Tenure-Stream Equity Reference Number

Unit Joint Unit Licence Minerva Requisition No. TT Equity Reference No.
Bioresource Engineering   18073A-181022 R000000950 R950
Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry   19003A-190125 R000000987 R987
Human Nutrition, School of   18072A-181019 R000000949 R949
Human Nutrition, School of   18086P-181107 R000000963 R963
Parasitology, Institute of   18049TCTA-180712 R000000926 R926
McGill School of Environment   12065A-121022 R000000456 R456
Natural Resource Sciences   17041TCTA-170717 R000000828 R828
Natural Resource Sciences   18047A-180712 R000000924 R924
Natural Resource Sciences   13052A-131101 R000000534 R534
Plant Science   18048A-180712 R000000925 R925
Plant Science   19014TCTA-190502 R000000998 R998
Unit Joint Unit Licence Minerva Requisition No. TT Equity Reference No.
Anthropology   17055P-170908 R000000843 R843
Economics   18046TCTA-180710 R000000923 R923
Economics   18053A-180726 R000000930 R930
Economics   18105TCTA-181219 R000000982 R982
English   18045TCTA-180710 R000000922 R922
French Language & Literature   18096A-181122 R000000973 R973
History and Classical Studies   18031TCTA-180608 R000000908 R908
History and Classical Studies   19002P-190125 R000000986 R986
History and Classical Studies   19013TCTA-190429 R000000997 R997
Institute of Islamic Studies   18026TCTA-180514 R000000903 R903
Jewish Studies   18037TCTA-180615 R000000914 R914
Linguistics   17054A-170908 R000000842 R842
Linguistics Computer Science 18081P-181102 R000000958 R958
Linguistics Intergrated Studies in Education 18091P-181107 R000000968 R969
Max Bell School of Public Policy Biology 18097P-181123 R000000974 R974
Philosophy   18055A-180726 R000000932 R932
Political Science   17047A-170721 R000000834 R834
Political Science   18054A-180726 R000000931 R931
Political Science   18089P-181107 R000000966 R966
Religious Studies East Asian Studies 16012A-160420 R000000708 R708
School of Information Studies   17048A-170721 R000000835 R835
School of Information Studies   18058TCTA-180730 R000000935 R935
Sociology   18051A-180726 R000000928 R928
Unit Joint Unit Licence Minerva Requisition No. TT Equity Reference No.
Dentistry   12081A-121026 R000000472 R472
Dentistry   12082A-121026 R000000473 R473
Dentistry Anaesthesia (Medicine) 13053B-E131126 R000000535 R535
Dentistry   17035A-170628 R000000823 R823
Dentistry Microbiology & Immunology 18028A-180514 R000000905 R905
Unit Joint Unit Licence Minerva Requisition No. TT Equity Reference No.
Educational & Counselling Psychology   18079A-181030 R000000956 R956
Intergrated Studies in Education   18077A-181030 R000000954 R954
Intergrated Studies in Education   18078A-181030 R000000955 R955
Intergrated Studies in Education   18090P-181107 R000000967 R967
Intergrated Studies in Education Linguistics 18091P-181107 R000000968 R969
Unit Joint Unit Licence Minerva Requisition No. TT Equity Reference No.
Architecture, School of   16066P-E160629 R000000764 R764
Bioengineering   18065A-180918-E160629 R000000942 R942
Civil Engineering & Applied Mechanics   15085A-151208 R000000695 R695
Civil Engineering & Applied Mechanics   18063A-180918 R000000940 R940
Civil Engineering & Applied Mechanics   18067A-180918 R000000944 R944
Civil Engineering & Applied Mechanics   18098TCTA-181126 R000000975 R975
Civil Engineering & Applied Mechanics   19016P-190503-181126 R000001000 R1000
Electrical & Computer Engineering   18066A-180918 R000000943 R943
Electrical & Computer Engineering   18071A-181017 R000000948 R948
Electrical & Computer Engineering   18083P-181102 R000000960 R960
Electrical & Computer Engineering Computer Science 18085P-181102 R000000962 R962
Electrical & Computer Engineering   19018P-190508 R000001002 R1002
Mechanical Engineering   16071A-170831 R000000769 R769
Urban Planning, School of   18050A-180712 R000000927 R927
Unit Joint Unit Licence Minerva Requisition No. TT Equity Reference No.
Law   17028A-1700606 R000000816 R816
Law   17017P-170419 R000000805 R805
Law   18025P-180502 R000000902 R902
Area Licence Minerva Requisition No. TT Equity Reference No.
McGill University Archives 18103LA-181212 R000000980 R980
McGill University Library 19001LA-190121 R000000985 R985
Library Digital Initiatives 17051LA-170808 R000000838 R838
Library Digital Initiatives 19000LA-190121 R000000934 R934
Library Digital Initiatives 19007LTCTA-190415 R000000991 R991
Library Technology Services 18106LTCTA-181220 R000000983 R983
Area Licence Minerva Requisition No. TT Equity Reference No.
Accounting 18017TCTA-180321 R000000894 DFM999 (894)
Analytics 18100A-181130 R000000977 DFM989 (977)
Bensadoun Retail School 17068A-171012 R000000856 DFM992 (856)
Bensadoun Retail School 18039A-180620 R000000916 DFM992 (916)
Bensadoun Retail School 18040A-180620 R000000917 DFM992 (917)
Finance 18069TCTA-181009 R000000946 DFM998 (946)
Information Systems 17085A-171218 R000000873 DFM997 (873)
TBA 18027TCTA-180514 R000000904 DFMTBA (904)
Marketing 17088A-171218 R000000876 DFM995 (876)
TBA 18099TCTA-181126 R000000976 DFMTBA (976)
Sustainability 18101A-181130 R000000978 DFM987 (978)
Operations Management 19017P-190503 R000001001 DFM994 (1001)
EIVC (Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Venture Capital) 18041A-180620 R000000918 DFM988 (918)
Analytics 18042A-180620 R000000919 DFM989 (919)
Unit Joint Unit Licence Minerva Requisition No. TT Equity Reference No.
Anaesthesia   15008DTK05-E150316 R000000616 R616
Anaesthesia Dentistry 13053B-E131126 R000000535 R535
Anatomy & Cell Biology   18007A-180206 R000000884 R884
Biomedical Engineering   18019A-180327 R000000896 R896
Biomedical Engineering   18020A-180327 R000000897 R897
Epidemiology, Biostatistics & Occupational Health   16039A-160121 R000000736 R736
Epidemiology, Biostatistics & Occupational Health   17013A-170320 R000000800 R800
Epidemiology, Biostatistics & Occupational Health   18075P-181025 R000000952 R952
Family Medicine   17008A-170308 R000000795 R795
Family Medicine   18088P-181107 R000000965 R965
Human Genetics   10919LHP09A-E101231 R000000275 R275
Human Genetics   17032A-170612 R000000820 R820
Human Genetics   17033A-170612 R000000821 R821
Human Genetics   10920LHP10A-E101231 R000000276 R276
Human Genetics   17070A-171016 R000000858 R858
Human Genetics   17079LHP03A-E171106 R000000867 R867
Human Genetics   18011A-180313 R000000888 R888
Ingram School of Nursing   19009A-190416 R000000993 R993
Ingram School of Nursing   19010A-190416 R000000994 R994
Medicine   10005A-100113 R000000189 R189
Microbiology & Immunology Dentistry 18028A-180514 R000000905 R905
Microbiology & Immunology   18029A-180514 R000000906 R906
Neurology & Neurosurgery   16020TCTA-170531 R000000716 R716
Neurology & Neurosurgery   18001P-180108 R000000878 R878
Neurology & Neurosurgery   18036P-180615 R000000913 R913
Neurology & Neurosurgery   18076A-181030 R000000953 R953
Neurology & Neurosurgery   19015A-190502 R000000999 R999
Obstetrics and Gynecology   18012A-180313 R000000889 R889
Oncology, Gerald Bronfman Department of   18034A-180612 R000000911 R911
Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery   18023A-180430 R000000900 R900
Pathology adn Goodman Cancer Research Centre   17066A-171011 R000000854 R854
Pediatrics   16044A-E141030 R000000742 R742
Pharmacology & Therapeutics   16085A-RIPR170531 R000000784 R784
Physical & Occupational Therapy   13021A-130509 R000000499 R499
Physiology   15034A-150601 R000000644 R644
Physiology   17031A-170609 R000000819 R819
Physiology   18082P-181102 R000000959 R959
Psychiatry   16018A-160429 R000000714 R714
Psychiatry   19019A-E190522 R000001003 R1003
Social Studies of Medicine   18070A-181010 R000000947 R947
Surgery   16067A-160706 R000000765 R765
Surgery   16069A-160706 R000000767 R767
Surgery   17037A-170710 R000000825 R825
Social Studies of Medicine   18010A-180313 R000000887 R887
TBA   18087P-181107 R000000964 R964
Unit Licence Minerva Requisition No. TT Equity Reference No.
Music Research 17012A-170310 R000000799 R799
Performance 18059A-180806 R000000936 R936
Performance & Music Research 18060A-180806 R000000937 R937
Unit Joint Unit Licence Minerva Requisition No. TT Equity Reference No.
Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences   16059A-160909 R000000757 R757
Biology   16063A-160909 R000000761 R761
Biology   12065A-121022 R000000456 R456
Biology Max Bell School of Public Policy 18097P-181123 R000000974 R974
Chemistry   15070CGC03A-150922 R000000680 R680
Computer Science   18084P-181102 R000000961 R961
Computer Science Linguistics 18081P-181102 R000000958 R958
Computer Science Electrical and Computer Engineering 18085P-181102 R000000962 R962
Computer Science   18092A-181121 R000000969 R969
Computer Science   18102TCTA-181130 R000000979 R979
Computer Science   19020P-190527-181130 R000001004 R1004
Earth & Planetary Sciences   18095A-181121 R000000972 R972
Geography   17075A-171026 R000000863 R863
Geography   17038P-170710 R000000826 R826
Mathematics & Statistics   18062TCTA-180904 R000000939 R939
Mathematics & Statistics   18093A-181121 R000000970 R970
Mathematics & Statistics   19004P-190208 R000000988 R988
Mathematics & Statistics   19006P-190228 R000000990 R990
Mathematics & Statistics   19008A-190415 R000000992 R992
Psychology   16065A-160909 R000000763 R763
Psychology   18094A-181121 R000000971 R971