Information Regarding Immigration Procedures Relating to Appointment of Academic Staff

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Academic Staff should consult the Immigration Procedures for Academic Staff page.

This page contains information for Administrators with regards to immigration procedures for appointing academic staff who are not Canadians or permanent residents. When recruiting non-Canadians, these procedures must be followed carefully to satisfy immigration requirements.

Further assistance is available from the Immigration Advisors by immigration.apo [at] (email).

Please ensure that new faculty are aware of immigration requirements, processes and costs. Further details may be obtained from Citizenship and Immigration Canada's website.

Advertising See the Advertising Ranked Academic Positions page for details of advertising requirements.
Selection of a non-Canadian If there are no Canadians or permanent residents possessing the necessary qualifications for the position as advertised, the Department may offer the position to a non-Canadian. A detailed justification is required by the immigration authorities for the refusal of candidates who are Canadians or permanent residents.
Job Offer Following Provostial approval, an offer letter from the Department Chair (or Dean in faculties without departments) is to be sent to the candidate containing the following information:
  • title of the position
  • salary offered
  • effective date of appointment
  • duration of appointment
  • whether it is tenure-track
  • the conditions
For those who are not Canadians or permanent residents, the job offer must be made conditional upon obtaining the requisite work permit and immigration clearance.

The wording for the condition to be inserted into any letter of offer is:
"In accordance with Canadian and Québec law, this offer is conditional upon your obtaining the appropriate authorization from any or all of the following, as applicable: Citizenship & Immigration Canada, Immigration Québec, Employment and Skills Development Canada (ESDC). While McGill University undertakes to assist you with the formalities, it cannot guarantee a favourable decision."
Temporary Work Permit

If the candidate accepts, a temporary work permit must be obtained.

Forms and Checklists are available from the Immigration Administrator.

The Department completes all the required forms and forwards them to the Immigration Administrator.

Renewal of Temporary Work Permit

The Temporary work permit is issued for a period of between 12 to 36 months, at the discretion of the immigration authorities.

The procedure to renew a Temporary work permit should be initiated at least five months prior to the expiry date of the current Temporary Work Permit. The Department completes the forms for renewal and forwards them to the Immigration Administrator.

Permanent Residency

Once the new academic staff member has arrived on a temporary work permit, procedures to obtain permanent residency should be started as soon as possible. The Immigration Consultant (Permanent Residency) will contact the new staff member upon arrival and forward the necessary forms and document checklists.

Candidates who do not meet the requirements for French language proficiency should be directed to the following page: Language Instruction for Faculty Members.

Hiring of Medical Doctors (MDs) When hiring a candidate who is a medical doctor, the Office of the Dean of Medicine will assist the Chair to obtain the necessary authorization from the MSSS (Ministère de la Santé et des services sociaux) and from the Collège des médecins du Québec.
Interns and Residents There are special procedures to be followed for Interns and Residents. Further information can be obtained from the Administrative Assistant (Post-Graduate Medical Education) in the Faculty of Medicine, telephone 514-398-5703.