair) the following dossier:


  1. Dean's memo addressed to the Provost & Vice-Principal (Academic) requesting approval to appoint/reappoint the candidate containing:
    • Name of the previous incumbent and when and why that individual is leaving the chair.
    • Brief rationale for the appointment or reappointment of the proposed incumbent.
    • State the desired length of the appointment or reappointment (normally junior appointments are for five years, while senior appointments are for seven years, these term lengths are aligned to CRC-JMP-WDS terms).
    • Financial information pertinent to the appointment or reappointment.
  2. Report from the chair of the selection committee (for reappointments, the report from the review committee).
  3. Candidate's CV.


  1. Documents listed above in appointments section
  2. Chairholder's progress report on activities/accomplishments during the previous term.
Other reappointment pages can be accessed from the Reappointment Process Overview portal page.
Notification The candidate is informed in writing via receipt of the Provost & Vice-Principal (Academic)'s letter of appointment or reappointment to the Named Chair, with a copy to the Dean of the Faculty and the Chair of the Department.
Budget and Administration Guidelines Please note the following:
  • Normally, 75% minimum of the endowment spendable revenue must go to salary contribution for the Endowed/Named Chairholder.
  • Benefit payments from Endowed Chairs are treated by the system as "centrally paid". Budgeting for benefits payments on the salary contributions from the Endowed Chair’s Spend Fund towards tenure-track Chairholder's salary is thus not required. Further details can be obtained from the Academic Renewal & HR-Budget Feed document available on d2.
  • Where the annual revenue generated by the endowment allows for an academic stipend, this stipend does not normally count in the calculation of the salary coverage for the chair
  • Academic stipends for Endowed/Named Chairs should be roughly equivalent to avoid creating disparities among award holders who are deemed to be in the top 20% of performers.
  • Faculties and Departments are reminded that changes in academic stipends require prior approval by the Office of the Provost & Vice-Principal (Academic).
  • Chairs established after June 2006 provide for Compact Incentive Allocations for the base professorial salary paid via the Endowment Spend Fund. See Incentives for more details.
Research Fund Guidelines Should the appointment include a research fund, the Chairholder must agree to and sign a copy of the Endowed Chair/Professorship Research Fund Guidelines in order to activate spendable income directed towards research fund usage. Please contact academic.personnel [at] (Academic Personnel) for the form. Once the completed form is received by Academic Personnel, Endowment Accounting will open the research fund.
Minerva Appointment Form (MAF)

The Department must issue a Minerva Appointment Form (MAF) to add or reappoint the Named Chair to the academic staff member's record in Banner using appropriate Named Chair position code.

Unless there is a specific stipend associated with this appointment the salary amount must be set to zero salary. Any stipends associated with Named Chair appointments must be approved by the Provost & Vice-Principal (Academic). The Named Chair's 2-Fund must be used in the FOAPAL section of the MAF, even if the form is for a zero amount.

Minerva Position Codes in use with Named Chair appointments:

- AFU996 (Named/Endowed Chair) (This is the primary, generic, pooled position used for Named Chair appointments. The Named Chair descriptor code must be added to this position via the Minerva drop-down list at the time of appointment)
- AFU989 (Endowed Hospital Foundation Chair) (The endowment is capitalized at the Hospital Foundation. McGill receives an annual income)
- AFU988 (Direct-Funded Chair) (The endowment is not capitalized, but instead will be spent until it reaches zero, upon which point the Entity will reach the end of its lifespan)
- AFN992 (Honorary or non-Funded Named Chair).

Minerva Position Codes in use with Named Professorship appointments:

- AFU992 (Endowed Professorship)
- AFU991 (Direct-Funded Professorship) (The endowment is not capitalized, but instead will be spent until it reaches zero, upon which point the Entity will reach the end of its lifespan)
Listing of Appointments A list of the Chairholders can be found on this page here.